Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On My Soap Box

I have been all over this country (USA)…when I was a young woman, I grew up in MA…and like any ‘good girl’, New England was my playground…I then moved to TN…from there to Virginia beach…and now in Florida…each and every area that I have lived in has prized good morals and being a good sport…let me share with you some things I have learned

Lesson1…from a time that I was quite small, I was taught right from wrong…legal be dammed, if you did the right thing…in your heart any amount of time is not a sacrifice…you see when this life is over…I do not have to answer for what you did…only for what I did…If I do something wrong, I need to be honest and take my lumps…this is the philosophy I live by

Lesson 2…from the time I was born, I have been around animals and gardens…here is where I learned respect…not only for what was on my table, but also for life…you see, my animals do not belong to me, but I to them…

Lesson 3…it was put to me as a child that you never hurt anyone or anything for fun…people who did this were always looked down on and shunned

Lesson 4…it was unfair to allow others who were ignorant to be taken advantage of…be it animal or human…it was my duty to look after those who could not look after themselves…

Lesson 5…not everyone wins…this lesson is important…it teaches the winner to be humble and the loser to try harder…

Lesson 6…Win with grace and humility…walk with honor and pride

These are lessons of life, fair play and sportsmanship…I am writing this as I have seen some things that have my stomach turning…growing up in New England sports are a way of life…I swallowed the whole OJ murder trial (thankfully Nevada cleaned this mess up)…I do not think just because you know how to throw a ball that you should be allowed to get away with the crapp these guys are pulling…then came the idiot who thought dog fighting was so cool…many dogs are hurt or dead because of him…had you or I done this same crime, we would be behind bars for 20 years…he skated on the fact he could play ball with only 2 years…now not only do we the people of America and our children get this man rubbed in our face not only on the TV, but the internet too...now the president is going to speak up for him saying the man had done his time…could someone please tell Mr. Obama what dog fighting is…give him a video to watch…after watching sir, do you still think he did his time…he was given back a multimillion dollar contract by the NFL…kids took away the lesson that fighting dogs will not get you into too much trouble…I understood a cop looking the other way for a speeding ticket or a parking violation, but we are far from minor infractions…people tripping players from the side lines…lesson here kids, if you are losing it is okay to cheat…here in Tampa we pay for a stadium that the Buccs’ play in and most of the Buccaneers’ games have been blacked out from our TVs…because during a time in Florida’s lowest employment rate in history, we can not afford $25 a ticket (in the cheapest seats) and another $10 for parking to fill the stadium…can you say double dipping…please understand this is just the highlight reel…I guess the NFL has given up the morals and ethics clause in their contracts

I am quite tired of the bullshit they are trying to feed me…I will no longer buy tickets or t-shirts put out by the NFL…I will no longer watch games played by the NFL…nor will I spend any further time speaking of them…I can no longer support a national league who feels they are above the law and screwing people over is acceptable…I thank you for understanding my feelings…I will raise my grandchildren to play hockey, to swim, to play tennis…I will still watch the army/navy game, college and high school football…I am not nor will I ever be anti-sports…I have not seen such frightful behavior from other sports…I feel I have to stand up for what’s right…it may not be what is popular, but my conscience is clear…the children around me will not have to be exposed by such horrid people

Again, thank you for understanding

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What did Santa bring you?

Merry Meet,

What did Santa bring you (other than me;)…it has been nice to have a few days off…pull up a chair…I will get the cocoa and you grab the Yahtzee game off the shelf…yes, it is Peter Gabriel on the cd player…

My haul for Christmas was great…Tristan gave me a car…mom got me shirts, Longaberger dishes, silverware, sox and bras…dad gave me money…Dansir got me a bottle of wine and York peppermint patties…the clients got me cookies and hockey tickets…my friends gave me candles for the massage room…dale played came over and played board games with me…I made out like a bandit

Walter made me breakfast…he gave me a pedicure…he made the holiday dinner…very cool

All of my clients got a gift this year…I won on a lotto ticket and was able to share the blessing with them…I was happy to be able to do it...

Chris and I have been enjoying our down time…family is the most important thing

In the Circle of Boudica…several people donated their time and money…we helped 15 families in 6 countries total...not only with the meal, but also presents for the kids…thank you for being so generous during such economic times…in our prayer group this week was people of many faiths…goes to show it is not important who you call God…the important part is to call…

The weather here for Christmas was a balmy 78f…today it hovered are 55f with rain...brrr…we needed the rain…maybe my lawn will come back…at the moment, it is the brownest it has been in 10 years…next week I will start to pull up all grass that has died so I do not have a thick thatch…

What lessons did I learn in 2010 you ask…be VERY careful of all the new electronic gadgets with a cameras or microphones…hold fast to your beliefs…when you second guess yourself you were usually right in the first place…I don’t have time to be on a one way street (yes, with this I mean relationships)…to laugh is better exercise than going to the gym…there is life after children…there are many more lessons, but it is late…

How was your Christmas…did you get everything you wanted…do you remember when I used to wake the kids around 4 in the morning…I would start making the Christmas calls as soon as the kids were done…lol…this year I did not make most calls till last night or today

It has been a year to remember…feeling safe now…I have refound many of my friends…I made the dean’s list…I made high priestess…my second book is now on the market…I have retained all my clients that are above ground…I helped clean up an oil spill…my parents are still with me…I have a great husband…good kids…I got a cool car….hmmmmm…I have received more than Warren Buffet owns…I feel very fortunate…

Pure Air Spritzer

1/2 tsp Bergamot Essential oil

1/2 tsp Eucalyptus Essential oil

1/2 tsp Lavender Essential oil

2oz pure distilled water

2oz vodka (acts as a preservative)

Put the essential oils in a 4 oz Spritzer bottle and fill with vodka and water. Shake and use as often as you like. You can vary the amounts of oils to get the right scent for you. These three essential oils are said to kill hundreds of airborne viruses and bacteria. Just spray your home, office, hospital room, class room etc and enjoy the difference.

New Year’s Blessing

This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night. In my window one candle shall burn bright, To help my loved ones find their way As they travel this eve, and this night, until day. Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd.

I am glad you had a good holiday…I too am tired…thank you for stopping by…I enjoyed the game…may you be blessed


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Meet,

How are you today? I am glad I had time to stop by…fresh mint tea is quite tasty, thank you…it is nice to come to visit you once in a while…stop worrying about how clean the house is and sit with me…

In massage I have been trying out some new moves this last month…the clients have been happy about it and they open up different parts of the body to my palpation…how the body works is SO COOL…each tiny knot can produce a chain reaction…the nerves are the body’s communication system…the circulatory and lymph systems are like a super highway around the body…the muscles (or as I call it meat) is where the horsepower is…the brain and the heart are both power plants of different sources (one electric and one hydro)…how neat is that…how they correspond and interact are astonishing…I LOVE my job…as I work with the body I get a sense of the story it holds, not what the client tells you, but what the body has to say…I have asked several clients about injuries and always hear ‘that happened 10 years ago, how did you know that’…the body records everything…the feel of the meat, the smell and tone of the skin, reaction or lack there of, the sound of the voice…all of these and more bring me to understand what should be normal and work with the client to get there…this is the week of the Yule Feast…I have gotten a present for every client that comes in this week…

Even though American Boudica Publishing is closed for the holiday, I have been doing a bit of writing and I got ‘The American Boudica’ fan page set up on facebook…book 3 has no name yet…I will give the Boudica fans a chance to have fun with us…Friends, Family and Funerals is the introduction to Boudica and her special gifts…Love is like an Onion is Boudica showing what she can do and how sexy the word mom can be…in book 3, Boudica forms bonds and does a bit of globe hopping…help us choose a title…please submit any titles to the fan page, Chris or myself…in the subject line put ‘Title’ and in the body I will need your idea for title, your name, your address (snail mail please) and phone number…The person who’s title we choose will not only see the Title in print, but also get a complete set of the Boudica series to date signed by both Chris and myself and a notation in the book

School is on Winter Break… Final grade posted, I got an A in English Composition 1…I have my books and started studying for the next class…

In the Circle we have had some interesting conversations…I see the energy for giving as being pink, purple and green…I don’t mean when you hand someone the obligatory gift card…I mean when you stop your day and do for someone for NO reason…weather you listen to an old mans story or take a car full of kids to a roller rink on a snowy day or pay the toll of the guy behind you…it is a piece of you that you have given them and you are the best gift ever;)

Many of you will be eating a good amount…give the digestive system some help…acidophilus can be found in the supplement section of most grocery stores…probiotics is the same thing only much more expensive…

Dad and mom have been out visiting…at home…dad has been busy revamping his flower boxes and mom has been quilting…we have been baking…I made cupcakes today…yes, my hips are growing just thinking about it;)…while cleaning out the flower boxes, a snake jumped out and tried to bite dad…I am not sure who was more surprised…the snake bite down on dad’s hook…dad slung him across the yard…it was a black racer, dad must have startled him as they do not usually attack people…the week long cold snap has turned everything brown…until the weather stabilizes I will not prune…though I really should dethatch the lawn

Laugh for no reason today…just because its something to do…come on…you know you want to…if nothing else, just look at the faces around you when you do it…they will laugh or look at you strangely…laughing is one of the best exercises that you can do…it releases some interesting hormones that do really groovy things for the body

I once was upset that I had no shoes, until I met the man that had no feet…remember to be thankful for what you have…any act of love is never really a sacrifice, it is a wonderful memory in the making…smile and remember you have love to give…look for it, share it and get ready for the best memories

Well my friends, it is time to go…thank you…I am glad we got this time to spend together…May you all be blessed


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have a Cup of Cocoa

How are you? You look wiped out…I know the holiday is coming, but you won’t enjoy it if you are exhausted or sick…come sit and have a cup of cocoa…

Massage is going well…This will be a busy week…my clients know this is the Feast of Yule…it started today and goes until Saturday…every client this week gets a present…my client today got $5 of his massage…he was quite happy to get an hour and 15 minutes for $25…I love this week…

American Boudica Publishing is on break until the 2nd of January…Everyone has been given the holiday off as this is a time of family…personally, I will be working on the website…the children’s book has been a fun project…the herbal remedy book is also coming along nicely….I will have time to sleep when I am dead…right now let me enjoy the work…You can always pick up of copies from Amazon.com or e-mail me and we will see about getting one to you…

Final grades have not posted, but I believe I got an A in English Composition 1…we are currently on winter break until the 2nd of January…my next class up is English Comp 2…I am really excited about this…I feel it has helped my writing a lot…someone pass me shades, the future is getting so bright I think I may need them…lol

The Circle of Boudica has had bright pink energy from all the love…17 children in 4 different countries will be getting packages for the holiday…thank you all so much, the toys and books will be cherished…it touches my heart to see how many know, it is better to give than receive…I have had to be hard with a few of my younger people lately…this is never easy…they know they are loved…at times we have to say things others do not want to hear…just as it is hard to hear, it is harder to say…I always try to surround the situation with love and give as much positive feedback as possible…I will be having a bon fire on New Years Eve…for those who wish to attend please let me know

For many years I was a single mom…this holiday season is much reminding me of that…I always took care of my parents and the kids…at times it was just the kids…I got some utility present from my parents (usually a bra, hair cut, undies), always needed…the kids would always get me something small…never the less, I always made sure the tree was full for them…I have always had a small fake tree (real ones are needed in the forest)…since I did not have to buy a tree, that was money I could spend on presents…I was more excited to see them open the gifts than to worry if I had any…at one time, I had no money for wrapping paper, so I used news paper…cool way to recycle…now I only use wrapping paper when someone gives me a roll…

I have been blessed this year…my daughter Tris has given me a car…I love my car…one of my clients gave me great hockey tickets…such a cool game…Walter actually had the night off, so we got to go together…YEA

Dad has taken time to revamp his flower boxes…he, mom and Walt have decorated the gate and porch…the pond fish have been going crazy with the weather…one day hot, the next freezing…I hope I do not lose any…

If you are suffering from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), you may want to start adding kelp to your diet… kelp is a rich source of iodine and thyroxine.…also cabbage family of foods (broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens), peaches and pears as they tend to suppress thyroid function.

May you remember it is not about the shopping, it is about the heart…

Blessed Be,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story

I have been having one of those weeks…wanting to scream is an understatement…okay let me fill you in…

The next 2 weeks for me, are the busiest of the year in my office…it is the holiday season…this means I am getting people of 40+ ready to act like they were 20 (at least while their family is here;)…appointments are getting juggled all over the place…schedule, we don’t need no stinking schedule…lol…did I mention the puppy caught a cold…just before every client yesterday he threw up…at least it smelled like bleach when anyone walked in the door…

Amazon has started this new author thing…just breathe…I am trying to upload the search inside the book and the kindle…they have made it such a pain in the rear and like so many things it was supposed to be much better…I called customer service…deep breath…they were supposed to have someone call me back from that department…I am still waiting for that call…I have gone back and tried to figure it out…in through the mouth, out through the nose…I have received several e-mails and have had to apply for several new passwords…okay I really need a cigarette…they want me to publish through them…not in this life time with what they are offering…I really miss my punching bag

School has a heavy week with 3 papers due and grammar assignments…not to mention this is the final week of Comp 1…I am swamped and I have a puppy that wants to play, the phone will not stop ringing, the sugar gliders are squawking, chewy bitems wants a treat…close my eyes…I am on an Island…the wind is blowing my hair…Sunday Starts Comp 2…

My Yule presents are bought…some are what people wanted and some are what I wanted people to have…I do not shop…each present has a lot of time put into it…I work for/trade for/make all gifts…I do this all year round…I had traded off 3 massages for a signed pic of Bob Dylan for my hubby…cash equivalent of about $125…it was in a cool frame with authentication paperwork…BTW…did I tell you I let Dale go home early last night and the puppy shredded it…when I came out of session, he was sitting behind the gate in a pile of paper…I wanted to cry…I started to laugh…not the fun kind…more like, There coming to take me away, ha ha, there coming to take me away, he he… to the funny farm…

It was so cold last night that all the dogs and the cat slept with me…more like on top of me…the puppy was laid across my chest…at 4 a.m. I was awoken to said puppy puking from my chest to my face…thank goddess I sleep with my mouth closed…I ran with him to the bathroom and cleaned us both up…he looked so cute…that is why the young are made cute…so we don’t kill them…lol…

With that being the start of my day…if I quite sarcastically say ‘it went great from there’…are you getting a picture…I had 8 appointments set for today and only 2 showed up…the other 6 rescheduled…the pup has not puked all day…what a blessing…he is back to being full of himself…chewy tackled him on the lawn…my white puppy was covered in dust and mud…deep breath…my washer has tripped the circuit breaker twice today…both times I was just completing an essay for class…had to retype the whole thing as I never save until I am done…feeling quite stupid…I am back to the island with a large cocktail in my hand…back I go to Amazon…getting nowhere fast with this author page thing…how many different sections of Amazon are there…

At this point I am sitting on the rings around Krylon…I have turned into the crazy animal lady…they are so spoiled;)…my hair isn’t on fire and I haven’t lost a limb…so I guess everything will be okay…only people with great character can laugh at themselves…lol…I will accomplish what I want with Amazon, everything good must be worked for…I am happy to have a schedule to juggle…Walter did not know of the picture so he will not miss it…there is always the back up gift of socks and underwear…not great, but practical…he appreciates that…I will work hard to get an A…again, nothing really good comes without working for it

Most of all I am thankful, to have this time above ground, to bitch about;)

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Week in the Life….

Merry Meet,

How are you? I am starting to unwind from the marvelous high of publishing my second book…Walter has just fixed some mahi-mahi steaks…it is quite good, go get a plate…not to worry, it is Atlantic not gulf fish…I made sugar cookies…here have some milk to wash them down

Massage has been awesome this week…many clients came at the end of the week because they wanted to pick up a book too…the energy flowing through me has been almost electric…my paraffin order should be in by Monday…I love this massage…it feels good to the client and it is neat to the therapist…Paraffin Massage is fabulous for arthritis, bad backs and sore legs…my therapist has come back down and I will be getting my massage next Wednesday…YEA!!!! It has been 6 months since my last one….my body is screaming

Okay lets talk about school…it is so much fun…maybe because I am 45…I start my week and work hard to make sure all required is in before it is due….this way if I need to make changes, I have time…I am currently in English Composition Class…it is work heavy, but is really paying off…the thing that seems the most stupid, becomes the most important thing you ever learned 5 years from now

Chris and I are working on the children’s book…this will be so cool…I have to admit, after rereading both books currently in print this week…In book 1, I found about 30 errors…in book 2, I only found 6…it is amazing to see how far I have come as an author, but also as a publisher…I am getting ready to convert book 3…I hope this one will have NO errors…lol…I hear ya…good luck with that…my second book in the market place is kind of humbling…I almost danced to the post to put Chris’s copy out to him…

In the Circle of Boudica we had a rough week…baby Zach was rushed back to the hospital…due to insurance issues with medicade, he ended up without his medicine…we hope for him to go home today…please send any good energy his way…I am taking donations to help people who do not have this year…my hope is for everyone to have a peaceful holiday

Many of you know me to be kind and uplifting…it was not always this way…I had to accept myself…the good and the bad…from there you have a choice…move forward or get caught in the past…several times I got caught in the, past until I learned the best is what is a head…then I learned to push forward…I try to make every person in my life important…from the cashier as the store to the person who brings the pizza…to smile and say thank you is not hard…to stop and listen to someone else can sometimes be annoying, but we all need someone to listen to us…if someone is hurt and can not afford to pay, I will work on them…I was given a gift in my hands, to not help them in my eyes would be a sin…this season is supposed to bring forth kindness…this year that seems to be missing due to the fact people feel they can not provide for their families…why not remember and teach our children what the season is really about…going out caroling beats dancing with a video game…baking with friends is way better than an instant message…helping your neighbor is cooler than standing in line for the latest gadget…please take time to look inside yourself…bring out the real meaning of the season and make it a positive holiday for those around you;)

Did you know that, according to Dr. Linda B White (The Herbal Drugstore, 2003)….Evening Primrose seed oil may significantly help arthritis pain, and reduce inflammation especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, due to its GLA content.

May you all be blessed,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

DUDE…Can you feel it?

DUDE…can you feel it…it is the release of the second book- worldwide!!!!!

How do I explain how much work goes into one book…I am blown away…being both publisher and author is not easy…I am so happy…Chris and I were doing the happy dance over the phone…if you do not want to order it online, you can go to Barnes and Nobel or Boarders with the ISBN #978-1607439516…if you are not in the USA you can go to your nearest large book retailer and should be able to order it using the same number…I never thought I would be an author and now I have 2 books in print…I am so amazed…I could not have done it without Chris, Walt, Rose and Dale…

I have been asked a few questions about American Boudica…I will try to answer

What is Boudica?

Boudica is a woman in Britain who fought against the Romans for freedom. I have fought most all my life for those who do not have…a freedom fighter of sorts…and I was American…as Chris and I played with the idea of a book, the name seemed to find itself.

What is the book about?

Love is like an Onion in the next adventure in the Boudica series. I find it a fantasy with something to be gleaned from every chapter, but I wrote it…I am slightly bias about it. In this book we travel the world…we spent hours on research to keep as many details as correct as possible…it was a lot of fun and I feel that reflects in the writing

What prompted you to write your books?

With all I had been through in my life, I had many stories to share…I met a wonderful writing partner on MySpace…we had spoke for several months before we found our direction…once we got into a working rhythm the books flowed…my husband and his wife have been very supportive in every way…the books flowed as a product of the amazing energy

How long does it take to produce a book?

The first took about a year and a half …this book has taken us 2 ½ years…the first book went quite smooth…due to upheaval in the current economy, we have hit roadblocks at every juncture (i.e. the cover took 3 months to get straight with the printer)…I often tell people the closer you get to the completion the more it is like being pregnant…it could be anytime now, all the way up until you see it on Amazon…it is like them laying the baby on your chest for the first time and then you can breathe…it then becomes a labor of love

What do you want people to take with them from the book?

Along with fact is fantasy and vice versa…much of American Boudica is taken from real life situations with fantasy woven in to protect either myself or others…the heroine is over 40 and has been through much…there are many lessons to be found among the pages, but I feel what she represents is the love of family and friends…also loyalty and honesty seem to run deep with her…personally, I hope it opens people’s minds and makes them think

I love our printer…they have been great…when my computer crashed and I lost everything…they helped Chris and I get everything together…I am really blessed and hope people like it…I will have some copies here for sale…I can hardly wait to get the first one in my hand…by the end of next week you will be able to search inside the book…it will also be out on e-book and kindle at that time…OMG…this is so cool

Many people have asked how I can stay positive in the current situation our country is in…it is not easy…I try to focus on what is positive in my life and work in that area…what I mean is, if massage is slow many people would bitch…for me it is time to write or study…I hear stories from people everyday about how bad things are…I try to focus them into a positive way of looking at things…laugh out loud once a day for no reason…it really does help…I was born in Massachusetts and I am made of some pretty strong stuff…9/11, nor a bad president will hold me back…as my mother would say…’The government is burping while the economy is farting’…the only way I can see out of it is for people to work…no one is going to hand you a job…what can you think of or do different that might make you some money or create jobs…being a Transplanted Floridian, I can tell you nothing good happens fast…we understand the words ‘hunker down’…many are worried because the holiday will soon be here…please remember, it is not what is under the tree, but the love that surrounds it…hugs are the best presents…take care of the children and try to make a decent meal…fill the home with love and laughter…this is what it is all really about;)

Blessed Be,


Thursday, December 2, 2010

If I go crazy, will you come with me?

Merry Meet,

How have you been….come in, sit down, relax…it has been a long week and I am quite tired…it has been chilly (about 65-70f this week)…I guess winter is setting in…I turned the heat on last for the first time this year lastnight…I see you came in all bundled up

Well, massage is always a good place to start (or at least my favorite)…I had to put the warmer on the table today…the clients said it felt 'toasty'…keeping in touch with your clients is important, but doing so without being a pain in the ass is an art…I will be doing a paraffin massage special the 12-20th of Dec…one hour for $30…this is one of my favorite things to do and every client who has had this massage calls it Shangri-la…for more info give me a call (813)907-6279 and I will be happy to fill you in and book your appointment

School is going well…English Composition is a pain in the ass…I can see Ms. Kiernan, my high school English teacher, looking down from heaven laughing at me…I am working hard and know it will make me a better writer

Speaking of writing…I have had book 2 at the printers for almost 2 months and am waiting for it to finish processing…we had to resubmit another cover (#3)…I have been checking Amazon everyday to see if the book has posted yet…the waiting is worse than being pregnant…In the next 90 days, Chris and I will produce 2 e-books…One will be a children’s book…this will be something parents can print out, kids can color and both can use to make a craft project…the other is a book on herbal remedies…I will keep you posted…if you are wanting one of the power points e-mail Chris or Myself , put powerpoint in the subject line and we will get one right out to you...  

The Circle of Boudica has had great energy…I am getting ready for Yule…a young lady from Ireland that we helped out during Thanksgiving Skyped me…she had walked 2 miles to use a friends computer…she sang holiday carols to me…it was so beautiful…such a wonderful present…this year is very hard…many are going without…anyone who has new or gently used toys or clothes, I have a number of children who will need Santa this year…any help is always appreciated…please contact me

Walter and I just celebrated our 12 year anniversary…for my present, he put a membrane on the roof…it is awesome…it was quite funny too though…my dad told him not to take his shirt off while he was up there…he did not listen and got burnt to a crisp

I attended a Heartlink Networking meeting with mom this week…this is a women in business networking group…although none of us had the same service or products…it was great to share information and meet new people…I usually hate those type of things as people are usually so phony…this was NOT like that at all…the women were down to earth with great ideas…when we left I felt recharged

The animals have been frisky in the cold weather…Quintus is almost 6 weeks old and is fairly housebroke…though being woke at 4 am to take him out really bites…it sure beats stepping in puppy poop…Chewy is very jealous of the puppy, but at the same time mothers him…the gliders are well…I think the cold weather slows them down…the fish have gone to the bottom of the pond…they stay there until its above 70f

A young man came and asked dad if he had some small jobs that needed done…I put him to work by the front gate cleaning up all the dead weeds…I was impressed with the job the young man did…the drive is all clear now…the roses around the yard are in full bloom…the word lovely doesn’t seem to do them justice…dad’s fence flowers have been in bloom for the last few weeks…the big purple/blue flowers remind me of a big quilt

At the end of the day…I feel lucky and blessed…my family is doing good…I have fabulous friends… great co-workers…amazing animals…this is not to say I don’t have my moments, but even those do not seem to come that often anymore...my little world is a cool place to be

I am troubled about the question that looms over Florida’s head about offshore drilling…I think honestly it should be stopped at all costs…it has been proven there is not much oil there and if a rig let go here in Florida, the damage could be done to the gulf stream…after all the studies I have seen over this last oil spill, I will not eat fish from the gulf for several years…BP will NEVER pay or be made to pay for all the damage they have done

Cinnamon Herbal Tea

9 Cinnamon sticks

3C water

Simmer Cinnamon sticks in water for 20 minutes

Strain (you can add milk and honey or 1 shot of buttered rum)

Drink hot

Cinnamon is known to improve circulation, ease cold symptoms, relieve stomach upsets, reduce menstrual cramps and regulate blood sugar and insulin

Warnings -

• Do not take more than one cup of cinnamon tea if you are pregnant

• Avoid cinnamon if you suffer from a high fever or have an irritable bowel syndrome

I know this is a busy season…thank you for taking time to chat with me…hanging out with you is always so much fun…may your smile warm the hearts of many

Blessed Be,


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Merry Meet,

I am happy you made time to get by…it has been a long week…how did your turkey come out…I feel like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka…your looking a little plump too...

Massage was enjoyable this week…a lot of last minute clients and some just showed up to see if I could fit them in…you know me, the more the merrier...great to see my snowbirds flying back;)

At last…we have gone into print on book 2…as soon as I see it posted I will let you know…Chris and I took a slow week due to the hard week getting the cover done…he has started a new ‘Photo of the Day’ group in facebook…

School is going well…I am currently in an English Composition class…many papers and a lot of reading…though I find I am homing my skills…Chris and I are going to punch up book 3 before it goes to the printer

In The Circle of Boudica it has been a wonderful holiday…we were able to help 10 families have a good Thanksgiving….candles burned brightly…brown in thanks for all that I have…white in hope for the future…orange for abundance through the winter…a time to give up your pride and think of others

For Thanksgiving we went to the Golden Coral…OMG…did I eat….mom and dad seemed to enjoy themselves…Walter just kept the food on his plate piled…on Friday morning Tristan came home for a quick visit…Walter and mom spent all day cooking a huge turkey and all the trimmings...you should see the desert table…Dale came by to eat with us and took a plate home to his mom…Erin, Nathan, Nate, Debbie and many others called to wish us well for the holiday…Alex and his girlfriend stopped by to see Tris…she and I got to play on the Wii…she kicked my ass, but we had fun…she had to leave this morning…I always get sad when she goes…Dansir spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with her boyfriend’s parents…

Okay…I feel I have to say something…when money is so tight why are government officials using it like it grows on trees…Willie Nelson got busted for weed…DUH…Tommy Chong got busted for his picture being on a bong…DUH…How can ANY cop or government official be proud of that bust…do you know how much money was wasted on this, I could put kids through school on what was spent….do not waste my time or money on such bullshit…murderers are being let out of jail because we need to bust Snoop Dog with a joint…we do not have room in our jail for rapist or child molesters because average Joe got caught with a joint…am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture…if you question how stupid this is…look at Portugal and Amsterdam…since they have changed their laws, crime has DROPPED…I also urge you to watch a movie called ‘The Union’…it is available at Netflix and can be streamed

Quintus is growing everyday…he is still all teeth…since he is too small to jump yet, the rest of the animals find the nearest available perch when he enters the room...he loves dad…the gliders keep trying to take my hair when I stand near the cage to build their winter nest…the fish have been tranquil this week…I think they feel winter setting in

The garden is putting on its cold face…we have beautiful flowers blooming…I will be going out shortly to prune and put it to compost…the pool is closed…Walter is up on the roof getting ready to start the process of membraining the roof…Alex and Jazen are supposed to help him…I am so sure they will do a great job

Mint Tea

Boil 3 Cups of boiling water

Steep in 15-20 Leaves (15 fresh or 20 dried) for 10-15 minutes

Serve warm or over ice

This is great for digestive issues, sore throat and aids with skin issues too.

Well, its time to go play in the garden…I hope you have all had enough to eat this week and that you have had delightful conversations with friends and family…it is a time to share, be thankful and to show kindness…may you all find the wonder in every act of kindness

Blessed be,


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wiped Out

Merry Meet,

I am glad we had time to get together…I have been on a dead run and could really use the time to unwind…thanx for the jasmine tea

On Wednesday…I finished all my class work, took my final and post test…I got an A…I also had 3 clients…Shinara started into the part of heat that drives all the male dogs crazy (poor thing)…with that and the new pup…I do not think my mom dried out…Tristan called and wanted me to buy a 20lb turkey for Thanksgiving

Thursday…I had 2 interviews…though the jobs were local, the interviews were in Plant City and Winter Haven…the first place had one job open and had called 50 people for interviews…boy, don’t that make you just feel special…at least I got an interview…many did not get that…the second interview had 2 jobs and only 45 people to interview…I play the lotto…I am feeling lucky…who knows…I am looking for part time in hopes of keeping my own business up and running at the same time…on my way back, the plastic/vinyl piece in the wheel well cut loose and felt like I blew a tire…I keep a pair of kids cutters (cut the paper not your hand) in my purse…I sliced it off and got back on the road…I was glad to get home that night

Friday was another busy day…bills to be paid and shopping to be done…I went through all the birds that Publix had…the biggest one was 18 1/2lb…I got it and smiled thinking how happy Tris would be dad hijacked the 2 new Roses and planted them… I find out my next class is an English comp class…I see loads of work in my future…came back and had 2 clients…full moon and high tide…dammit, I joined Shinara…I stayed up most of the night with cramps…I need to be thankful at my age that all my parts still work, but it still really sux…

This morning I fed the puppy and went to take him out…he is good about going outside…I brought him back in and went the bathroom myself…while I was busy Walter gave the pup some milk…when I got back I went to pick Quintus up and he lifted his little feet…OMG…there was shit everywhere…I was covered, he was covered, the walls, the floor….I love my husband…I have explained that the puppy is too old for the milk and it gives the puppy the runs 3 times…we will just say he is FULLY aware at this moment why he will no longer be giving the puppy milk…I called Tris excited about the bird…she proceeded to tear me a new ass for not getting a big enough bird…

At this point I am ready for a game of quarters…only instead of beer can we just do shots…I have been to the outer limits of Krylon too many times over the last few days…it is becoming my mini-vacation home…

I have found it is best to laugh about as much as possible….being covered in shit and being able to laugh about it…I have no idea what look crossed my face, but my husband turned sheet white and suddenly had to go help my dad...it was too funny

I have been handed a few slightly sick jokes…passing them to others with the same deranged mind is always good for a smile

I am getting ready my cooking music…I am thinking of making mint julep for those who are cooking…time to get festive…I was thinking of making a roasted acorn squash….mom has an idea with them though

I am hoping to get with Chris tomorrow and get the book cover complete…we are both so busy during the holidays… his daughter just announced that we will soon have another Boudica fan to add to our posse…she posted the ultrasound pic today…we are too happy about this

So…with the bad came the good….I love my husband…I love my daughter…I love the animals…we hope I find part time work…I am smart enough to fix my car when it breaks down…I am looking forward to Chris’s new grandchild…I have found other minds as sick as my own…I am looking forward to the holiday…if I keep repeating this do you think it will sink in????

For those with diabetes

Talk to your doctor about an 8 oz glass of bitter melon (freshly juiced)…you drink it once a week to help level out blood sugar issues…many find this really helpful on a lot of levels…kind of looks like a cucumber crossed with a zucchini

May you all find something worth laughing at (even of its yourself)…may you be so blessed to share that gift with a family member, friend and a stranger…a smile doesn’t cost anything…kindness is never wasted

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stress Reduction Starts at Home

I am happy to have time to run by to see you…yes, the pimpmobile is shiny…I have been washing her…she is a lot of fun to drive…I just rolled up to the drive thru with Electric Avenue blasting…the girls at the window gave me a strange look and started bopping to the music…just too funny

Though massage has been slow, a lot of the clients have been calling…through the holiday season appointments are spotty…by this I means either I am swamped or dead…nothing in between and always so much fun…lol…the new cds have me flowing…I do so love Van Morrison in the massage room, his older work is the best…next would be Dean Martin… My winter hours for massage are 10 am- 5pm, by appointment only (813) 907-6279...

Chris and I have had our attention focused on our book cover…we have had a crash coarse in Adobe software…thankfully Chris has good temperament (kept me from picking up the computer and throwing it across the room)…we hope to be complete by the end of the week

I just completed my class in Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques…I do not have the final grade yet, but I believe it is an A…YEA…I am really glad I took it…I love Everglades Univ. and value the education I am getting…back when I went to Sanford Brown Institute, I had an instructor who had gone there…I really liked what he taught and the way he taught it…he inspired me…my mom taught me education is what you make of it…I want to give my clients the best medical care I can…I feel all of these classes are taking me to the next level…like climbing a mountain…I can’t wait to see the view at the next rest area

Dad is home and getting the yard ready for winter…Mom is getting ready to post Longaberger Baskets and products…she has a collection of 25 years…she wants to make room to make more quilts…Walter is getting ready to membrane the roof and paint the house

The animals have been in quite a flum…the puppy that wandered into our life is a cute little terror…he attacks everything constantly…he reminds me of a gladiator, so I call him Quintus…due to his color dad calls him Gold…so I guess his name is Quintus Gold…Dad loves him and enjoys coming to take him out…Shinara has now gone into heat again…needless to say my mop is kept handy as cleaning is a constant at present…Chewy and Blue have turned into 2 whining bags of mess…at least the food bill will be down for a few weeks

Since we are coming into winter…this week, I will be closing the pool…I am sad about this, but know it will not be long until I am swimming again…I have cleaned out the gardens already, but will be planting garlic this week too…next week I will winterize the pond, so if you want some of the water for your plants bring me up some jugs…I will also be starting a window farm in the house…it will be neat to have fresh growing herbs and veggies all year round…the whole idea is very cool to me…

It is soon to be the American holiday of Thanksgiving…we will be celebrating ours a day late this year as it is when Tristan can come home for leave…Dansir will also be here after her trip to New Hampshire…Walter will be making the turkey dinner with my mom…I expect to see many of our family and friends…crapp, I need to pick up batteries for the camera

In the Circle of Boudica this week…I sit here crying because you all are so wonderful…I asked for a good energy a few weeks ago for some folks…as always you have come through…the babies are out of the hospitals…the young man got the job…and we helped a young couple to remember why they married…I feel really blessed…when we work together mountains can be moved…I am starting to prepare for Yule 12/21…I am looking for a beautiful oak log and holly branches to burn…it is a time when everyone should be singing and laughing…this year will be hard on many…please take time to make someone smile each day…it is the best gift you can give or receive…has anyone thought of the feast you will be cooking…I will keep you posted on my choices this year…a white candle should be burnt for an hour each evening from 12/01-12/31…its meaning is rebirth, hospitality and hope…a blue candle should be burnt with the white on the 21st …it means truth and peace…on that night both should burn until you go to bed…I can not wait to see the sky that night

Cranberry Tea

3 cups of natural cranberry juice (room temp)

5 black tea bags or 5 teaspoons of loose black tea

10 cups of water

5 cinnamon sticks

Honey (to taste)

Brandy (optional)

Bring the water to a boil

Add Tea Bags and Remove From Heat

Add Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon Sticks and Honey (let steep about 10 Minutes)

Add Brandy (optional)

Can Be Served Warm or Over Ice

This is a great pick me up to help us…the cranberry has great anti bacterial properties…black tea is well known for its antioxidant properties…water helps us hydrate…cinnamon and honey combined have amazing healing qualities…

I am happy to see you looking good…a little tired…I know life is busy, but make sure to get proper rest…I want to see you for many years to come…

Blessed Be,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Mantra…Being Old is Cool

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Merry Meet,

Have you come to meditate with me? I know you don’t have time right now, but you should make some. Meditation is a great way to think and put ideas together.

Massage is great. The clients have been in, honestly I think just to make sure I came back from North Carolina (lol). I am a lucky woman to have so many caring people around me.

Book 2 has me ready to rip out my hair…The cover is having giant problems…in the last 48 hours I have learned EVERY program adobe has…even had adobe support on the phone for 4 hours yesterday (India/Philippines...very nice people)…way more than I ever wanted to know…I may just have to build a new cover…Chris and I will decide this today…it has held all publishing for us on the back burner until this is fixed and delivered

In school I did a board post from the New York Times (Genes as Mirrors of Life Experiences,
By BENEDICT CAREY, Published: November 8, 2010) it was very worth the read. It is said that some of the issues that happen to the mother’s stress levels effect the child’s genes enough on the surface that it can create a psychological pathology for the child. This is why pregnant women should be treated like fine china and be kept as stress free as possible.

I fear I may have brought the cold weather with me upon my return. It has been 58f at night and 78f during the day. I have had to pull out my winter clothes. After being in Florida so long my blood is as thin as water. I have been able to let my hair down (literally) more…this is funny as it stays in a bun so much that most people do not realize how long it is…the look of shock is priceless.

In the Circle of Boudica…we have many souls of different religions from many different counties…they enjoy the fellowship of spirit…one of my friends saw me counsel a Christian member and then a Rastafarian member…the friend asked if it bothered me that they are not Pagan and had no plans to convert…No it does not bother me…the point is to spend time with people on a spiritual plane…to share wisdom…what sex or what color or who you call god or where you come from…these things simply do not matter to me…all that matters is the love that flows through each meeting…to have the support given…wisdom shared…I truly feel blessed

The pimp mobile is awesome. I am going to try a few of the local doctors to see if I can get some part time work. I am excited. The yard has been on hold this week as I am trying to put together a new resume. Dad will be home this weekend…YEA!!!! I always seem more productive when he is home.

I got 3 new games for the Wii. I looked at the cheap games on Amazon and found some cool stuff. Puzzle Challenge is a 1 person game and a great way to build time and vocabulary. Smarty Pants is a trivia game, Walter and I have had fun with this…the questions are a challenge. Game Party 3 is a great deal of fun…I kicked Walter’s hind end at pool, but he killed me at shuffle board. The best part is all 3 with shipping cost me under $40.

Anti-Depressive and Headache Reliever

Pour 2 cups boiling water over 3 teaspoons dried primrose flow¬ers and leaves.

Let it stand, covered, about 15 minutes.

Strain and sweeten. Drink warm or hot (reheat as needed.)

The animals are well…though Chewy did have a hissy fit about me being gone so long…it was quite cute. Marley (sugar glider) also got into a slight snit and would not let me play with her for a few days. All is back to normal now…thank the goddess…I do so dislike it when they get upset with me.

My hair is more grey, my figure is slightly fluffy, I am far from 20…I have never been so beautiful…no one stopped to change my tire, but I had the wisdom to do it myself…my youngest children just turned 21 and I have been young enough to enjoy life with them and will be able to see where life takes all of them before I pass…earlier this week I was feeling OLD…and guess what…I am…isn’t it cool ;)

May the sun warm your back and light your path…

Blessed be,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

North Carolina to Florida ROAD TRIP 11/2010

Yes, I know I look tired…I am glad you came by…check out my new ride…it is a 1995 Maxima…it is my Birthday/Yule present from my daughter…made me feel quite pimp

Mom and Auntie dropped me at Tampa International at 630 am and it was about 75f…I walked up to security…damb near had to get naked before they let me through as my underwire kept setting off the machine…got to the check in…sat down, waited and started reading ‘Bushido, The Way of the Samurai’ (great book)…I got on the plane (window seat) and was going to continue reading when this young man sat beside me…he was chatting to me at 100 mph…suddenly 6 rows up and back were in the conversation…the flight seemed to pass quickly

Landing at Raleigh/Durham at 10am was beautiful and only 42f…brr…you can only smoke 50’ away from the building so out I treck to the taxi stand…I was froze…Tris arrived in her shiny new SUV…it is very cool…she did well

We stopped to see my Erin…though she only had a few minutes…I got to see her at work…pride welled up in my heart…my girls are grown up and working hard…the sign at her work was so cute…I had to take a pic

Tris then took me down to camp Lejune (2 hrs away) by her job and I got to meet her chief…really nice guy…we stopped at her house and I changed clothes (I should have grabbed my jacket)…she took me to pick up the car she was giving me…I am more than a little chocked up about that…then I got to meet her friend Heather…very sweet young woman…then she took me to The Melting Pot (about an hour away) and Heather went with us…on the way my sinuses started to blow up…I had not about being in fall up North…I was so sick…Tris had stop into 3 places to find Nyquil…the 2 ladies were great about it…originally I felt like the wet rag on the party…they were so great, even though I was sick, I was laughing…we dropped Heather off and I followed her to her house…I got to meet her roommate and the dogs…nice woman with 2 very beautiful dogs…both were very well mannered…I had an awful time sleeping without my animals…I got up ay 530am, took a shower and Tris walked me to the car…it was 38f and I was missing Florida…by 630am I was gassed up and on the road…as I started down the road…I began to cry, my baby was now a woman…my heart welled with pride…it was worth every drink I poured, toilet I scrubbed, table I waited on…she is honest, loyal, works hard, thinks for herself…can any mother ask for more…feeling quite blessed…suddenly I hear this pop sound…I pull off the road to find I have a flat…I don’t have triple A, but do have some road thing with the insurance…only I can not reach Dansir or Walter to find out what it is…I am out in the country…no exit for the last 20 miles and no sign of one a head…no cell signal…I stayed calm and went to the trunk praying for a good spare…I got the jack and put it in place…it must have been a funny scene to see me jumping up and down on the tire iron…I could not get the nuts to budge…I am not 20 anymore…guys just don’t pull over to help anymore…lol…I felt so frustrated…just then a sweet man who worked for Wawa came to the rescue of this old woman…as he changed my tire, he told me storied of his time at war in Vietnam…we got the doughnut on and off I went…I felt thankful for the blessing of help…I got gas and checked the air at the next exit…my friend called and told me not to let anything happen to the doughnut and I could fix it when I got to him…still in South Carolina…a pothole from hell took out the doughnut…I managed to get off the exit…I was very lucky that a wonderful policeman came to my aide…I was very lucky that the town of Yemassee was quiet while I got my tire fixed…his K9 went by the name of Sampson…very beautiful animal…they mostly patrol I95 for drugs…as we all know police make me nervous…if more were like that gentleman I would feel differently…I got back on the road…the father south I drove the warmer it got…Georgia was covered in construction all the way down I95…the Florida line…Yea…I stopped at a friends and he bought me dinner…I had not stopped to eat all day…finally at 1045pm I pulled in the yard

A few notes…I saw more police on the roads in every state than I ever have…in all my years of running the coast, I have never seen so few trucks…most were either Walmart or the post office...Billy Joel's Piano Man comes on the radio way too much…I did enjoy the flame colors of fall around North Carolina

I am tired and must sleep as my body is recovering from 2 days of travel…goodnight

Blessed Be,


Monday, November 1, 2010

"Carolina in My Mind "

Merry Meet,
I am glad you came by…come in, sit down, relax…I wanted to see you before my trip…I will not have time to chat until my return…have some salt water taffy...Lissie brought it to me from her trip to Atlantic City, NJ...it is tasty
In massage I will be taking clients until the 4th at 3pm…so if you do not have an appointment yet please book by tomorrow to be sure you can get in…I have such positive Chi rolling, I bet I leave every client energized…I am wanting to burn a new music CD for the room...I have a new song that I am in love with called Kandi by One Eskimo

In school this week I will be taking my midterm in ‘Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques’…I am enjoying this class…some of the techniques I was already aware of and I have gotten to delve deeper…some are new and it has been fun to put them into practice on myself and the clients…

Though Chris and I are working diligently at fixing the issues on book 2 cover…not much will be published this week…we are excited about the release of the next herbal remedy power point…we will also be offering a ‘Stress Reduction’ CD…alas, nothing will be released until next week….I will keep you posted

I got the house clean…the yard and animals are getting ready for my departure…I will be gone for about 3 days…the way they are acting you would think it was a year…chewy will be here without me…poor thing loses his mind if I am gone for an hour…he will have Walter and Dale, but they are not me…

I know it is rare that I ever leave Florida after the month of September…It has been ages since I have been in North Carolina…I have always thought it the land of the Fairies…in my mind, I go to the Carolina seashore whenever I get stressed…I have not seen Erin in 20 years…I will not get to see my grandchild this trip, but I have goodies that her mother will bring her…Tris has made plans for me…her new car is pretty radical…she is giving me her old one…too cool…she is pimpin out her mom in a Maxima…I will not get near a computer from Friday the 5th until Monday the 8th (no e-mail, facebook, MySpace or cell phone)…on the ride back, I will be stopping to see friends…if you want to see me, want me to sign a book or want me to speak on healthcare please call and I will see if I can fit you in…I have fresh batteries for both cameras…I love a road trip
Samhain was beautiful…Thanks to those who shared so many memories with me…the fire was strong and healthy…the deep orange is a sign of abundance…the dark yellow is a sign of health…good things for the incoming new year…it was good to see so many stop by for the holiday…Lissie and Jazen made my day…while I am gone if any of the Members of The Circle need assistance please contact Chris…he is wise and represents me when I am not present

May you all enjoy a week of hard work and good friends…send good energy my way for a fast and safe trip…

Blessed Be,
Dorraine Cooper-Rooney

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Breathe…LOL

Intergalactic…Planetary…Planetary…Intergalactic…yes, you have come upon me listing to the Beastie Boys…for those who do not know me…I get lost in music when in deep thought…so far the week has been quite unusual…

I was brought a young man this week for massage…though I am quite educated in the ways of medicine, I am not a doctor…his parents did not have insurance and could not afford to pay upfront so, the ER basically turned him away…his leg was hurt…I started working…when I got to the hip, he and I were doing deep breathing together to aide his pain…I noted the ball out of the socket and called a local doctor…he would not come or let the child go to him without insurance, but did give me advice…this poor young (9 yrs old) man was going to end up with NO help…the mother begged me to help…being a mother, I could not say no…I had the boy lay down with his face in the cradle…I gave him a towel and told him it was okay to bite it if he was in pain…I worked the back until it was like jello…I grabbed the leg and treated it like I normally would (my massage is very rocking)…when I swung the ankle for range, a tear fell from my eye…the ball popped back in the socket…I could feel an energy connection from my shoulder to his and the pain…he was quiet…kind of thought he passed out…his head came up and he said thank you…the energy filled with relief flooded his body…I had not moved…I felt frozen…I worked his low back and glutes and things felt better…while his mother dressed him, I excused myself…I called the doctor back…man was I pissed off…needless to say, he saw the boy that afternoon for free…the mother called me yesterday…the boy has been admitted to children’s hospital…he has a severe bone disorder…the attending physician called me this morning to let me know I had done the right thing and to thank me…to me his color, who he called God, where he was born did not matter…my work was running the limit of my license and scope of practice…it is in me to do the right thing…the father called today, he got paid…I told him to use the money for his family…I am not a rich woman…again, it is the right thing to do…I have not talked to anyone about this all week…it is hard to mull through the emotion…I am happy the boy got help…to me that was and is the bottom line…thankfully, the rest of the week has been relaxation clients…phew

We are now on hold with book 2…the cover has to be adjusted…it will take 2 weeks…fingers crossed…we have had to obtain adobe acrobat…I will be soon taking a class in it…Rose has had a workshop installed in the back yard to make the 3D cards…very cool…I love my new work space and I am sure she is loving hers…poor Chris…we keep him in the attic…too funny…we have a new power point due out next Thursday…this too will be on herbal remedies…

In school I have started a new class ‘Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques’…the reading has been easy so far…I am even burning CDs for clients and friends who have been having problems getting into different techniques…I will let you know when they are available…

Mom came home…she brought Auntie with her…the Bobsey Twins in full effect…they are very cute…Dansir stopped by to say hi and pick up her mail…she is now working for The Olive Garden in Orlando so I do not get to see her much…Cooper is Still in MA

The grass has now gone to seed and the winter lawn is starting to pop up…cool thing…I have not had to mow for a few weeks…it seems like the garden is sighing for autumn…it has been dry for the last few weeks…I have actually had to water every 2 days…the butterflies have been migrating through the yard this year…the colors have been bright…a lot of yellow, red and orange…we have had a few with HUGE wings that seem to be shades of blue with a tinge of green and yellow…the birds too have started…we have had a few new and many of the old ones back…

I am getting ready for my trip to North Carolina…Tristan is even offering up her bed…I mailed everything so all I have is a carry on to take on the plane…Erin called to tell me the package arrived…I hate plane trips…thankfully I will be coming back by car

The gliders are really enjoying their new wheel…so am I…it is so quiet…the dogs have been really enjoying their time in the yard…they balk about having to go out in the morning though….they are real Floridian dogs…they hate it when it gets chilly (75-80f) in the morning…it gets real funny when winter sets in

The pond has been wonderful to watch…the fish have been quite playful…it is like the enjoy dancing on the water…I have been loathe to put the pool up as I am still playing in it…every time I think to take it down we get another heatwave…it has been a great place to play since last spring

I was happy to hear baby Zach was finally released from the hospital…thank you for all of the good energy sent to help his little body heal…It seems in the Circle many find comfort and healing…I am so happy that it is working so well

Need something for a cold?

Try equal parts Elder Flower, Yarrow and Mint steeped in 1C boiling water for 10 minutes

Strain, add 2T of local honey and drink ;)

May you all be blessed,


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweeping the Task List Clear for Fall

I am glad yo came for dinner…it has been a long week…here have a plate, the pot roast was just cut…have some potatoes and carrots…I buttered some garlic bread for you

Massage was slow this week…I enjoyed the few clients that came in…with the rest of the week packed, I was thankful for the break…I am now refreshed and ready for the new week

This week in school was difficult…in American Lit. the reading delt with tough social issues…a paper turned in and final taken…My next class is ‘Relaxation Techniques’…I am so ready to be back in the healthcare area of the school…the class sounds really cool and it is with an instructor that I have not had yet…I am so looking forward to it

On the publishing front…get ready…here it comes…The second book is in print…I have been watching Amazon everyday…’The Chronicles of an American Boudica, Love is Like an Onion’ is now a part of the literary world…you can go to your local Barnes and Nobel or Borders and ask for ISBN# 978-1-60743-951-6…it will release in Europe and the UK next week…Asia and South America the end of next week…this is so cool…Chris and I have worked so hard…the herbal remedy power point was great and I have gotten such great response…with the herb ppt and the remedy ppt, Chris’s talent and his wife’s garden for inspiration I thought they were amazing…now that the publishing is done, I am feeling the urge to write again…many children are in my life again…maybe we should try a children’s book…Another herbal remedy ppt will be out in about 2 weeks…if you want any ppt, please message Chris or myself and we will get you one as soon as possible…feel free to share them or print them out

During the heavy heat, I do not weed or fertilize the garden…Robin and I cleaned them out last week and fed them…I am getting ready to take clones…I have a beautiful ‘Knock Out’ rose, true red and fairy pink rose…I also have pink, lavender, red and white crape myrtle…I have a beautiful bleeding heart vine…I will be doing some jasmine and honeysuckle…give me a call if you want some (813)907-6279…

The fish have made more babies…the dogs have been running crazy all over the yard…I think Shinara is missing Coop…she keeps running to his car and on the porch looking for him…it is sweet…the gliders have been so rambunctious they broke their wheel…87f during the day and 65f at night have them feeling their oats

Walter has been gathering supplies…he is going to apply a membrane to the roof and paint the house while I am in North Carolina…Dale, Alex, Jazen and Don have Volunteered to help…fingers crossed that the house will still be standing upon my return…

I am very happy…a friend bought me 2 new games for the Wii…the Wii has been one of the best things I have ever bought…all of us love to play…I pulled a muscle in my arm and have not been able to play darts for a few weeks…hydrotherapy in the pool has helped with this…went to Target and got a new deck of Phase 10 cards as the old cards got too warped to use anymore…another really good investment in family fun…I need to replace my Yahtzee game too as the finish on the dice are wearing off

In the Circle of Boudica it has been ever so busy…I will ask you to keep baby Zack and his parents in your heart…a young man in NC has gone for an interview, his family needs him to get this job…please say a silent prayer for him…A young woman in England has found out she is with child…focus good energy for a healthy pregnancy…Samhain is drawing near…what are your plans...I have been clearing off my task list and done all my deep fall cleaning...getting the slate swept clear before the onset of winter…have you taken time to think of someone who has passed and the influence they made in your life…Chris has taken over the news letter…please e-mail him for the link...

For New Moms-

The herbs in Healing Sitz Bath recipe mix are:

• 2 oz. of rosemary and Aloe,

• 1 oz. each of Chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, land calendula, golden seal

• 2 oz. of sea salt

As I look at this list of herbs I see some that feel a bit astringent and powerful in their healing ability. These are herbs like yarrow, rosemary, and golden seal, and then there are the soothing, cooling herbs like chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, and calendula.

The soothing quality of the sitz bath is what I think of most – the relief and feeling of gentle herbal healing.

Prepare your sitz bath

To prepare your sitz bath...

• Pour boiling water over four ounces of your herbal sitz bath blend.

• Let it sit and steep for at least four hours.

• Strain it into a bowl and then sit with your vaginal area in the tea for about 15 minutes.

Not only are the herbs healing, but this little bit of time for you can be cherished as well.

So as you can see…it has been non stop…I am exhausted…it is a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of real pride…I gave my staff off till Monday…we have all been working quite hard and deserved it…I will be landing in Durham, NC on the 5th of November…call or e-mail me if you want to catch up while I am there or on my way back down to Florida…Life is good

May you all be blessed,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Week

I am glad you are here…as you can tell it has been one of those weeks…

Election time is here again…here in Florida it is frightening…Rick Scott…this man pulled off the largest case of Medicare fraud in the nations history is running for governor…he should be in Jail, but as with every other problem this country is facing our, president does nothing…I mailed in my ballot, so I have already voted…I voted for Alex Sink…even if all the nasty stuff they say about her is true…she is not the reason our seniors are going without needed medication and medical treatment…she isn’t fixing social security by killing off the old…by the way, I am independent and belong to NO political party...I only know 4 politicians I would allow in my home (Jeb Bush, Barney Frank, Ginny Brown-Waite and John Mc Cain) or near my family…it is because these people have shown to me (personally) that they took their reasonability seriously…I also feel if you do not vote you have no right to complain…I vote for the person I feel will do the best job…at times it has been the lesser of 2 evils…

Massage has been busy…busy…did I say busy???

I am getting ready to come out with a power point on herbal remedies…if you would like a copy e-mail Chris…Tuesday I should be able to give you a date on the launch of book 2…it is so exciting…Chris has been cranking out the artwork for the power points…I have been loving it…the art is beautiful…I will be working on the website next week and hope to launch it late next week…life is awesome

School is going well…American Literature is a lot of work…well worth it…I am learning a lot…did you know there are many books or parts of books are read on Youtube…after I have done all the reading, I found them…timing is a bitch sometimes

I have spent time this week cleaning out the summer yuk from the plants…they have received their fall fertilizer (compost tea)…all the garden beds look so happy…the fish got new water and the pond area cleaned up…I gave all the plants a deep water (this is when you water each for 10 seconds, let the water soak in and repeat 3x)…I will do this once a week until spring…this will keep the roots deep so they do not freeze…I will not water for one week after a ground freeze…I do not remember the exact reason for this…I just remember it being one of grandma’s rules and know to follow it

Is anyone besides me sick of all this 2012 crap? If I hear one more thing I think I will puke…the world is not going to end…get over it…we are not at the end of days…get a grip…this is like the 4th or 5th time in my life they have predicted disaster…does anyone remember Y2K??? They have been predicting the end of time since the days of Jesus…we are still here…how about looking around and enjoying what is here…the world in front of us is not great…stand up and make it better…hiding in depression over such silly things isn’t helping anyone…on that night I will be looking at the stars…the only thing that has been called for by the Aztecs was for a cosmic event…not the end of the world…sadly, our media has twisted the words of the ancients to make them the most money

Sorry for being so tightly wound…I work, study and care for my home with a great deal of solitude…when I turn on the TV, I get assaulted with political commercials…I have had 3 people go off the wall about 2012…with so much solitude, you get to thinking…in my case it can be a dangerous thing…

I bought my ticket for North Carolina to go see Erin and Tristan in Nov…it will be nice to see them both…I have not seen North Carolina in 10 years…I will take the camera

Well the phone is ringing and the sugar gliders are calling for food…I am glad you stopped by

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The room stands quiet and calm

A body lay motionless

Air heavy with perfume of flowers

Muscles flow under the warm hands

Skin weathered and heavy with ache

Warm breath escapes across the back

Candle light flickers and dances around the room

Light touch inspires the body to motion

An act of caring and compliance

Fingers slowly move fibers asunder

The heart of benevolence beats with strength

Bankrupt of energy the muscle gives way

Restocked the soul regains health

The spirit soars beyond the clouds

Dorraine M Cooper- Rooney, LMT

Copywrite 10/10 American Boudica

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boom Boom Room

I need to vent…yes, me…I do get out of whack and my mind wanders to that little planet…at the moment we are purple, but the surface can turn red in a heartbeat

First, I am sick of politics…finger pointing whinebags…I say we make it a federal law that you have 90 days to make some improvement or we get to fire you…if you are fired you get no benefits AT ALL…this goes from the president down to the local police chief…this is what is expected from anyone in the private sector…any debate should include ALL candidates…not just those that the media wants to show us…the healthcare bill needs to be repealed…we need to respect our seniors, not kill them off…I can’t wait for the current regime to be gone and maybe we can get a real President….fingers are crossed

I love ‘Deadliest Catch’…I am upset with what is going on…The Hillstrands’ signed a contract with Discovery Channel…the brothers’ Hillstrand did not live up to the contract…Jonathan tried using Phil as an excuse, but anyone could see he was having problems before Phil died…this is why he was not on the boat when Phil stroked out…so to use Phil in such a way was lame and sad…when Discovery tried to give them another chance, the Hillstrands hired lawyers instead of manning up and getting the job done…real wankers…I do not blame Discovery for suing them…sadly it seems the Hillstrands have drug Captain Sig into it…It has now been announced that the Northwestern will not be back…I will miss Edgar, Sig and the boys…I will still watch the show though…I stand behind the Discovery Channel…

I had to read Emily Dickinson…I do not see what the fanfare where this woman is concerned is…I have found her writing quite immature and underdeveloped…this has caused a week long debate between the professor (who thinks she is great) and myself…I have cranked out many papers over the last few days and still have a 500 word count paper to go…I am trying to get all my work done so I have time to study for the final…my vocab is expanding, always a good thing…just wish I could better understanding what this professor wants

Just saying…

The pool water has been bloody cold…I went to clean the filter and the hose burst at a weak spot all over me…It would have made a good beer advert…then I got into the icy waters of my pool…I was so cold I think I saw the Lady of the Lake

Fall is not only when dogs shed…they molt too…Love is cleaning all the dead skin off your dogs ass…Love is cutting back on the cats food even when he shreds the souls of your shoes…Love is cutting food to keep the glider family quiet so I can type my blog

I have gotten to the point where I do not answer phone numbers (Unknown, 800, 888, 900, 000) that are nothing but trouble…I send them to voicemail or hang up on it…if you want to sell me something do not have a machine call my house…I can not afford to make donations…thank you for understanding

All my friends are headed to a party in Massachusetts and I am here working and doing a paper this weekend…bummer

The day has not been bad…just a little stressed…so here I sit on the outer limits of Krylon

I have done my research and will start my paper tomorrow…clients will help the day go by too…I am going to sit under the new moon release and recharge.

Earth to planet Krylon, come in Krylon…everyone has one of those days…reflection and perspective help…positive is always best…tomorrow will be a better day