Monday, November 1, 2010

"Carolina in My Mind "

Merry Meet,
I am glad you came by…come in, sit down, relax…I wanted to see you before my trip…I will not have time to chat until my return…have some salt water taffy...Lissie brought it to me from her trip to Atlantic City, is tasty
In massage I will be taking clients until the 4th at 3pm…so if you do not have an appointment yet please book by tomorrow to be sure you can get in…I have such positive Chi rolling, I bet I leave every client energized…I am wanting to burn a new music CD for the room...I have a new song that I am in love with called Kandi by One Eskimo

In school this week I will be taking my midterm in ‘Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques’…I am enjoying this class…some of the techniques I was already aware of and I have gotten to delve deeper…some are new and it has been fun to put them into practice on myself and the clients…

Though Chris and I are working diligently at fixing the issues on book 2 cover…not much will be published this week…we are excited about the release of the next herbal remedy power point…we will also be offering a ‘Stress Reduction’ CD…alas, nothing will be released until next week….I will keep you posted

I got the house clean…the yard and animals are getting ready for my departure…I will be gone for about 3 days…the way they are acting you would think it was a year…chewy will be here without me…poor thing loses his mind if I am gone for an hour…he will have Walter and Dale, but they are not me…

I know it is rare that I ever leave Florida after the month of September…It has been ages since I have been in North Carolina…I have always thought it the land of the Fairies…in my mind, I go to the Carolina seashore whenever I get stressed…I have not seen Erin in 20 years…I will not get to see my grandchild this trip, but I have goodies that her mother will bring her…Tris has made plans for me…her new car is pretty radical…she is giving me her old one…too cool…she is pimpin out her mom in a Maxima…I will not get near a computer from Friday the 5th until Monday the 8th (no e-mail, facebook, MySpace or cell phone)…on the ride back, I will be stopping to see friends…if you want to see me, want me to sign a book or want me to speak on healthcare please call and I will see if I can fit you in…I have fresh batteries for both cameras…I love a road trip
Samhain was beautiful…Thanks to those who shared so many memories with me…the fire was strong and healthy…the deep orange is a sign of abundance…the dark yellow is a sign of health…good things for the incoming new year…it was good to see so many stop by for the holiday…Lissie and Jazen made my day…while I am gone if any of the Members of The Circle need assistance please contact Chris…he is wise and represents me when I am not present

May you all enjoy a week of hard work and good friends…send good energy my way for a fast and safe trip…

Blessed Be,
Dorraine Cooper-Rooney


  1. Take care on the road D. I’m sure you will, it’s the other bozos you have to look out for. Can’t wait to see the photos, sound like a trippy trip.
    May the bugs of indecision splatter on your windshield of rapture.

  2. Yes, please feel free to contact me. I will endeavour to help wherever I can. If I am wise it is only through learning from the mistakes I have made – many and varied - and the wise council I have received from those who knew better.

  3. Have a wonderful trip Diane. So nice to be able to get disconnected from the internet!