Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wiped Out

Merry Meet,

I am glad we had time to get together…I have been on a dead run and could really use the time to unwind…thanx for the jasmine tea

On Wednesday…I finished all my class work, took my final and post test…I got an A…I also had 3 clients…Shinara started into the part of heat that drives all the male dogs crazy (poor thing)…with that and the new pup…I do not think my mom dried out…Tristan called and wanted me to buy a 20lb turkey for Thanksgiving

Thursday…I had 2 interviews…though the jobs were local, the interviews were in Plant City and Winter Haven…the first place had one job open and had called 50 people for interviews…boy, don’t that make you just feel special…at least I got an interview…many did not get that…the second interview had 2 jobs and only 45 people to interview…I play the lotto…I am feeling lucky…who knows…I am looking for part time in hopes of keeping my own business up and running at the same time…on my way back, the plastic/vinyl piece in the wheel well cut loose and felt like I blew a tire…I keep a pair of kids cutters (cut the paper not your hand) in my purse…I sliced it off and got back on the road…I was glad to get home that night

Friday was another busy day…bills to be paid and shopping to be done…I went through all the birds that Publix had…the biggest one was 18 1/2lb…I got it and smiled thinking how happy Tris would be dad hijacked the 2 new Roses and planted them… I find out my next class is an English comp class…I see loads of work in my future…came back and had 2 clients…full moon and high tide…dammit, I joined Shinara…I stayed up most of the night with cramps…I need to be thankful at my age that all my parts still work, but it still really sux…

This morning I fed the puppy and went to take him out…he is good about going outside…I brought him back in and went the bathroom myself…while I was busy Walter gave the pup some milk…when I got back I went to pick Quintus up and he lifted his little feet…OMG…there was shit everywhere…I was covered, he was covered, the walls, the floor….I love my husband…I have explained that the puppy is too old for the milk and it gives the puppy the runs 3 times…we will just say he is FULLY aware at this moment why he will no longer be giving the puppy milk…I called Tris excited about the bird…she proceeded to tear me a new ass for not getting a big enough bird…

At this point I am ready for a game of quarters…only instead of beer can we just do shots…I have been to the outer limits of Krylon too many times over the last few days…it is becoming my mini-vacation home…

I have found it is best to laugh about as much as possible….being covered in shit and being able to laugh about it…I have no idea what look crossed my face, but my husband turned sheet white and suddenly had to go help my was too funny

I have been handed a few slightly sick jokes…passing them to others with the same deranged mind is always good for a smile

I am getting ready my cooking music…I am thinking of making mint julep for those who are cooking…time to get festive…I was thinking of making a roasted acorn squash….mom has an idea with them though

I am hoping to get with Chris tomorrow and get the book cover complete…we are both so busy during the holidays… his daughter just announced that we will soon have another Boudica fan to add to our posse…she posted the ultrasound pic today…we are too happy about this

So…with the bad came the good….I love my husband…I love my daughter…I love the animals…we hope I find part time work…I am smart enough to fix my car when it breaks down…I am looking forward to Chris’s new grandchild…I have found other minds as sick as my own…I am looking forward to the holiday…if I keep repeating this do you think it will sink in????

For those with diabetes

Talk to your doctor about an 8 oz glass of bitter melon (freshly juiced)…you drink it once a week to help level out blood sugar issues…many find this really helpful on a lot of levels…kind of looks like a cucumber crossed with a zucchini

May you all find something worth laughing at (even of its yourself)…may you be so blessed to share that gift with a family member, friend and a stranger…a smile doesn’t cost anything…kindness is never wasted

Blessed Be,


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