Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons for Brittany

My young girl,

You have asked many questions of your auntie…I hope this helps…I love you

Never Give Away Your Family- any person who asks you to choose between them and your family are scum…even if your family was the worst, if a person really loves and respects you they will never ask this or expect this of you….when you are angry with your family hang up/walk away- never say I hate you or threaten the parents (some words can never be taken back and even when forgiven are not forgotten)…my parents and I started doing battle when I was young, I ran away at 13…through the years, it was a point I made (even then) to call once a week- let them know I was alive and safe…at least once every 3 months I would bring my sorry ass to one of them- for them to hug or yell at and for them to see me…these are my responsibility…you see when I die, I do not answer for anyone but me…if they, you or anyone else does not hold up their end, it is they who will have to answer for it…from what I have read in every religion, it is the same…responsibility is a big heavy word and action…it also has much meaning…I have rules for my kids…some strict- do your homework and chores, be polite, use manners- even when others did not…some funky- if you put a cup down at any party get a fresh drink poured in front of you or better yet drink water from a bottle you brought (help prevent people from dropping stuff in to the cup)- do not bring home an animal or a child unless you are ready to help with the responsibility of it…

Yes, after raising 38 children, I do in fact know most of this by heart…usually followed by the remark- “You think you know everything”…I do not know everything but, after 38 children…I have done so many things so incorrectly, that people took time to break it down so often, I now have it memorized;)

Next up bills…get one of those generic desktop calendars…write down when every bill is due…if it atomically comes out of your account highlight it in yellow and mark which account it is coming from…any incoming money should be highlighted in green and contain the amount and where it came from…all paid items should be highlighted in pink…a file should be kept for each month- receipts, notes, important information- at the end of each month, rip off that month from the calendar, put it in the file and close the file until tax time…if you pay at least $5 a month most will understand, some will be nasty (ignore them as negative energy brings negative happenings)…if you owe someone…do not hide, be honest and do your best…this does not always work in your favor, pull up the big panties and adult up…not easy, can be embarrassing, earns respect

No your right, I am not here to blow sunshine…I am here because these lessons will save you time, heart ache, money and energy…the lessons I wish someone had told me

Sex is a big responsibility too…nothing is 100% that you will not get pregnant…we did not have as much birth control, but we also did not have so many autistic children…just saying…everything you put into your body effects your child even if it is not in utero yet…I tell all girls get a profession before you think on having a child…this way if the guy walks out, you are not condemning yourself and child to a hard life of poverty or to be a burden to your family or his…this does not even discuss STDs…some do not kill…they stay with you for life….Other than a doctor’s note…I would have to inspect any private parts headed my way…a short time of happiness for a life of woe…hmmm

Are you still happy you asked me not to sugarcoat the facts…

Follow your dreams and explore your hobbies as long as it does not affect your life…I once knew a woman who loved to golf so much, she started to ignore her real life- husband, kids, job, bills…she thought she was going to be on the PGA thing and thought she was so good because people blew smoke up her skirt (this way they could sell her lessons and gear)…several of her friends tried to tell her, but she would not listen…now she has nothing- family, kids, job and most of her real and all of her fake friends are gone…if you ever have a question about something like this- Ask your mother/father/best friend…if you are really good, she/he will tell you and if you are not she/he will say that too…you may not like hearing it, but then you can enjoy it as a hobby instead of the next profession

Alright one last point of interest and I will ring the school bell…lol

Kids…not one of mine was planned…and most that I have ever known were not…in 46 years I have only known 3 to be planned…when a child comes, your life stops for 18 years…all time, money and effort go into this child…as a parent this is your responsibility… you will go without food, sleep, clothes and wear the latest sneakers from the clearance bin… at times, the other parent will walk out and enjoy life while you work 2-3 jobs…this goes back to the start of this conservation…there is NO absolution for those who harm/neglect children and or their responsibility to that child (child support/visitation)…just as there is NO absolution for children who do harm to or neglect their parents…you answer for what you do…

Welcome to being an adult my child…I am here anytime you need me…you see it is my responsibility as your aunt to try to help when I can…I love you

Blessed Be,

Auntie D  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Girly Pirate in the House- Yule Tide Rollin

Merry Meet,

Here are your presents…it is just a few things I thought you would like…I know I have not decorated this Christmas- I am not Christian, nor was Jesus born in December but this holiday season has been called Christmas and should be left alone….politically correct is for stupid people who do not believe in tradition...

I thank you for asking about massage…the line of the body has me entranced and finding the plane of the muscle works the mind with the body…there has been so much chatter lately, that music has hardly been played…my clients have been doing well and it is great to see them enjoying so much motion...great energy

School has been hard work, but what a great class…Naturopathy is natural medicine…I want to be an ND…this is why I study so many hours…my grades have to be the best to get funding…I finished the class this week with an A…my next class starts Jan. 2

American Boudica has been quiet…the crone computer is at the doctor…I hope to see her at the start of February…Doctor Dave takes good care of her…Chris has been working with many different mediums- paint, digital, photo…really interesting things come from his mind…

The Circle has been a place of reflection and prayer this week…I wanted a quiet holiday so, I made sure all was wrapped up last week…I made sure in the Circle, parents have gifts to put under trees and food for the table…thank you for the donations…I will be having the holiday meal here…please call to let me know if you will attend (813)907-6279…I would love to hear your voice:)

The SunshinePaddle has been working me quite hard both mentally and physically…I went to Sarasota to pick up the Blue Horizon…strange how much I missed her…maybe like so many seamen before me, my boat has become a part of me… George at EconomyTackle is awesome…had her waiting at the beach for me…Lee and I rushed through the paperwork and he sent me to George at the beach…the Girly Pirate jumped in the Blue Horizon and off they went in the Gulf of Mexico…way too cool…just a happy Pirate…I must have been on Santa’s good list…I am excited to have so many people pitching in to help, it is a really positive charge…if you have equipment please call  (813)907-6279 or you can make a donation thru paypal

It has been unseasonably warm   this year…many blooms are still in production here…looking around there are bursts of color everywhere…I should be in pants by now, but I am still in shorts…hmmm…

I have something to work the mind- Who would you invite to dinner? Pick 3 people…alive or dead…if dinner was served and all you had to do is eat and converse, how would that conversation start?

Please make time to make at least 1 person smile- it would be better if you could make them laugh…just sayin…this will release hormones to help the body keep itself healthy…both theirs and yours…May your holiday be special

Blessed Be,

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yule Tide Rolling

Hello my friend,

            Muddville has been a happening place this week…I am glad you made time to help me wrap these presents…thank you so much…here is a roll of paper, tape and I have a cutter gadget for you…life waters’ are in the fridge if you want one…it has been a busy week- positive, but difficult…let me fill you in

            Massage has been picking up…my snowbirds are flying in- this has been great because when they left I was fat and smoked, I love the looks I am getting:)…the bodywork has been flowing and so has conservation…my local patients are keeping scrapbooks of how things are going…we are all working toward better health…can any therapist ask for more?

            In school, Naturopathy is a very interesting subject…last week was my midterm and a paper…this is not a great deal of work, but on a packed week it seemed huge…lol…thankfully it is a subject I have passion for and that makes it much easier

            American Boudica is focused on The Sunshine Paddle at the moment…Chris has been working with his daughter in Painting…her name is Kay Bilton…keep an eye out, her work is fab and I am sure if she sticks with it she will be quite successful…she has an acute eye for movement and motion…I am also praying for a Yule miracle for the old computer, that we can at least salvage the information from her Motherboard

            The Circle has been a giving place this holiday…15 children of 4 different religions in 5 countries will have a holiday this year…I have a wonderful congregation and I am thankful for each member…it is a true feeling of being blessed to be a part of it…the best present I could get is to be surrounded by such wonderful people…

            The Sunshine Paddle has been a blessing this week…The 8th Annual Peace Breakfast for The Sunrise Shelter at the Tampabay Golf and Country Club was very moving…I had to go to Sarasota to check on my boat…it was Walter and my 13th Anniversary…I called Siesta Bike and Kayak Rental and Scotty had me call Siesta Key Bungalow…I explained to Gayle the pinch I was in and she offered to help me out…OMG…what a beautiful blessing…we got to paddle through the Neville Reserve at sunset…Walter is gaining confidence…we got back to see the last of the sunset in the Gulf of Mexico…Lance had recommended Captain Curt’s Crab  Bar…it was clean and had good food…the bungalowwas fit for a princess on a beach holiday…Gayle brought out the girlie pirate in me…lol…the next morning we caught sunrise at the public beach…I understand why it is voted the #1 beach…VERY Romantic…Walter gave me a paddle with blades that match the Blue Horizon and I got him a metal detector for when he has to wait on shore for me…the perfect practice/ anniversary weekend cap off was at the Orange Octopus…YUM

            I saw an article this week about how Florida was the most depressed state in the country…I do not agree with that statement…since the economy went belly up here first and unemployment is high…people are worn out, but are still quick with a joke and boisterous with laughter…we have a lot of fun and understand how to hunker down…our state has its very own Peyton Place- past and present, beautiful beaches that you do not have to be beautiful to walk and great food served by cooks before they become famous…I have been up and down the west coast and middle of the state for practice and found this to be true all over the state…I chose Florida many years ago…it is my home and I love it here…I guess they wrote the article with some facts they looked up and did not understand this state or her people

            We have color popping up all over the yard…while in Siesta Key, we saw a lot of color…I love the Palm Trees all decorated in holiday lights…I thought about getting some solar holiday lights for my cactus…maybe next year…we are trying to cut the electric bill to help save for the trip as donations have been slow;/

            A question was posed to me about the smell or lack thereof in my house since I have 4 dogs and a cat…I sweep 3-4 times a day…I mop once or twice a day…animals get bathed once a week…I have removed all carpet…they also get walked and brushed several times a day…it’s a lot of work…I would not trade them for the world;)

Herbal Healing Salve

1 cup herb infused oil (in this case lemon mint)

1 - 2 oz. Beeswax

2 Tablespoons Honey

10 capsules Vitamin E Oil

½ tsp. each tea tree and lavender essential oils

In a small pan, gently heat the herb infused oil, honey and beeswax until barely melted. Cut or poke the vitamin E capsules open, and squeeze the vitamin E oil into the beeswax/oil mixture. Remove from heat, and add the essential oils. Pour a tiny amount of the salve mixture onto waxed paper or into a container to cool. Test it for thickness - if you'd like it to be harder, add more beeswax. If you'd like it to have a thinner balm, add more oils.

When you're satisfied with the consistency, pour the balm into clean, sanitized jars and let cool. This all-purpose salve can be used for cuts, scrapes, splinters, diaper rash, burns, rashes, or for dry skin.

Well honey, I am tired and we have everything ready except for the few that have yet to be delivered….again…many thanks for pitching in…may you make time to help those who help others this season…give someone the gift of laughter…its free and is usually returned right away- in a good way…lol…Merry Yule

Blessed Be,