Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Flies When You Are Having Fun

Merry Meet,

How are you…it has been a while since we have had a chance to chat…I have finally been released by all doctors back to the water…we are not sure that all is healed, but the episodes have decreased…also my blood hears the siren’s song the salt from the water sings…I wish you would come with me…

I passed my “New Venture Creation” Class with an A…this was an interesting class with a very knowledged professor…really glad I took it…I also got an A in my “Leadership Skills” Class…this teacher was an ASS…here I learned how to conduct myself properly under bad circumstances and how not to treat people…we can learn lessons from every teacher- even those who SUCK

American Boudica is such a wonderful place to work…Chris and I are back to weekly Skype sessions and though Book 3 is not out yet- it will not be long and I am very proud of it…Keith and Chris have been prepping the Delmar Chronicles for release…Keith and I have also been weekly on Skype developing a new word game…the old fashioned kind that brings the family to the table…we hope to have all 3 out by the start of Dec…

Nature’sPower and Energy has me doing the happy dance…we have been working so hard…our website is up and running…most of the parts for the HydroQueen are now in…it was hell finding someone to build the paddles…thankfully ‘Global Foam’ from Dayton, Ohio took up the challenge…it was Missouri Wind and Solar who stepped up to the pump to make special PMA units for this application…we were able to find and source all goods for the build as follows: 75% in Florida, 100% in USA…the build has begun…there is so much to do…since we have all the parts there it is just a matter of putting it all together- sounds far easier than it is…really is quite amazing to be part of something so cool…the HydroQueen will dance on water and create electricity…a friend called and has found an industrial use for her too as a way to reduce fluid preservatives in large fluid situations (i.e. water tanks, vats, etc) all while making electricity…

In April of 2014, I will paddle the coast of Pasco- The Sun Ray Paddle…it is a 15 Mile Paddle and I will be taking pledges per mile…1/2 the proceeds will go to Sunrise of Pasco battered shelter and the other half will go to Helping Hands Food Pantry…The next Sunshine Paddle will happen April of 2015…the plans have started and we are very excited…a big thank you to all of my sponsors for staying with me- I am blessed:)

Samhain is so close…in the Circle of Boudica we pause to reflect on our time with our elders and how thankful we are to those who left wisdom behind before they passed…the colors are a light blue and warm pink…I hope to have a fire this year as I have much to be thankful for…I hope to see you there

The animals are well…I was joking one day and called Draco ‘Mr. Trump’ because he has lost so much hair (mostly from his butt) as he is 13 (91 dog years)…now it is all he will answer to…Ramses is now on a diet…Chole was happy Dad got back from MA…it is too funny to watch him try to get dad’s attention

My wedding anniversary will be on Thanksgiving this year…can you believe it will be 15 years...he is a good man and I a very lucky woman…it seemed to go by so quick…Well my dear…it is again time for me to be off…I will see you soon

Blessed Be,