Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pole Dancing at 4 a.m.

Thank you for coming by to work out with me…with trying to build endurance, it has been important to work out at least 2 hours a day...thank Goddess for a good youtube playlist…an hour in the morning to get me going and an hour at night before bed…here try some fresh juice…it is apple, carrot and celery…it is a great way to cool down...I keep on working the menu

Massage this week has been a great help…to focus on hands and muscle make the rest of the world spin away…finding the zone of the body proper…the patient feels amazing and you have gone to a place on a few can go and come back with a view of the body on a cellular level…I love my job

I have passed Intro to Chiropractic with a B…I am okay with that…Tomorrow starts my next class…Fundamental Principals of Ayurveda…I am very excited…The text is cool and I have heard great things about the teacher

The UK connection has been better this week…I always do better when I can hear them…Rose as always come to the table with good ideas and advice….while Chris’s mind is just a fun place to play…lol…Chris is producing a few paintings at the moment and enjoying the last bits of good weather before winter sets in…Boudica is on the move…film at 11

The Sunshine Paddle has been a beautiful thing…I am so blessed to be chosen for this journey…my husband and children have been very supportive…even if my friends think I am crazy, they are doing all they can to help…yesterday, I shipped the basket I won at the Longaberger Fall Tour- it is a 1 of 5 Basket - Tampa Edition…I requested it be given as an award to a person who helps the shelter…Longaberger is such a special product, it made me feel special to pass it along…blessings have been coming from unexpected places…we have had a 14 foot sit in Yak donated from MA…the shipper (Land/Air Express- MA) has donated part of the cost of shipping and a Father from Ohio is sending money to help with the rest of the shipping…I will be going to check out a racing Yak (19 foot- sit on top) today…if it fits me, Janice of Always Better Care Lawn Mower Service here in Wesley Chapel will be donating it…my heart swells with all the love and community…that only leaves an RV type gadget and lap top for big ticket items…YEA…

In the Circle last night we had a small, strong, beautiful bon fire…the Mabon skies were almost magical…I so felt a part of something so much bigger than myself…it was all very spiritual…I am blessed

Monday is almost here…can you feel it…its my birthday…YEA…I will be 46 and still at the level of pretty fudging awesome…yes, I am happy about my age…do you know how hard I worked to get here or how many did not arrive with me…my peeps in MA will celebrate with me when I arrive on my journey…my Florida peeps have been celebrating with me for a week and I am sure it will continuing for another week or 2;)

Please keep in mind with small dogs and babies that their noses are much closer to the ground than ours are…what we clean our floors with can have a toxic effect on small animals and babies…also if you are on a medicated crème, think before you transfer your medicine to a small animal or child…what is medicine for you could be poison to them…another piece of info for the file cabinet in the back of your brain…

During fall, you may want to brush animals just outside the door before you let them in…not only to keep the house clean, but also to keep the pollen away from house plants…another tid bit for the cabinet

I will be catching waves on the Yak in the morning…May you all be blessed with a love for life

Blessed Be,


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Positive and Happy

Merry Meet,

I am glad to see you…how have you been…it is nice to put your feet up and unwind…I see you are getting ready for fall…thank you for picking up yellow and brown candles for me...

Massage is going well…the movement in my hands has seemed to politely request muscles to give up their tension and knots…my clients have been very supportive and are excited about the paddle

School…well this is the last week of ‘Introduction to Chiropractic’…I look forward to starting a new class on Sunday;)

American Boudica Publishing is still on hiatus…thankfully this hiatus is happening while England switches from analog to digital…this has made phone calls almost impossible…we are excited to be going back in the next few months…we will keep you posted

The paddle is going well…my shape has been changing and so have my muscles…much of the weight is gone…none of this is easy…I am neither stupid or naive…I can and will accomplish the 1350 mile trip at the pace I have set…I have seen the shark videos (and the dolphin rape ones too)…I have heard all the nay sayers (paddle forest paddle/ do you have life insurance/ your too old/etc)…now they can all hear me…either help me or get the fudge out of the way…if you really need to talk smack, do so behind my back…I no longer have time for negative bull crapp…the money I raise will go to something I believe in deeply…I am helping to educate thousands of children…I would rather take my chances doing something I believe in than sitting on the sidelines whining about the way things are…get it…was at the Dunedin causeway this morning…my first solo venture…was a lot of chop on the water…I got a real work out…I feel like I could break coconuts off my chest…lol…my camera went down, so I had to pick up a disposable…the manager of my local Walgreens gave me a break and I got a waterproof camera gadget for only $4- VERY COOL…I did not finish the roll yet…I am not sure how the pictures came out, since I took the pictures from the boat and the waves kept me bouncing…lol…Chris and I have been working on my Bio…

I met with Tami Longaberger earlier this week…what a lovely woman…I have high hopes she will help sponsor us…she also came up with the idea of a Kayak Basket with the Sunshine Paddle emblem burned into the lid with so much money from each basket sold going into a national fund for abuse victims…how VERY AWESOME is that…I have also been working on putting together North Carolina…with the hurricane some areas are still not up…as always looking for volunteers along the route…
call me (813)907-6279 or e-mail me…I do not do the text thing;)

Mabon falls on the 23rd this year…I found some cute candles from a few years ago…I will be making a full chicken dinner for feast that are more than welcome;)

On the 26th I will be turning 46…I am actually feeling very cool about this…I have walked through hell and I made it…life is good…I am feeling happy about where it is going…yes it is hard, but anything worth having is…

Relaxation Herb Tea

1/2 cup of fresh mint leaves (not the stems, they're bitter), rinsed, lightly packed (about 20 leaves)

1/2 cup of fresh lemon verbena leaves, rinsed, lightly packed (about 10-15 leaves)

4 Cups water

Juice of 1 lemon

Bring water to a boil, add leaves and juice…let stand 5-10 minutes…strain and enjoy (hot or over ice)

May you be blessed,


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

100 MPH with My Hair on Fire


I can handle ignorant people because they do not know better, but stupid people just burn my cookies;/…let me fill you in on my week so far…

In massage this week, the clients have been wonderful…I love my job and I am damb good at it…I wish we did not have a board of massage (they are worthless) and that we just reported straight to DOH…I actually got a call asking why so few people had renewed their licenses, did I have any ideas…it is simple, the cost is too high for the amount of money someone can make in this profession at the moment…I have an amazing massage and I charge $30 per hour because that is what the people in my area can afford…I work enough to help my husband, but no where near what I was making 4 years ago…if I did not have a mother and husband who believes is what I do, I too would have lost everything…

Yes, now we can talk about school…I got very upset this week as you know…a young woman who is a hyper-learner such as myself, got into a discussion with me about ‘can Chiropractor work on a bacterial infection’…the answer is NO and when I proved that to her she got upset…this is the second time/class this young woman has used me as her target…I did not say anything the first time, but this time I did…the school was quick to take action…I have to admit our school wants everyone to get the most from every class…in life (not just school), you will deal with people who are not nice…cope with them while you have to, be polite and or professional…then leave away from them as soon as possible…those are people who will never grow in mind or heart because they choose not to…

Chris, Rose and I have been playing the phone game as Mr. Branson can not seem to keep his service operable…I miss the cheerful British accents…Thankfully we are on hiatus or I would be ripping out my hair…lol…

This is why you have not found me…I jump into the Pimp Mobile with Yum Yum tied on Top and head for the beach…The Sunshine Paddle is going to be a tough trip on my body (don’t tell anyone, I am not 18 anymore…lol)…I had to be able to do 4 ½ MPH…sounds much easier than it is, thankfully I had idiots to upset me and made it work for me…yes, now even in choppy water 4 ½ MPH is no problem in Yum Yum (I can hardly wait until I have my sea yak)...I saw beautiful Ladyfish jumping from the water all week…I spent time with the girl scouts last week about a kayak day;) and will be spending time with Tami Longaberger of Longaberger Basket Company…I have written to her about sponsorship and hope to have a few minutes to chat with her tomorrow at the event she has invited me to…I have started working on logistics again…I have called my crew of snowbirds, athletic professionals, who will be helping me train and working on the body for me…they will take the 4 ½ MPH and make it last for 8 hours…endurance will be the next big hurdle

The Truth about Figs

One of the best things about figs is that they are delicious and so good for you! They are a wonderful food with natural healing properties. Figs are very high in fiber and various nutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein).

Polyphenols are natural chemicals that you find in plants. They help to reduce your risk of cancer. Fortunately, figs happen to be very high in polyphenols. You'll also find a cancer fighting compound called benzaldehyde in figs. According to the research, benzaldehyde has the ability to shrink abnormal growths.

Figs make a great natural remedy because they have anti-parasitic, anti-ulcer, antibacterial, laxative, and emollient properties.

Fig syrup is another excellent fig remedy. It is a great tasting way to enjoy the benefits of these wonderful fruits. Fig syrup is great for coughs, sore throats, asthma, anemia, catarrh, colitis, gout, and digestive ulcers. You can easily make your own fig syrup at home.

1 pound of figs, 1 quart of water, ¼ cup sugar, Juice from 1 tangerine/orange

Cut up and clean figs, place into sauce pan with water, sugar and juice (I also add the squeezed fruit)…bring to a low boil for about 10 minutes…cool and refrigerate or freeze…can use over pancakes or French toast or it can be added to juice

If you call and I do not answer, I am either with a client or out Yakin on Yum Yum…Mabon is the 23rd…let me know if you will be by for dinner and the bon fire…I would love to see you there;)

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Press of the Flesh

Merry Meet,

I have been so busy…I am glad we have a minute to sit…would you like some pomegranate juice over ice?? Okay, I am ready, put your feet up and I will fill you in…

Massage has been awesome…clients have been helping me plot my trip and bringing in information…if you did not know I have the best clients in the whole world…the energy has been so great it over flows everywhere…my license renewal came in the mail…I feel bad that so very many could not afford to renew…I am thankful my parents believe in me that they would help me through this renewal process as the Dept of Health has made it so hard for Massage Therapists…did you know I have to take more continuing education than a nurse…kind of blows the mind when you think about it

School is going…I just keep reminding myself I will soon have a degree and I can get through this…it is not a hard subject, the teacher is…we will just say some teachers could teach you about dirt and have you excited to learn about it…while others make you want to smack someone with a wet noodle…anyone got a noodle?

American Boudica Publishing is still on hiatus at the moment…Chris has been MIA due to problems with his Virgin phone service…

In the Circle we had a waterside prayer session…it was beautiful and an attendance of 20 was the biggest we have seen in person…I feel a sense of community rather than government will get us back to work

The Sunshine Paddle has been a lot of work…my muscles are sore from working out…I have also been filling out a ton of sponsorship requests…I have also written letters to the Shark Lab, USF and the Audubon to see if they want any data collected while I am out there…I got to meet up with the Girl Scout Counsel of West Central Florida today at their is a neat building…I will meet with Tami Longaberger next week;)

When I was MUCH younger, I was a brownie and then a girl scout. When my daughters were younger, no troops were really available to them (they were USN Sea Cadets out of Tampa). After meeting with 2 young women today, I feel the program has gone through a revamping so to speak…I was so VERY IMPRESSED…I know many of you have not enrolled your girls, as at one point the program seemed to be all about cookie sales…one young lady sat and explained what was available now to the young ladies of the area (camping, swimming, kayaking, etc…), it warmed my heart to see what the program has become...Juliette Gordon Low would be proud…I had no idea how much it had changed or that so much was available again…if you have a daughter, check out your area and get her enrolled (it is not the same as 4H and does not give the same lessons- it would be great if they could do both)…if you do not have a daughter, buy a box of cookies and kill 2 birds with one stone…a young woman raised with a good sense of self and self esteem is FAR less likely to get beat…the very sweet women left me feeling better about the future…it sounds like they will try to pull a kayak day off;)

The animals get a little upset with me doing so much research…Chole shredded a book I had gotten for my daughter…when Quintus is ready for me, he throws himself across my feet with a loud sigh…with so much rain, they have not been allowed out much… it has been fun to watch Chole play in the puddles when they do go out

With so much rain the flowers are giving great fall color and each bloom looks more spectacular than the last…mowing is back to every 3 days…our fig has set fruit…I had never seen a natural long stemmed rose until this year…blooming happy this year

Do you have an mp3 player you like, that is easy 2 use, with lots of storage??? My friend Tim is helping me find one I can take with me on the kayak…I do not want apple as they can be a pain in the posterior…also looking for a dependable tablet…please message me your thoughts

Well my child, I need to study...I have to take my midterm tomorrow...I also need to work on more logistics for the trip my inner Capt. Phil...sleep is for the dead;)

Blessed Be,


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Menu/ The Rules- I am 45 and in training

The Morning (4 a.m. - 11 a.m.)

No store bought eggs…only organic- this is not for nutrient factor, this is because I do not need extra hormones/shots that regular eggs carry- NO EXCEPTIONS…if I do not know if the egg is organic, I do not eat it

Oatmeal is my friend…Oat bread is not

ONLY whole grain breads- if I have bread…I miss pastry, but when my trip is done I can have doughnuts again;)

Raisin Bran, Total, Rice Krispies…I like all 3 and they are doing great things to help me get to the size I want…onto this I add one of my morning fruits (Banana, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, sliced apple)

Every morning there needs to be 2 at least of fruit…to the above list, I also add water melon, oranges, grapefruit (ruby red), limes, Mott’s applesauce…I buy NO FRUIT OR VEGATABLE FROM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY (as over ½ the nutrient gets lost in irradiation)...

I do not allow myself to garbage down food…I also use a ½ size bowl…I think Longaberger calls them ice cream bowls, my mom could tell you…I also only use a salad plate as opposed to a dinner plate…my limit is 1 salad plate no more than 2 inches piled on top

Working with the body clock, this is also when I eat fish (fried/broiled/baked)…on these mornings I often eat spinach…Uncle Bens Whole Grain Brown Rice is quite good…an orange goes well with this…chop a lime, a lemon and an orange over some lovely haddock, bake at 350 and you will have a dish full of energy…

A shot of Pomegranate juice- this needs to be organic or as fresh as possible (i.e. Pomm or Boathouse)…this will round out the morning nutrient level

The Mid Day (11 a.m. - 3p.m.)

This is the time to eat any large meal…have fun with it…I have been making 98% of the food in the house…my husband ends up taking a lunch box instead of fast food, so as a side effect of this trip he is getting fed better;)…remember when things used to be from scratch, in my house they are again…full turkey dinner, meatballs and pasta, twice baked ziti, beef wellington, etc…if there is going to be any processing down around here, it will be by me…lol

I try for 2-3 fruits and veggies in this time slot too…for a snack, I have been known to make myself a bowl of carrots or spinach or summer squash/zucchini…do not be afraid, eating food can be fun…

For those who are at work during this time…PLAN AHEAD…make a lunch box…and stuff that is really good (or that is going to smell good when heated) bring extra…it is amazing how many new friends you will make and how much money you will save…for those with kids, they will start being the coolest kids at school;)

I am not big on the sweet potato and I am allergic to peppers and mushrooms so I happen to be picky…I only allow 2 helpings of potatoes a week on my plate (fried/ mashed/ baked)…this one is killing me…I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl…it is my personal opinion that French fries go with everything…this trip will soon be over and I will soon be able to have them again;)

NO CANDY- my nephew James will sneek some contraband past the guard…lol…Dale caught him and gave me the lecture about how far behind one candy bar could put me;/

I have a lot of love and support…there have also been a ton of people to give me crapp…If I could live through a beating then, I can handle this now…what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…

I use whole butter, milk, soda, etc…nothing diet…long story short, it is far better for and more acceptable to the body…just keep a close eye on the intake…spinach, kale, collards all have as much calcium as 1 glass of milk…

The Evening (4 p.m. - sleep)

This is more snack than meal…a bowl of fruit for in front of the TV…if I am having a sweet fit I might have a bowl of frosted flakes or a bowl of applesauce or VERY small dish of ice cream…

I do make my own ice cream and most of my own juices…if I process things myself I know what is in it and where it came from

Fruits and veggies…do they need to be organic??? Not always…as long as it was produced in this country, in an area NOT known for soil issues, it does not NEED to be organic in most cases…although better to buy from a stand or farmers market…best is when you can grow your own…if the fruit or veggie has a skin that can be washed and or peeled…the biggest part of the concern is over…if it has a fir or soft or edible outer skin, I would go with organic…your concern here is pesticides and your intake of them…it is my honest opinion that cancer rate is due more to this than cigarettes in this country

NO SOY OR SOY PRODUCTS (do my best, in too many foods to avoid completely)

Red meat is once or twice a week…the rest is chicken or fish…

½ cup nuts every third day…I crush them and use them in cooking…a good base set of nutrients…

Immune systems being what they are, I try to keep up at least 1 citrus fruit with each meal…Oranges are great, but do not forget there are limes, lemons, tangerines…again, have fun and try them all;)

Supplements, I take daily...1cc of sub-lingual B complex...1cc sub-lingual D complex...Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg...Acidophilus...COQ10, I do not take a multi-V...with so many fruits and veggies it is not needed...I take fish oil 3 days a week...Vit. E only 1 day a week (Never take on the same day as fish oil)...

Once an hour I dance randomly or give a deep belly laugh...this does bring about some strange looks, but you will feel positive efect after 2 weeks;)

I am doing my best to be ready for my journey and all of the physical demands it will make on my body…sit and speak with your doctor…food is medicine and can be used to help you obtain your life goals better than any medication;)

Blessed Be,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling the Burn

Hey Honey,

Grab you a soda and come join me…I am happy you made time to come and see me…I am sorry I have been so busy I have not had time to stop over…

Massage has been good…my clients so inspire me to be my best…I am thankful they are my blessing…I need to deep clean the massage room and ready it for the influx of positive energy at Mabon

In school I am in the chiropractic class…it is interesting;/

The Sunshine Paddle has had an interesting week…with Irene messing up the coast; I did only the office work that had to be done and headed for the beach…it went much better than I thought it would for time and distance…Yum Yum was like a wild horse…she did not want to track and I spent the first part of the trip getting use to it;)

Muscles burning, I felt as though I could conquer the world…until I saw my first shark fin come up out of the water…a little fright but, I pulled up my big girl panties and paddled on…I also saw some dolphins…the currents around the Smith Islands really worked my arms and shoulders…I have spotted 6 manatee so far…I try to keep markings in mind until I get a waterproof camera…

To answer a few questions…I have not seen any 3 headed anything yet…birds are beautiful and friendly…have not noted any slime on the water…I have been in the water from Crystal River down to Honeymoon Island...none of my pictures are doctored…I can not speak for the rest of the gulf, just the 50 mile stretch I use to train in…makes me proud to be Floridian;)

I am tired…I will be in this weekend doing paperwork…if you need me give me a call…I will post my menu as Promised this weekend...

Peace be with you,