Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling the Burn

Hey Honey,

Grab you a soda and come join me…I am happy you made time to come and see me…I am sorry I have been so busy I have not had time to stop over…

Massage has been good…my clients so inspire me to be my best…I am thankful they are my blessing…I need to deep clean the massage room and ready it for the influx of positive energy at Mabon

In school I am in the chiropractic class…it is interesting;/

The Sunshine Paddle has had an interesting week…with Irene messing up the coast; I did only the office work that had to be done and headed for the beach…it went much better than I thought it would for time and distance…Yum Yum was like a wild horse…she did not want to track and I spent the first part of the trip getting use to it;)

Muscles burning, I felt as though I could conquer the world…until I saw my first shark fin come up out of the water…a little fright but, I pulled up my big girl panties and paddled on…I also saw some dolphins…the currents around the Smith Islands really worked my arms and shoulders…I have spotted 6 manatee so far…I try to keep markings in mind until I get a waterproof camera…

To answer a few questions…I have not seen any 3 headed anything yet…birds are beautiful and friendly…have not noted any slime on the water…I have been in the water from Crystal River down to Honeymoon Island...none of my pictures are doctored…I can not speak for the rest of the gulf, just the 50 mile stretch I use to train in…makes me proud to be Floridian;)

I am tired…I will be in this weekend doing paperwork…if you need me give me a call…I will post my menu as Promised this weekend...

Peace be with you,


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