Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Merry Meet,

I am happy you made time to get by…it has been a long week…how did your turkey come out…I feel like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka…your looking a little plump too...

Massage was enjoyable this week…a lot of last minute clients and some just showed up to see if I could fit them in…you know me, the more the merrier...great to see my snowbirds flying back;)

At last…we have gone into print on book 2…as soon as I see it posted I will let you know…Chris and I took a slow week due to the hard week getting the cover done…he has started a new ‘Photo of the Day’ group in facebook…

School is going well…I am currently in an English Composition class…many papers and a lot of reading…though I find I am homing my skills…Chris and I are going to punch up book 3 before it goes to the printer

In The Circle of Boudica it has been a wonderful holiday…we were able to help 10 families have a good Thanksgiving….candles burned brightly…brown in thanks for all that I have…white in hope for the future…orange for abundance through the winter…a time to give up your pride and think of others

For Thanksgiving we went to the Golden Coral…OMG…did I eat….mom and dad seemed to enjoy themselves…Walter just kept the food on his plate piled…on Friday morning Tristan came home for a quick visit…Walter and mom spent all day cooking a huge turkey and all the should see the desert table…Dale came by to eat with us and took a plate home to his mom…Erin, Nathan, Nate, Debbie and many others called to wish us well for the holiday…Alex and his girlfriend stopped by to see Tris…she and I got to play on the Wii…she kicked my ass, but we had fun…she had to leave this morning…I always get sad when she goes…Dansir spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with her boyfriend’s parents…

Okay…I feel I have to say something…when money is so tight why are government officials using it like it grows on trees…Willie Nelson got busted for weed…DUH…Tommy Chong got busted for his picture being on a bong…DUH…How can ANY cop or government official be proud of that bust…do you know how much money was wasted on this, I could put kids through school on what was spent….do not waste my time or money on such bullshit…murderers are being let out of jail because we need to bust Snoop Dog with a joint…we do not have room in our jail for rapist or child molesters because average Joe got caught with a joint…am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture…if you question how stupid this is…look at Portugal and Amsterdam…since they have changed their laws, crime has DROPPED…I also urge you to watch a movie called ‘The Union’…it is available at Netflix and can be streamed

Quintus is growing everyday…he is still all teeth…since he is too small to jump yet, the rest of the animals find the nearest available perch when he enters the room...he loves dad…the gliders keep trying to take my hair when I stand near the cage to build their winter nest…the fish have been tranquil this week…I think they feel winter setting in

The garden is putting on its cold face…we have beautiful flowers blooming…I will be going out shortly to prune and put it to compost…the pool is closed…Walter is up on the roof getting ready to start the process of membraining the roof…Alex and Jazen are supposed to help him…I am so sure they will do a great job

Mint Tea

Boil 3 Cups of boiling water

Steep in 15-20 Leaves (15 fresh or 20 dried) for 10-15 minutes

Serve warm or over ice

This is great for digestive issues, sore throat and aids with skin issues too.

Well, its time to go play in the garden…I hope you have all had enough to eat this week and that you have had delightful conversations with friends and family…it is a time to share, be thankful and to show kindness…may you all find the wonder in every act of kindness

Blessed be,


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wiped Out

Merry Meet,

I am glad we had time to get together…I have been on a dead run and could really use the time to unwind…thanx for the jasmine tea

On Wednesday…I finished all my class work, took my final and post test…I got an A…I also had 3 clients…Shinara started into the part of heat that drives all the male dogs crazy (poor thing)…with that and the new pup…I do not think my mom dried out…Tristan called and wanted me to buy a 20lb turkey for Thanksgiving

Thursday…I had 2 interviews…though the jobs were local, the interviews were in Plant City and Winter Haven…the first place had one job open and had called 50 people for interviews…boy, don’t that make you just feel special…at least I got an interview…many did not get that…the second interview had 2 jobs and only 45 people to interview…I play the lotto…I am feeling lucky…who knows…I am looking for part time in hopes of keeping my own business up and running at the same time…on my way back, the plastic/vinyl piece in the wheel well cut loose and felt like I blew a tire…I keep a pair of kids cutters (cut the paper not your hand) in my purse…I sliced it off and got back on the road…I was glad to get home that night

Friday was another busy day…bills to be paid and shopping to be done…I went through all the birds that Publix had…the biggest one was 18 1/2lb…I got it and smiled thinking how happy Tris would be dad hijacked the 2 new Roses and planted them… I find out my next class is an English comp class…I see loads of work in my future…came back and had 2 clients…full moon and high tide…dammit, I joined Shinara…I stayed up most of the night with cramps…I need to be thankful at my age that all my parts still work, but it still really sux…

This morning I fed the puppy and went to take him out…he is good about going outside…I brought him back in and went the bathroom myself…while I was busy Walter gave the pup some milk…when I got back I went to pick Quintus up and he lifted his little feet…OMG…there was shit everywhere…I was covered, he was covered, the walls, the floor….I love my husband…I have explained that the puppy is too old for the milk and it gives the puppy the runs 3 times…we will just say he is FULLY aware at this moment why he will no longer be giving the puppy milk…I called Tris excited about the bird…she proceeded to tear me a new ass for not getting a big enough bird…

At this point I am ready for a game of quarters…only instead of beer can we just do shots…I have been to the outer limits of Krylon too many times over the last few days…it is becoming my mini-vacation home…

I have found it is best to laugh about as much as possible….being covered in shit and being able to laugh about it…I have no idea what look crossed my face, but my husband turned sheet white and suddenly had to go help my was too funny

I have been handed a few slightly sick jokes…passing them to others with the same deranged mind is always good for a smile

I am getting ready my cooking music…I am thinking of making mint julep for those who are cooking…time to get festive…I was thinking of making a roasted acorn squash….mom has an idea with them though

I am hoping to get with Chris tomorrow and get the book cover complete…we are both so busy during the holidays… his daughter just announced that we will soon have another Boudica fan to add to our posse…she posted the ultrasound pic today…we are too happy about this

So…with the bad came the good….I love my husband…I love my daughter…I love the animals…we hope I find part time work…I am smart enough to fix my car when it breaks down…I am looking forward to Chris’s new grandchild…I have found other minds as sick as my own…I am looking forward to the holiday…if I keep repeating this do you think it will sink in????

For those with diabetes

Talk to your doctor about an 8 oz glass of bitter melon (freshly juiced)…you drink it once a week to help level out blood sugar issues…many find this really helpful on a lot of levels…kind of looks like a cucumber crossed with a zucchini

May you all find something worth laughing at (even of its yourself)…may you be so blessed to share that gift with a family member, friend and a stranger…a smile doesn’t cost anything…kindness is never wasted

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stress Reduction Starts at Home

I am happy to have time to run by to see you…yes, the pimpmobile is shiny…I have been washing her…she is a lot of fun to drive…I just rolled up to the drive thru with Electric Avenue blasting…the girls at the window gave me a strange look and started bopping to the music…just too funny

Though massage has been slow, a lot of the clients have been calling…through the holiday season appointments are spotty…by this I means either I am swamped or dead…nothing in between and always so much fun…lol…the new cds have me flowing…I do so love Van Morrison in the massage room, his older work is the best…next would be Dean Martin… My winter hours for massage are 10 am- 5pm, by appointment only (813) 907-6279...

Chris and I have had our attention focused on our book cover…we have had a crash coarse in Adobe software…thankfully Chris has good temperament (kept me from picking up the computer and throwing it across the room)…we hope to be complete by the end of the week

I just completed my class in Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques…I do not have the final grade yet, but I believe it is an A…YEA…I am really glad I took it…I love Everglades Univ. and value the education I am getting…back when I went to Sanford Brown Institute, I had an instructor who had gone there…I really liked what he taught and the way he taught it…he inspired me…my mom taught me education is what you make of it…I want to give my clients the best medical care I can…I feel all of these classes are taking me to the next level…like climbing a mountain…I can’t wait to see the view at the next rest area

Dad is home and getting the yard ready for winter…Mom is getting ready to post Longaberger Baskets and products…she has a collection of 25 years…she wants to make room to make more quilts…Walter is getting ready to membrane the roof and paint the house

The animals have been in quite a flum…the puppy that wandered into our life is a cute little terror…he attacks everything constantly…he reminds me of a gladiator, so I call him Quintus…due to his color dad calls him Gold…so I guess his name is Quintus Gold…Dad loves him and enjoys coming to take him out…Shinara has now gone into heat again…needless to say my mop is kept handy as cleaning is a constant at present…Chewy and Blue have turned into 2 whining bags of mess…at least the food bill will be down for a few weeks

Since we are coming into winter…this week, I will be closing the pool…I am sad about this, but know it will not be long until I am swimming again…I have cleaned out the gardens already, but will be planting garlic this week too…next week I will winterize the pond, so if you want some of the water for your plants bring me up some jugs…I will also be starting a window farm in the house…it will be neat to have fresh growing herbs and veggies all year round…the whole idea is very cool to me…

It is soon to be the American holiday of Thanksgiving…we will be celebrating ours a day late this year as it is when Tristan can come home for leave…Dansir will also be here after her trip to New Hampshire…Walter will be making the turkey dinner with my mom…I expect to see many of our family and friends…crapp, I need to pick up batteries for the camera

In the Circle of Boudica this week…I sit here crying because you all are so wonderful…I asked for a good energy a few weeks ago for some folks…as always you have come through…the babies are out of the hospitals…the young man got the job…and we helped a young couple to remember why they married…I feel really blessed…when we work together mountains can be moved…I am starting to prepare for Yule 12/21…I am looking for a beautiful oak log and holly branches to burn…it is a time when everyone should be singing and laughing…this year will be hard on many…please take time to make someone smile each day…it is the best gift you can give or receive…has anyone thought of the feast you will be cooking…I will keep you posted on my choices this year…a white candle should be burnt for an hour each evening from 12/01-12/31…its meaning is rebirth, hospitality and hope…a blue candle should be burnt with the white on the 21st …it means truth and peace…on that night both should burn until you go to bed…I can not wait to see the sky that night

Cranberry Tea

3 cups of natural cranberry juice (room temp)

5 black tea bags or 5 teaspoons of loose black tea

10 cups of water

5 cinnamon sticks

Honey (to taste)

Brandy (optional)

Bring the water to a boil

Add Tea Bags and Remove From Heat

Add Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon Sticks and Honey (let steep about 10 Minutes)

Add Brandy (optional)

Can Be Served Warm or Over Ice

This is a great pick me up to help us…the cranberry has great anti bacterial properties…black tea is well known for its antioxidant properties…water helps us hydrate…cinnamon and honey combined have amazing healing qualities…

I am happy to see you looking good…a little tired…I know life is busy, but make sure to get proper rest…I want to see you for many years to come…

Blessed Be,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Mantra…Being Old is Cool

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Merry Meet,

Have you come to meditate with me? I know you don’t have time right now, but you should make some. Meditation is a great way to think and put ideas together.

Massage is great. The clients have been in, honestly I think just to make sure I came back from North Carolina (lol). I am a lucky woman to have so many caring people around me.

Book 2 has me ready to rip out my hair…The cover is having giant problems…in the last 48 hours I have learned EVERY program adobe has…even had adobe support on the phone for 4 hours yesterday (India/Philippines...very nice people)…way more than I ever wanted to know…I may just have to build a new cover…Chris and I will decide this today…it has held all publishing for us on the back burner until this is fixed and delivered

In school I did a board post from the New York Times (Genes as Mirrors of Life Experiences,
By BENEDICT CAREY, Published: November 8, 2010) it was very worth the read. It is said that some of the issues that happen to the mother’s stress levels effect the child’s genes enough on the surface that it can create a psychological pathology for the child. This is why pregnant women should be treated like fine china and be kept as stress free as possible.

I fear I may have brought the cold weather with me upon my return. It has been 58f at night and 78f during the day. I have had to pull out my winter clothes. After being in Florida so long my blood is as thin as water. I have been able to let my hair down (literally) more…this is funny as it stays in a bun so much that most people do not realize how long it is…the look of shock is priceless.

In the Circle of Boudica…we have many souls of different religions from many different counties…they enjoy the fellowship of spirit…one of my friends saw me counsel a Christian member and then a Rastafarian member…the friend asked if it bothered me that they are not Pagan and had no plans to convert…No it does not bother me…the point is to spend time with people on a spiritual plane…to share wisdom…what sex or what color or who you call god or where you come from…these things simply do not matter to me…all that matters is the love that flows through each meeting…to have the support given…wisdom shared…I truly feel blessed

The pimp mobile is awesome. I am going to try a few of the local doctors to see if I can get some part time work. I am excited. The yard has been on hold this week as I am trying to put together a new resume. Dad will be home this weekend…YEA!!!! I always seem more productive when he is home.

I got 3 new games for the Wii. I looked at the cheap games on Amazon and found some cool stuff. Puzzle Challenge is a 1 person game and a great way to build time and vocabulary. Smarty Pants is a trivia game, Walter and I have had fun with this…the questions are a challenge. Game Party 3 is a great deal of fun…I kicked Walter’s hind end at pool, but he killed me at shuffle board. The best part is all 3 with shipping cost me under $40.

Anti-Depressive and Headache Reliever

Pour 2 cups boiling water over 3 teaspoons dried primrose flow¬ers and leaves.

Let it stand, covered, about 15 minutes.

Strain and sweeten. Drink warm or hot (reheat as needed.)

The animals are well…though Chewy did have a hissy fit about me being gone so long…it was quite cute. Marley (sugar glider) also got into a slight snit and would not let me play with her for a few days. All is back to normal now…thank the goddess…I do so dislike it when they get upset with me.

My hair is more grey, my figure is slightly fluffy, I am far from 20…I have never been so beautiful…no one stopped to change my tire, but I had the wisdom to do it myself…my youngest children just turned 21 and I have been young enough to enjoy life with them and will be able to see where life takes all of them before I pass…earlier this week I was feeling OLD…and guess what…I am…isn’t it cool ;)

May the sun warm your back and light your path…

Blessed be,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

North Carolina to Florida ROAD TRIP 11/2010

Yes, I know I look tired…I am glad you came by…check out my new ride…it is a 1995 Maxima…it is my Birthday/Yule present from my daughter…made me feel quite pimp

Mom and Auntie dropped me at Tampa International at 630 am and it was about 75f…I walked up to security…damb near had to get naked before they let me through as my underwire kept setting off the machine…got to the check in…sat down, waited and started reading ‘Bushido, The Way of the Samurai’ (great book)…I got on the plane (window seat) and was going to continue reading when this young man sat beside me…he was chatting to me at 100 mph…suddenly 6 rows up and back were in the conversation…the flight seemed to pass quickly

Landing at Raleigh/Durham at 10am was beautiful and only 42f…brr…you can only smoke 50’ away from the building so out I treck to the taxi stand…I was froze…Tris arrived in her shiny new SUV…it is very cool…she did well

We stopped to see my Erin…though she only had a few minutes…I got to see her at work…pride welled up in my heart…my girls are grown up and working hard…the sign at her work was so cute…I had to take a pic

Tris then took me down to camp Lejune (2 hrs away) by her job and I got to meet her chief…really nice guy…we stopped at her house and I changed clothes (I should have grabbed my jacket)…she took me to pick up the car she was giving me…I am more than a little chocked up about that…then I got to meet her friend Heather…very sweet young woman…then she took me to The Melting Pot (about an hour away) and Heather went with us…on the way my sinuses started to blow up…I had not about being in fall up North…I was so sick…Tris had stop into 3 places to find Nyquil…the 2 ladies were great about it…originally I felt like the wet rag on the party…they were so great, even though I was sick, I was laughing…we dropped Heather off and I followed her to her house…I got to meet her roommate and the dogs…nice woman with 2 very beautiful dogs…both were very well mannered…I had an awful time sleeping without my animals…I got up ay 530am, took a shower and Tris walked me to the car…it was 38f and I was missing Florida…by 630am I was gassed up and on the road…as I started down the road…I began to cry, my baby was now a woman…my heart welled with pride…it was worth every drink I poured, toilet I scrubbed, table I waited on…she is honest, loyal, works hard, thinks for herself…can any mother ask for more…feeling quite blessed…suddenly I hear this pop sound…I pull off the road to find I have a flat…I don’t have triple A, but do have some road thing with the insurance…only I can not reach Dansir or Walter to find out what it is…I am out in the country…no exit for the last 20 miles and no sign of one a head…no cell signal…I stayed calm and went to the trunk praying for a good spare…I got the jack and put it in place…it must have been a funny scene to see me jumping up and down on the tire iron…I could not get the nuts to budge…I am not 20 anymore…guys just don’t pull over to help anymore…lol…I felt so frustrated…just then a sweet man who worked for Wawa came to the rescue of this old woman…as he changed my tire, he told me storied of his time at war in Vietnam…we got the doughnut on and off I went…I felt thankful for the blessing of help…I got gas and checked the air at the next exit…my friend called and told me not to let anything happen to the doughnut and I could fix it when I got to him…still in South Carolina…a pothole from hell took out the doughnut…I managed to get off the exit…I was very lucky that a wonderful policeman came to my aide…I was very lucky that the town of Yemassee was quiet while I got my tire fixed…his K9 went by the name of Sampson…very beautiful animal…they mostly patrol I95 for drugs…as we all know police make me nervous…if more were like that gentleman I would feel differently…I got back on the road…the father south I drove the warmer it got…Georgia was covered in construction all the way down I95…the Florida line…Yea…I stopped at a friends and he bought me dinner…I had not stopped to eat all day…finally at 1045pm I pulled in the yard

A few notes…I saw more police on the roads in every state than I ever have…in all my years of running the coast, I have never seen so few trucks…most were either Walmart or the post office...Billy Joel's Piano Man comes on the radio way too much…I did enjoy the flame colors of fall around North Carolina

I am tired and must sleep as my body is recovering from 2 days of travel…goodnight

Blessed Be,


Monday, November 1, 2010

"Carolina in My Mind "

Merry Meet,
I am glad you came by…come in, sit down, relax…I wanted to see you before my trip…I will not have time to chat until my return…have some salt water taffy...Lissie brought it to me from her trip to Atlantic City, is tasty
In massage I will be taking clients until the 4th at 3pm…so if you do not have an appointment yet please book by tomorrow to be sure you can get in…I have such positive Chi rolling, I bet I leave every client energized…I am wanting to burn a new music CD for the room...I have a new song that I am in love with called Kandi by One Eskimo

In school this week I will be taking my midterm in ‘Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques’…I am enjoying this class…some of the techniques I was already aware of and I have gotten to delve deeper…some are new and it has been fun to put them into practice on myself and the clients…

Though Chris and I are working diligently at fixing the issues on book 2 cover…not much will be published this week…we are excited about the release of the next herbal remedy power point…we will also be offering a ‘Stress Reduction’ CD…alas, nothing will be released until next week….I will keep you posted

I got the house clean…the yard and animals are getting ready for my departure…I will be gone for about 3 days…the way they are acting you would think it was a year…chewy will be here without me…poor thing loses his mind if I am gone for an hour…he will have Walter and Dale, but they are not me…

I know it is rare that I ever leave Florida after the month of September…It has been ages since I have been in North Carolina…I have always thought it the land of the Fairies…in my mind, I go to the Carolina seashore whenever I get stressed…I have not seen Erin in 20 years…I will not get to see my grandchild this trip, but I have goodies that her mother will bring her…Tris has made plans for me…her new car is pretty radical…she is giving me her old one…too cool…she is pimpin out her mom in a Maxima…I will not get near a computer from Friday the 5th until Monday the 8th (no e-mail, facebook, MySpace or cell phone)…on the ride back, I will be stopping to see friends…if you want to see me, want me to sign a book or want me to speak on healthcare please call and I will see if I can fit you in…I have fresh batteries for both cameras…I love a road trip
Samhain was beautiful…Thanks to those who shared so many memories with me…the fire was strong and healthy…the deep orange is a sign of abundance…the dark yellow is a sign of health…good things for the incoming new year…it was good to see so many stop by for the holiday…Lissie and Jazen made my day…while I am gone if any of the Members of The Circle need assistance please contact Chris…he is wise and represents me when I am not present

May you all enjoy a week of hard work and good friends…send good energy my way for a fast and safe trip…

Blessed Be,
Dorraine Cooper-Rooney