Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Mantra…Being Old is Cool

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Merry Meet,

Have you come to meditate with me? I know you don’t have time right now, but you should make some. Meditation is a great way to think and put ideas together.

Massage is great. The clients have been in, honestly I think just to make sure I came back from North Carolina (lol). I am a lucky woman to have so many caring people around me.

Book 2 has me ready to rip out my hair…The cover is having giant problems…in the last 48 hours I have learned EVERY program adobe has…even had adobe support on the phone for 4 hours yesterday (India/Philippines...very nice people)…way more than I ever wanted to know…I may just have to build a new cover…Chris and I will decide this today…it has held all publishing for us on the back burner until this is fixed and delivered

In school I did a board post from the New York Times (Genes as Mirrors of Life Experiences,
By BENEDICT CAREY, Published: November 8, 2010) it was very worth the read. It is said that some of the issues that happen to the mother’s stress levels effect the child’s genes enough on the surface that it can create a psychological pathology for the child. This is why pregnant women should be treated like fine china and be kept as stress free as possible.

I fear I may have brought the cold weather with me upon my return. It has been 58f at night and 78f during the day. I have had to pull out my winter clothes. After being in Florida so long my blood is as thin as water. I have been able to let my hair down (literally) more…this is funny as it stays in a bun so much that most people do not realize how long it is…the look of shock is priceless.

In the Circle of Boudica…we have many souls of different religions from many different counties…they enjoy the fellowship of spirit…one of my friends saw me counsel a Christian member and then a Rastafarian member…the friend asked if it bothered me that they are not Pagan and had no plans to convert…No it does not bother me…the point is to spend time with people on a spiritual plane…to share wisdom…what sex or what color or who you call god or where you come from…these things simply do not matter to me…all that matters is the love that flows through each meeting…to have the support given…wisdom shared…I truly feel blessed

The pimp mobile is awesome. I am going to try a few of the local doctors to see if I can get some part time work. I am excited. The yard has been on hold this week as I am trying to put together a new resume. Dad will be home this weekend…YEA!!!! I always seem more productive when he is home.

I got 3 new games for the Wii. I looked at the cheap games on Amazon and found some cool stuff. Puzzle Challenge is a 1 person game and a great way to build time and vocabulary. Smarty Pants is a trivia game, Walter and I have had fun with this…the questions are a challenge. Game Party 3 is a great deal of fun…I kicked Walter’s hind end at pool, but he killed me at shuffle board. The best part is all 3 with shipping cost me under $40.

Anti-Depressive and Headache Reliever

Pour 2 cups boiling water over 3 teaspoons dried primrose flow¬ers and leaves.

Let it stand, covered, about 15 minutes.

Strain and sweeten. Drink warm or hot (reheat as needed.)

The animals are well…though Chewy did have a hissy fit about me being gone so long…it was quite cute. Marley (sugar glider) also got into a slight snit and would not let me play with her for a few days. All is back to normal now…thank the goddess…I do so dislike it when they get upset with me.

My hair is more grey, my figure is slightly fluffy, I am far from 20…I have never been so beautiful…no one stopped to change my tire, but I had the wisdom to do it myself…my youngest children just turned 21 and I have been young enough to enjoy life with them and will be able to see where life takes all of them before I pass…earlier this week I was feeling OLD…and guess what…I am…isn’t it cool ;)

May the sun warm your back and light your path…

Blessed be,


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