Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merry Mabon

Glorious day to you,

Welcome…I am feeling much better thank you for asking…so much change underway…most for the better, but change for better or worse is stress…it has been a few weeks sit and have a Lifewater with me…

I am no longer and LMT…to me this was really sad…I know it is for the best thing to do as I need my focus on NPE…never thought I would miss calling clients…my purple stationary oakworks table is for sale…I also have massage stones and a paraffin tank…call or inbox me for information

School has been a wild ride…one bright note has been the ‘New Venture’ Class I am in…the professor is a challenge and makes learning fun…my other class is on leadership…the professor is like nails on a chalkboard…from bad leasers we learn what not to do and how not to act…then I got the call- I am accepted to the doctoral program…I will be the first doctor in our family (kinda weepy)

American Boudica has been bustling at the seams…Chris has brought us a new Author name of Keith Argyle…great strides are coming on with The Legends of the Girly Pirate…it has been so much fun…I am so impressed by how hard they have both been working…we hope to launch Keith’s first book with us soon…I can hardly wait to share Boudica’s new adventures with you:)

Nature’s Power and Energy has picked up steam…we now have a location to construct our current pool…did I mention I work with wicked smart people- this job is so cool…we have turned in many grant proposals…working together we have developed a logo and the start of marketing…then late Friday funding came in like a true blessing…I am so excited- I was dancing to that music only I can hear again…soon we will own full utility patent…dude, it is worth every hour I have put into it to see the HydroQueen dance in the water…we will be recording it and taking pictures…all information will be posted on the website…happy dance

 The Sunshine Paddle had been put on hold for my safety…this next paddle April of 2014 will again be off the coast of Pasco to give my body ample chance to heal…what I am currently going through is residual effects of the beating I took many years ago…I have not given up, I just feel if things are worth doing it is worth doing them properly when you can…if all goes well, I will launch for my east coast trip in April of 2015

Today is Mabon…the Autumn Equinox…the day of second harvest…a time to be thankful for the summer memories, summer blessings and sorrows- for I learned something from each…it is a time of family…it is raining here, maybe I will get a bonfire for Samhain…lol

My nephew has been born (brother to the baby girly pirate)…it is true, he is beautiful- he looks like me…lol…he is going to be a doctor of marine biology…his poor mom went through hell- God love her...Dad will soon go to meet him and help his mom...

Dad has spent time cleaning up the yard…we still have flowers popping everywhere, but the temp is only down to the mid 90s…has anyone got advice on figs??? Really would like to see it fruit again…my plumeria is growing like made…has me puzzled as it should be going into its dormant faze…

May the light be on your face and the wind at your back…

Blessed Be,