Friday, September 7, 2012

Working through it...


Welcome and Good Day My Child,

 How might you be on such a fine day as this…it has been a long day for me and I am quite weary…I am not angry with anyone…I will explain my quiet withdrawal, calm down

 Massage has been going well…most people are opting for the hour and a half or two hour massage…this is a slow process that breaks the whole body down…due to the length of the sessions, I can only do one or two a day…I am at the point where you need to call at least a day in advance to get an appointment
Accounting 2 is not an easy class…I have been working hard…the teacher is great…the book sucks-the teacher listened- the next class will get a better book, more updated and not so vague…I will walk for my graduation on my 2 bachelor degrees on March 23, 2013…how neat is that

Chris has kept my nose to the grindstone…book 3- American Boudica: Legend of the Girly Pirate- I am so excited writing this…I have been so tired, but the book is so intriguing that it is a labor of love…
In the Circle, we make ready for Mabon…this is a time to bow in reverence and be thankful for all you are…the Autumnal Equinox is Sept. 22 this year…Orange, brown, yellow and white are candle colors…this is a feasting holiday

The Sunshine Paddle is still being worked…due to doctors orders, I am off the water for my safety…I have used this time to go through my maps and update/ service equipment…honestly, I am getting real buggy and want to be at the beach

Why I am so tired…what is so dangerous…I have had severe edema, my sugar keeps crashing, headaches, etc…they do not seem to have many answers…all tests show how healthy I am yet, these things are getting worse…this has all happened in front of the doctors and they seem puzzled…so far my heart and kidneys look good (still testing), no diabetes, no high blood pressure, ultrasound of legs and neck veins/ arteries look good…I feel it is an errant hormone…the dangerous parts are the sugar crash and edema…I could pass out or my heart could stop…the doctors have requested that I curtail my schedule and stay off water until we get a handle on it…I am attempting to comply

Dad has been home and been a big help while I have been so ill…the young lady who usually helps with the yard has been M.I.A. since May…Cooper has it all blooming again…he even has a whole autumn garden going…I was able to walk around and get some really cool pics

Chole has been lame for about 3 days…he and Quintus were play wrestling on the lawn and Quintus got his leg…I did not think he got hurt that bad- I think he just likes being babied…not just by me, but all 3 little dogs cater to his every whim…the cat has not given him a break though…lol

Well sweetie, I am tired…I am glad to see you are well…come see me again soon and I promise to put my batteries on recharge:)
Blessed Be,