Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fancy a Game of Quidditch?

Merry Meet,

How is your day going? I am doing okay and working toward great…No, I have not lost my mind…I am aware of what is happening…our politicians have become so greedy they have courted a dangerous situation and can do nothing, but finger point…I see it this way- either we can stand around bitching about it or we can get off our respective asses and start working for solutions...

Massage has been slow…with money so tight, this is to be expected…the client calls started last week…I try to say ‘Happy Holidays’ to each client…it is nice to have time to listen to how their life is…Dale has been busy updating all the client files and is doing a good job:)

In school, I finished business management 1 with an A…from here I will double up classes…yet another accounting class and business management 2…YEA…so not lol…I love school and know I can do well...
American Boudica has been a busy place…Chris and I are hard at work on book 3 and it seems to be coming together swimmingly…Taylor and Chris’s granddaughters have been busy…I am inspired and feel fortunate to be a part of this…our first TV show will be submitted this week and if everything goes well it should air this spring

The Explorer’s Academy is still currently on hold until we get more cleared up…it is exciting to think home schooled children will be able to learn from teachers around the world…

Nature’s Power and Energy, LLC…we are now a real company…so much work is being done with this company, we are currently patent pending…I am working on the prototype and am looking for a good fabricator…if you know someone please have them call me
In the Circle, the celebration of Yule is afoot…we were able to take care of our congregation and 3 extra families…thank you all for being so generous…this is a holiday of love, kindness and generosity…do not allow people to change that energy or you give them power and people like that are not worth it…please burn a pink candle for the many lives lost…due to the HIGH amount of emotion, I will ask only green and white  candles be burned…red candles carry heavy emotion and should be put up until next year…thank you for understanding

The Sunshine Paddle is being booked…Debby and I are working the path…we have started Holiday Break until January 3, 2013…I was given a donation that was more than I could use…I took several cases to our local food pantry…if you have more than others, please share what you can

The Sun Ray Paddle is coming together…I am talking to many business owners to make sure the welcome packet is full of goodies…I am working with a hotel that has done a green rebuild- this is so cool and in our county- who knew? Mrs. Cooper will be mailing the packages Feb. 1, 2013…I have also been paddling the route in several directions to make it as safe for those with me as possible

Since most of my family and friends live around the world my Yule shopping is done early…so this time is not so stressful for me as it is for others…I tend to think more…I ask the dangerous question- ‘how can I make someone smile’…another crazy question- ‘how can I make someone else’s life better even when it does nothing for me’…I answer these questions several times a day…for answering, to me is given laughter and wisdom…this is something money cannot buy…then again, Bill Gates and I have never been stuck in the jungle for to me to show my skills…lol…laughter is one of the best tools we have…to listen is to attain wisdom…if I listen, I know what you know and I know- if not, I only know what I know…to be able to laugh and to be wise are priceless- they can’t be bought…you have to come by them through some effort on your part…so worth it, try it and get back to me…
I can not and will not attempt to make sense of stupid people…to do so would use my energy in a negative sense that would in fact be futile…I have had to bury a child, actually 4 total so far…it is not easy…you want to say what if- there is no what if…it has nothing to do with you as a parent…it hurts like hell…focus enough to get through and then honor the child by doing the most positive thing you can…I wish I could hug them an let them know tomorrow exists
May you blessings be many...

You’re Friend,


Monday, November 26, 2012

Chick - a - Boom, Chick - a – Boom

Merry Meet,

How be you this very cold day??? I got everything ready for winter in just the nick of time- even found my only pair of pants…I pray ye got your life flipped in time also…I am so glad you had time to visit…yes, my fridge is empty- though Thursday was a disaster, I ran out and bought new on Friday and it was so good there is none left…

Massage has become a private thing for me…I will only see you if you are a current client, referral from a current client or direct contact with me…with so much going at the current moment, I feel this is best for my clients…just before the holiday I had a client come in from Okeechobee and another from Tallahassee…I am thankful and grateful for such amazing clients

School is going well…business management is not an easy class…I really enjoy the discussions…my school work peaks my curiosity and then I am on the fast track to research central…lol…I am thankful to be in school

American Boudica has been swamped…I am in the throes of book 3 and I am having such a good time with it…we are getting ready to tape the TV show…at times it seems like there is no time left in the day and 20 more things left to do…poor Chris…I am thankful he puts up with my hyper self:)

The Explorer’s Academy has been put on hold…with holidays upon us and so much else going on we have chosen to revisit this in March when time loosens

Nature’s Energy…this has me giddy like a school girl…we are awaiting the design pattern…it is my hope to start the incorporation paperwork this week…I spoke with Dave my ET on the project and he is currently looking for parts to make a mock up out of…how cool is that…we should have answers soon

In the Circle of Boudica we prepare for the Feast of Yule…green, white and red candles…songs of cheer and merriment…if you have extra food or maybe an extra present, I have an angel tree up the street that could use the help…

The Sunshine Paddle 2014 is starting to come together…Debby and I have been reworking the plan…this one makes way more sense…The Sun Ray Paddle 2013 entrance forms are now on site…Thank you Greg and Chris for pitching in…

The weather here has grown cold, thankfully I got to all my flowerbeds last week…it amazes me that Dad’s flowers are still blooming…he really has a green thumb or should I say hook

Warm Cider
1 Macintosh Apple
1 Fuji Apple
2 C Apple Cider
½ t each Allspice, Nutmeg
2 Cloves
Cinnamon 2 Sticks
Warm above slowly over low heat to just below boiling
Add 2 shots Rum (optional)


I am glad to see all is going well with you…during this holiday it is very hard for everyone…if you can help someone and not expect it returned, you get this holiday…please share kindness and love- that would be the best gift you could give me this year

Blessed Be,





Monday, November 12, 2012

Dreams Worth Workin For

 Merry Meet,

My friend it is good to see you…recently there has been much to think on…it is my intention, to move myself forward…it is amazing to see it happening…just not how I expected

Massage is still going well…I am going to remain sole proprietor in private practice…this way I can attend to my current clients without becoming overwhelmed, this allows me to take on new clients only at my discretion…though medicine is my passion…at the moment, it is not the only thing in my life…
American Boudica Publishing and Media has been busy as Chris and I wrap up Book 3…Taylor and I will beta test our app next week…we hope to get the ringtone recorded in the next few weeks- this will be so cool…We will also be filming for our first TV show this week- so much planning…I am blessed with such a great crew

School has brought much to my line of vision…this business management class goes into detail…I like how the text uses real world examples…thoughts that happen in discussion seem to come from several directions at once (in a good way) and has really opened my eyes…

I am currently looking for a class venue for The Explorers Academy…I have a few teachers lined up…it is exciting to see interest from all over the world…I will keep you posted as more information becomes available
Natures Energy is now awaiting the design patent on project 1…how cool will that be…my first patent…project 2 needs more detail in the drawing before I put it up for design patent…I will soon be incorporating this is my first attempt at an energy company, but I am confident 

Okay…not really sure how to express this…I am so thankful…so many taking time to help me put all of it together…I know that I hit the ground running, but it takes a village…really neat to have come this far and to continue moving forward...thank you all for believing in my dreams with me

In the Circle this week we send forth hope of healing…I will ask you to burn a white candle and pray for hope…many have lost hope, this is not the time for that…one must ask in prayer to heal our hearts and restore hope…opportunities are not far and we must have faith
Sunshine Paddle is starting to get booked…we will place the chart on site soon…Chris and Taylor have been working to help me format an entrance form for the Sunray Paddle…went up to Weeki Wachee to practice…the 5 mile trip is full of wild life and interesting people

The garden beds have been happy to have all the extra attention that winter brings…weeding and turning in compost…with all the warmer than usual weather it has afforded us a longer growing season…Dad’s flowers are still blooming

The animals have gotten their winter dip…I find fresh veggies help keep their coat soft and shiny…though each one likes different things, no one will eat it unless I have a bite first…lol…the kids used to be the same way…Draco is so old that his hair is starting to fall out (mostly on his butt)- we call it the Trump comb over and it looks about as real…

So as you can see it has been a little hectic…oh yes, I did not forget

Ginger Root Tea

Ginger root  


Cut 2-4 thin slices of ginger from the root (depending on the size of the cup and your taste preference) and place inside a cup.

 Pour boiling water into the cup. Allow your ginger tea too steep for a couple of minutes to a drinkable temperature. Enjoy this as it aids in digestion:)

Blessed Be,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Today Has Blessings, Tomorrow Has Promise

Merry Meet My Old Friend,

How say you? It is happy I am to be seeing your smile…it has been a strange autumn and I feel quite blessed that our area has been spared the devastation that many have gone through…
Massage has been hanging in…I find with money so tight, many forgo regular treatment and mainly come in under urgent care…in some ways, I love this as it allows me to focus on pathology and really work out treatment protocols…it amazes people who come in with back pain when I grab their leg/ arm/ neck, push on a few spots and the back pain is gone…I am not omnipotent, I just get a lot of practice…

In school, I am currently in Business Management…it is going well…very thought provoking…since this class is done on an open discussion format, I get almost as much from the other students as I do the teacher…
American Boudica Publishing has been busy…Chris has done quite a bit of wonderful artwork for our facebook page…he and I are working diligently on writing book 3…I am so excited- I can hardly wait to share it

The Explorer’s Academy will soon be my classroom…I have been asked by several people about classes on different subjects…I will keep you posted

Nature’s Electric is now being formed and formatted…this is a company that has green forms of energy that will soon hit the market…ways to make or conserve electric without the use of fossil fuel…
In the Circle, it was a lovely Samhain…many of the family and friends came by…many pics of fires held around the world was such a blessing…so much awesome food found its way to my table…on this same night, many were in the middle of a horrid storm…for these we will chant/pray…as a person who has been through many horrid storms, my heart goes out…
Dad has been working wonders around the yard…he has been doing one section each day…though he complains about it, I feel he really he enjoys it and God knows it makes happy yard plants:)..I have started putting my plants through winter prep…clean them, crop them and winter compost mix…since I went on the paddle and ignored a lot of it, there is a lot of work to do

The Sunshine Paddle 2014 is in prep mode…we will be asking people to step up and sponsor a day…I am also putting together the Sun Ray Paddle 2013…Chris has been helping with artwork…sweet…Chris and Greg are helping me put together entrance forms…Catherine Cooper will be the treasurer for this event…I will post more info on the paddle website as it becomes available…I was happy to get so many pics of girly pirates…it was humbling
Did you know that lemons help with fleas??? Boil 4 lemons for 5 minutes in 3 cups water…put to one side and cool…strain into spray bottle…spray bedding, carpet or rubbed into dogs coat to aid in keeping fleas at bay...
Fill a jar with (organic) citrus peels and pour undiluted white vinegar over them. Leave for a few days (up to 2 weeks) and strain out the vinegar to use as a natural cleaner. It works as a window cleaner (dilute with water), for mopping floors or for disinfecting surfaces.
Yes, I have been busy…it was good to see you at the fire…I was happy to hear that you are moving forward in your life…it is an inspiration and helps me to push forward…it only takes one snowflake to start a mighty blizzard

Blessed Be,

D. Cooper- Rooney, LMT, BS





Monday, October 22, 2012

Workin Hard Baby

Merry Meet My Friend,

How are you? I am glad to see you…it has been so busy, thank you for making time to stop by…ye, as you know, this is my favorite time of year…the pumpkins sparkle in the moonlight and the Indian corn is so colorful
Massage has been amazing…as the fingers glide along the muscle- it is almost like feeling each muscle spindle gives up its stress and allows open range of motion to just happen…as the client turns to jello and pain leaves the body- it is a sign that every good therapist knows…that sound is one of the reasons I do this job…my new business cards have come in and I am cultivating new clients

American Boudica Publishing has been a busy place…Taylor has been working on the music for the ringtone….Chris is working on prose, book 3 and art…I have been working on book 3…Taylor and I are about to produce our first TV show…

School is quite intense since I have started my masters program…I have been trying to implement all these new things I am learning…I thought Walter would have a stroke when I started doing our budget using double line accounting…I just finished ‘Corporate Finance’ and have now started ‘Business Management’….

In the Circle we are very excited…so many new babies- it has been so awesome…Samhain is almost here…I will be having a bon fire- call if you wish to join me…this is a bright holiday- red, orange, yellow and white…okay, I think it is the most awesome of all holidays:)

The Paddle has become so encompassing…getting ready for the Sunshine Paddle has me working my tail off…the Sun Ray paddle on April the 13th in Pasco- which has now become part of the Sunshine Paddle, is starting to come together…I had to walk through much legal crapp, but I am happy…for those who are not aware- I am the producer of these paddles, if you choose to paddle with me- do so at your own risk- the Pasco Shelter has nothing to do with this other than to accept donations…it was time to return Yum Yum…I was sad to say good-bye to her-she will be missed…I am looking for a 14foot sit on top to replace her…I have seen 2 notch and Fred this week, really I am so blessed…I have really been enjoying being back on the water

Fall Clean up and cut back has started all around the gardens…dad has been washing the house- with a broom and bucket…I have been trying to get out a little everyday and ready the beds for fresh compost…the yard has been full of dragon flies…some late blooming honey suckle has had the yard smelling like perfume...Dad's roses are beautiful

Medical Alert-

Many people forget in the fall and winter to change their air/heat system filter…forgetting can leave pathogens in the air allowing you to get ill…also keep an eye on all pets- fleas and ticks do not go away in winter…

Mothers’ Trick-

During fall many children get croupy…2 tablespoons of salt in the warm bathwater an hour before bed will aid in keeping the sinus cavity drained…most children be ready to fall out…

So, I know you head is swimming with so much news…the Orange Crush is different, I saw it on sale and wanted to brighten my day:)


Your Girly Pirate,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT, BS

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Planet Krylon is a Beautiful Shade of Purple

Merry Meet My Friend,

You seem surprised to find me with a smile…admittedly it has been a rough few months…though many good things were happening, many very distressing things also had me in their clutches…things are now full circle and I can feel the water

Massage has been so slow, each has gotten to an almost spiritual level…most sessions are lasting between 60-90 minutes and some up to 120…the supple feel of muscle, the concrete of the knot- the blood flow as the knot releases…I love my job…it is so freakin cool
School has been going well…I passed Accounting 1 & 2 and am now taking Corporate Finance…thankfully I have had a wonderful teacher…Today has been special, as I got my actual Degree (with the cool holder) in my hands…tears keep flowing…lots of hard work, shit to put up with and debt- but, I have a Bachelor Degree of Science:)…I feel so very thankful

Chris has been at the helm of the good ship Boudica…lol…even with all that is happening, he has been keeping book 3 moving…we hope to be done in November…I have been setting up with a new printer…we will soon be getting ready for our first American Art Show…I will keep you posted

The Circle of Boudica has been busy with new moms…I am so happy to be grandma…I turned 47- Really just so freakin cool…Samhain will be here soon…it is time to gather wood, yes I will be having a bon fire…this is my favorite holiday- I am like a kid…I will be cooking…it is a time to be thankful for the blessings- I have much to be thankful for…it is a time to remember our friends and family who are no longer with us…I always wash June’s headstone (my mother in-law)…it was when Walter and I first got married that I noticed she was alone…now the area is full- in a strange way I am happy she has others around her now…

With losing so much training time, I must put The Sunshine Paddle off Until April of 2014…with that being said, I will be planning an exciting paddle from Hudson Beach to Anclote River Park…it is approx a 15 mile paddle that will be set up for people of all skill levels…This will be called The Sun Ray Paddle…this is a wonderful paddle that shows not only various shorelines, but also flows with the current…I will keep everyone posted through the website:)
As you know, I have been going through some issues that have kept me off the water for the last 12 weeks…sugar crashing, edema, heart issues from the edema, etc…because it happened in front of the doctors, I have had all kinds of tests done and I keep passing them with flying colors…this is kind of upsetting, as I have no solid answers as to the cause…it sucks to be pricked (not in a good way) and squashed and know no more than before…I have listened to the many doctors for too long and now I choose to be back on the water…I am sure by now, whatever it was, has passed…

Dad has the Autumn garden in full bloom…he has rose bushes that look like red velvet balls…I have started cleaning up the yard…I was surprised to see the return of a cactus that I thought had died about 3 years ago…I am looking for some new plants or help with yard work and am willing to barter for them…

Take the time to stop and say thank you…give your friends and family love…you never know when they will not be here to hug…if I haven’t told you lately, it is me who is blessed with you
 The medical value of a cup cake…for most of us, it is a real reminder of special times and events in life…it is a way to have something that already has portion control built in…any way you cut it a win/win…take 1 daily to relieve depression and brighten your day (maybe even get frosting on your nose)…

May the sun be on your face with the wind at you back…

Blessed be,

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT, BS

Friday, September 7, 2012

Working through it...


Welcome and Good Day My Child,

 How might you be on such a fine day as this…it has been a long day for me and I am quite weary…I am not angry with anyone…I will explain my quiet withdrawal, calm down

 Massage has been going well…most people are opting for the hour and a half or two hour massage…this is a slow process that breaks the whole body down…due to the length of the sessions, I can only do one or two a day…I am at the point where you need to call at least a day in advance to get an appointment
Accounting 2 is not an easy class…I have been working hard…the teacher is great…the book sucks-the teacher listened- the next class will get a better book, more updated and not so vague…I will walk for my graduation on my 2 bachelor degrees on March 23, 2013…how neat is that

Chris has kept my nose to the grindstone…book 3- American Boudica: Legend of the Girly Pirate- I am so excited writing this…I have been so tired, but the book is so intriguing that it is a labor of love…
In the Circle, we make ready for Mabon…this is a time to bow in reverence and be thankful for all you are…the Autumnal Equinox is Sept. 22 this year…Orange, brown, yellow and white are candle colors…this is a feasting holiday

The Sunshine Paddle is still being worked…due to doctors orders, I am off the water for my safety…I have used this time to go through my maps and update/ service equipment…honestly, I am getting real buggy and want to be at the beach

Why I am so tired…what is so dangerous…I have had severe edema, my sugar keeps crashing, headaches, etc…they do not seem to have many answers…all tests show how healthy I am yet, these things are getting worse…this has all happened in front of the doctors and they seem puzzled…so far my heart and kidneys look good (still testing), no diabetes, no high blood pressure, ultrasound of legs and neck veins/ arteries look good…I feel it is an errant hormone…the dangerous parts are the sugar crash and edema…I could pass out or my heart could stop…the doctors have requested that I curtail my schedule and stay off water until we get a handle on it…I am attempting to comply

Dad has been home and been a big help while I have been so ill…the young lady who usually helps with the yard has been M.I.A. since May…Cooper has it all blooming again…he even has a whole autumn garden going…I was able to walk around and get some really cool pics

Chole has been lame for about 3 days…he and Quintus were play wrestling on the lawn and Quintus got his leg…I did not think he got hurt that bad- I think he just likes being babied…not just by me, but all 3 little dogs cater to his every whim…the cat has not given him a break though…lol

Well sweetie, I am tired…I am glad to see you are well…come see me again soon and I promise to put my batteries on recharge:)
Blessed Be,


Monday, August 13, 2012

I did it like this, I did it like that- I did it with a wiffel ball bat

Merry Meet My Child,

Yes, I am a bit cranky…I am ill (my sugar/heart) and that has me landlocked…I’m really one that has never been a good patient and people are pissing me off- I so want to be on the water…you look ready to go with me…lol

Massage is going well…someone asked me what I would tell someone considering this as a profession…I would tell them to really think about it- this is not an easy job physically or mentally and I have NO idea where Yahoo or those other places come up with the overinflated pay scale…during a good economy they were right…at the moment- I am thankful my husband has a job…I love my job and find it quite rewarding- I do Medical Massage…I have been doing it for over 8 years and have worked for clinics, doctors, sports centers and private practice…to me it is a calling and I am privileged for each body given to me to work on…

School, with my Bachelor’s of Science Degree done…I am in my prerequisite classes for my second degree…Accounting…it is a personal admiration of mine to those who comprehend this…I am working my hind end off and will be real happy to get a B…ever so thankful am I for such a patient teacher…this is not easy, but must be obtained to get where I want to go…you will find very little in life is worth having if you do not work hard for it

American Boudica is preparing for our winter release of Book 3 now entitled ‘Legend of the Girly Pirate’…we are excited and looking forward to bringing it out first on reader/tablet format…Chris will be doing the artwork…I am thrilled his granddaughters’ Alex and Jade are working on a children’s book…if you have a child with drawing talent please let Chris and/or I know…1/2 of the profit money from this book will go to a children’s charity in England of Alex and Jade’s choosing…I am proud of them for taking on such an effort and I think they will do smashing

In the Circle of Boudica, we rang in the harvest with a cheer…I look forward to Mabon…the colors are dark green and dark purple…it is the holiday of giving Thanks for the many blessings that have been entrusted to us through the year…it is a quiet, simple holiday…

Though Dad and I have kept the grass mowed, the flowers and weeds are growing big…my normal summer help has disappeared and with the heat so high we have been having a hard time keeping up…the flowers have been giving up some bodacious color…I think it also due to the vast amounts of rain this summer has brought- we needed it though so I can’t bitch…

  The Sunshine Paddle is still a work in progress…due to my current physical status the doctors currently have me landlocked…The Lady Blue Horizon is in her storage spot at the moment…she will be excited to be back in the water…I need to wax her while I have her in the air…

Herbs such as alfafa decrease cholesterol levels and shrink plaques. Herbs containing lecithin content are believed to help prevent the accumulation of cholesterol. Dandelion root, flax and pumpkin seeds are all good sources. Red rice yeast extract is a source of naturally occurring statins and is considered the best supplement for lowering cholesterol.

Thank you…I guess I just needed to get some of it off my chest…I will let you know how soon I can get back in my boat…I am glad you are having such a good summer…thank you for the vegetables from your garden

Blessed Be,


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Making it Look Easy

Merry Meet,

How are you this fine day? I have been hard at work…I am sorry you were not able to catch me earlier this week…it has been a little crazy

Massage is always the best place to start…I had a few clients in and out this week…they enjoyed quizzing me for the upcoming final…I am getting ready to put my own office here on the property outside of the home itself, as my practice is getting too big to be in the house anymore…Walt and I have started looking at outbuildings…I have been working on a neck massage technique- it looks so relaxing…

In school, I took my final in acupuncture…this means I now have a Bachelors of Science in Natural Medicine…YEA…Monday I start grad school…No, I am not really sure at my age what I am thinking…my first class will be fiscal accounting…hmmmm…maybe I have really gone crackers

American Boudica Publishing is in full swing…our next book will be available on Kindle soon…the new website will be more interactive and have new features…we are excited about this…we hope to launch the ringtone by the end of summer and the APP by Christmas…I have to say it is really neat

The Circle of Boudica is getting ready for the Lughnasadh 2012 and it looks to be special (Aug 1), I will having a feast and bon fire…candles are green, blue and yellow…incense is sandalwood…this is when we pray for a good harvest or for the things in life we have been working hard on to start to come together…on Aug 15 it will be time to pull out ball jars to clean and get ready for canning and time to pull out the winter gear in time to repair, replace or clean

It has been a very wet summer…the flowers are blooming with bright vibrant color…the lawn is being mowed twice a week- that is being conservative…Dad Has veggies growing everywhere…they do not like it when he is gone…at least it has rained everyday so I will not get yelled at about the watering…

The Sunshine Paddle is in practice and workout mode again…I have sat back and thought about all we have been able to accomplish- I have to admit I am impressed…I am the one with the paddle, but I have much love and support behind me…Tropical Storm Debby has dumped much water and just when we started to dry- we have been having much rain…many areas are flooded…in my paddles, I must share- flood currents are not stable…if you get caught in one- you could be hurt…

So as you can see, I have been a little swamped…thank you for making time to come and see me…Tuesday, I will be going to ‘Wet and Wild’ the water park in Orlando if you want to join me…

Everyday we make tough choices…some good- some bad…how we stand up to them is what makes us who we are…doing what’s right even when its not popular shows ethics…being honest…yes, I know I make it sound so easy- it is not really…you are not the first to point out that I make it look easy…think about it this way- I did it wrong so much so, right has been pounded into my brain…lol

Blessed Be,

D. Cooper- Rooney, LMT