Monday, August 13, 2012

I did it like this, I did it like that- I did it with a wiffel ball bat

Merry Meet My Child,

Yes, I am a bit cranky…I am ill (my sugar/heart) and that has me landlocked…I’m really one that has never been a good patient and people are pissing me off- I so want to be on the water…you look ready to go with me…lol

Massage is going well…someone asked me what I would tell someone considering this as a profession…I would tell them to really think about it- this is not an easy job physically or mentally and I have NO idea where Yahoo or those other places come up with the overinflated pay scale…during a good economy they were right…at the moment- I am thankful my husband has a job…I love my job and find it quite rewarding- I do Medical Massage…I have been doing it for over 8 years and have worked for clinics, doctors, sports centers and private practice…to me it is a calling and I am privileged for each body given to me to work on…

School, with my Bachelor’s of Science Degree done…I am in my prerequisite classes for my second degree…Accounting…it is a personal admiration of mine to those who comprehend this…I am working my hind end off and will be real happy to get a B…ever so thankful am I for such a patient teacher…this is not easy, but must be obtained to get where I want to go…you will find very little in life is worth having if you do not work hard for it

American Boudica is preparing for our winter release of Book 3 now entitled ‘Legend of the Girly Pirate’…we are excited and looking forward to bringing it out first on reader/tablet format…Chris will be doing the artwork…I am thrilled his granddaughters’ Alex and Jade are working on a children’s book…if you have a child with drawing talent please let Chris and/or I know…1/2 of the profit money from this book will go to a children’s charity in England of Alex and Jade’s choosing…I am proud of them for taking on such an effort and I think they will do smashing

In the Circle of Boudica, we rang in the harvest with a cheer…I look forward to Mabon…the colors are dark green and dark purple…it is the holiday of giving Thanks for the many blessings that have been entrusted to us through the year…it is a quiet, simple holiday…

Though Dad and I have kept the grass mowed, the flowers and weeds are growing big…my normal summer help has disappeared and with the heat so high we have been having a hard time keeping up…the flowers have been giving up some bodacious color…I think it also due to the vast amounts of rain this summer has brought- we needed it though so I can’t bitch…

  The Sunshine Paddle is still a work in progress…due to my current physical status the doctors currently have me landlocked…The Lady Blue Horizon is in her storage spot at the moment…she will be excited to be back in the water…I need to wax her while I have her in the air…

Herbs such as alfafa decrease cholesterol levels and shrink plaques. Herbs containing lecithin content are believed to help prevent the accumulation of cholesterol. Dandelion root, flax and pumpkin seeds are all good sources. Red rice yeast extract is a source of naturally occurring statins and is considered the best supplement for lowering cholesterol.

Thank you…I guess I just needed to get some of it off my chest…I will let you know how soon I can get back in my boat…I am glad you are having such a good summer…thank you for the vegetables from your garden

Blessed Be,


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