Friday, December 27, 2013

So Groovy New Year

Merry Meet,

We stand here on the precipice of a New Year…

One should look at the year in review there is much to see…we said good-bye to the massage business…it was hard, but needed to be done…we have cultivated Nature’s Power and Energy and applied for full utility patent of the HydroQueen…and our publishing company continues to grow as our third book is about to be released and by taking on a new author…it has been an amazing year in business…

On a personal level, it has also remained busy…medical issues have plagued me…being grandma is cool…it was nice to Paddle Pasco and to walk for my graduation of my Bachelors Degree in April…The Circle of Boudica has been a place of wonderful healing energy…to lose my beloved Draco Blue had me quite sad…the end of the year being the last class of my Masters Degree…I got accepted to the doctoral program

To look ahead…Nature’s Power and Energy should continue to grow…in February we have a professional Sales team that will tackle the HydroQueen…This is neat as we will be ready to move to our next project…In January American Boudica Publish will be adding Legend of The Girly Pirate to the saga…we will also be releasing on kindle…business looks highly promising for the new year

In the more personal light…I will paddle the 25 mile coast of Pasco on a per mile paddled basis in April…Also in April, I will be in Boca Raton for my Masters Degree Graduation…YEA…I hope to visit Gumbo Limbo and the Dolphin Research Center as so many have requested it…In July, I will be residing on campus at Keiser University for 4 days in Ft. Lauderdale…I am sure I can find some cool surf clothes while I am there…

This is just the tip of the iceberg…my hopes and dreams are infront of me…with the love and support of family and friends, I have come far…on raw nerve, hardened resolve I will continue to push forward…I am blessed and thankful

May your New Year be everything you hoped for:)
Blessed Be,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peace of Mind


Merry Meet,

            As we enter the Yule season, I feel so grateful and blessed so much has happened over the last year…I would like to talk about this…so much going on at present- my mouth needs to run about this…my dreams for the next year, I feel the need to share this with you too…get you a full glass and you might could want to grab you a Whoopi pie…

            My health has been scary this year…a heart event and a heart attack due to damage on the brain stem from being battered…this makes me angry…at myself for allowing it to happen to me…at my attacker (who never did a day in jail) for not being harmed when I am still paying for his bad temper…my doctors have been great…it is just not easy…one procedure had needles in my head…it has had me off water for about 3 months-every time they release me, they find something new and I get put on hold again…I have learned patients and I am strong so, it is my thought this will pass soon…

            The end of my medical massage business…I was blessed with many wonderful clients…a bad economy and horrid legislation ruined what was a decent business…a healthcare provider should not have to fight politics to survive and not be charged for representation they is not being supplied in an ethical manner…Thankful am I to Massage…it was a trade and I am freakin great at it…never doubt the power of trade school…Sanford Brown is awesome…it was here I learned to want more…it was my launch pad

            Everglades University…I have obtained my Bachelors and about to finish my Master’s Degree…OMG…I never thought this could happen for me…this school has been worth every moment…The classes are very focused and current…the faculty overall has been so great…the other students were creative and really made me think giving each class something extra…I will soon be enrolled in Keiser University for my doctorate while I am still used to studying…

            American BoudicaPublishing has had a rough year…British communication issues have caused Legend of the Girly Pirate to run behind…Keith has been waiting patiently…we hoped to have released the Delmar Chronicles but, have run into a few snags, this should be fixed soon…timing is everything…I expect to go to publication with Boudica in the next 2 weeks…we should release the game in January…I will keep you posted on the Delmar Series…really grateful that such talented people are working with me…

            Nature’s Power andEnergy has been a challenge…we are building the test facility…this sounds way easier than what it actually is…it will not be long before the tests are happening…it is my last step for full patent…so many are counting on this for many different reasons…I feel the weight of a thousand elephants on my shoulders…not to worry, I got this…working hard and feeling productive…I am thankful for this:)

            The Sunshine Paddle has had issues due to my health…shhh…I’ve been sneaking out to practice…a nice woman allows me to use a lake on her property and yes, there be gators…they mostly ignore me…I am still maintaining the menu and it is not easy during the holiday season…I have also been to a pool safety session- practice can save your life…I need to be ready for April

            The Circle of Boudica is a blessed congregation made of many faiths and it was a gift bestowed upon me…the love around the world shared has been amazing…last week, I turned over $200 in unwrapped toys to the Angels…I do not have much, but many have less…kindness is not just a word it is an action…have you showed someone you care today?

            Along with Thanksgiving, Walter and I celebrated 15 years…many ask how we do it…love, respect and honesty- even when you don’t want to…we still focus on keeping the other one happy…it also helps we like each other’s companionship

            I am planning my meal for Dec 21 at 7pm…let me know if you will be attending…it is my hope to have a bonfire barring any rain that day…I am asking everyone to bring a plate…pot luck is an awesome way to try different foods…may you be blessed and joyous this year- not in money, but with family and friends…I am humbled at the amount of love that has been shared with me…

Blessed Be,
D. Rooney
Your Favorite Girly Pirate



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Flies When You Are Having Fun

Merry Meet,

How are you…it has been a while since we have had a chance to chat…I have finally been released by all doctors back to the water…we are not sure that all is healed, but the episodes have decreased…also my blood hears the siren’s song the salt from the water sings…I wish you would come with me…

I passed my “New Venture Creation” Class with an A…this was an interesting class with a very knowledged professor…really glad I took it…I also got an A in my “Leadership Skills” Class…this teacher was an ASS…here I learned how to conduct myself properly under bad circumstances and how not to treat people…we can learn lessons from every teacher- even those who SUCK

American Boudica is such a wonderful place to work…Chris and I are back to weekly Skype sessions and though Book 3 is not out yet- it will not be long and I am very proud of it…Keith and Chris have been prepping the Delmar Chronicles for release…Keith and I have also been weekly on Skype developing a new word game…the old fashioned kind that brings the family to the table…we hope to have all 3 out by the start of Dec…

Nature’sPower and Energy has me doing the happy dance…we have been working so hard…our website is up and running…most of the parts for the HydroQueen are now in…it was hell finding someone to build the paddles…thankfully ‘Global Foam’ from Dayton, Ohio took up the challenge…it was Missouri Wind and Solar who stepped up to the pump to make special PMA units for this application…we were able to find and source all goods for the build as follows: 75% in Florida, 100% in USA…the build has begun…there is so much to do…since we have all the parts there it is just a matter of putting it all together- sounds far easier than it is…really is quite amazing to be part of something so cool…the HydroQueen will dance on water and create electricity…a friend called and has found an industrial use for her too as a way to reduce fluid preservatives in large fluid situations (i.e. water tanks, vats, etc) all while making electricity…

In April of 2014, I will paddle the coast of Pasco- The Sun Ray Paddle…it is a 15 Mile Paddle and I will be taking pledges per mile…1/2 the proceeds will go to Sunrise of Pasco battered shelter and the other half will go to Helping Hands Food Pantry…The next Sunshine Paddle will happen April of 2015…the plans have started and we are very excited…a big thank you to all of my sponsors for staying with me- I am blessed:)

Samhain is so close…in the Circle of Boudica we pause to reflect on our time with our elders and how thankful we are to those who left wisdom behind before they passed…the colors are a light blue and warm pink…I hope to have a fire this year as I have much to be thankful for…I hope to see you there

The animals are well…I was joking one day and called Draco ‘Mr. Trump’ because he has lost so much hair (mostly from his butt) as he is 13 (91 dog years)…now it is all he will answer to…Ramses is now on a diet…Chole was happy Dad got back from MA…it is too funny to watch him try to get dad’s attention

My wedding anniversary will be on Thanksgiving this year…can you believe it will be 15 years...he is a good man and I a very lucky woman…it seemed to go by so quick…Well my dear…it is again time for me to be off…I will see you soon

Blessed Be,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merry Mabon

Glorious day to you,

Welcome…I am feeling much better thank you for asking…so much change underway…most for the better, but change for better or worse is stress…it has been a few weeks sit and have a Lifewater with me…

I am no longer and LMT…to me this was really sad…I know it is for the best thing to do as I need my focus on NPE…never thought I would miss calling clients…my purple stationary oakworks table is for sale…I also have massage stones and a paraffin tank…call or inbox me for information

School has been a wild ride…one bright note has been the ‘New Venture’ Class I am in…the professor is a challenge and makes learning fun…my other class is on leadership…the professor is like nails on a chalkboard…from bad leasers we learn what not to do and how not to act…then I got the call- I am accepted to the doctoral program…I will be the first doctor in our family (kinda weepy)

American Boudica has been bustling at the seams…Chris has brought us a new Author name of Keith Argyle…great strides are coming on with The Legends of the Girly Pirate…it has been so much fun…I am so impressed by how hard they have both been working…we hope to launch Keith’s first book with us soon…I can hardly wait to share Boudica’s new adventures with you:)

Nature’s Power and Energy has picked up steam…we now have a location to construct our current pool…did I mention I work with wicked smart people- this job is so cool…we have turned in many grant proposals…working together we have developed a logo and the start of marketing…then late Friday funding came in like a true blessing…I am so excited- I was dancing to that music only I can hear again…soon we will own full utility patent…dude, it is worth every hour I have put into it to see the HydroQueen dance in the water…we will be recording it and taking pictures…all information will be posted on the website…happy dance

 The Sunshine Paddle had been put on hold for my safety…this next paddle April of 2014 will again be off the coast of Pasco to give my body ample chance to heal…what I am currently going through is residual effects of the beating I took many years ago…I have not given up, I just feel if things are worth doing it is worth doing them properly when you can…if all goes well, I will launch for my east coast trip in April of 2015

Today is Mabon…the Autumn Equinox…the day of second harvest…a time to be thankful for the summer memories, summer blessings and sorrows- for I learned something from each…it is a time of family…it is raining here, maybe I will get a bonfire for Samhain…lol

My nephew has been born (brother to the baby girly pirate)…it is true, he is beautiful- he looks like me…lol…he is going to be a doctor of marine biology…his poor mom went through hell- God love her...Dad will soon go to meet him and help his mom...

Dad has spent time cleaning up the yard…we still have flowers popping everywhere, but the temp is only down to the mid 90s…has anyone got advice on figs??? Really would like to see it fruit again…my plumeria is growing like made…has me puzzled as it should be going into its dormant faze…

May the light be on your face and the wind at your back…

Blessed Be,


Sunday, August 25, 2013

If I was painted purple and naked…

Merry Meet,

Yes, yes, yes my child…I understand you are upset…I am sorry…it was sudden and serious- my focus needed to be on me…I did not have time to call people or answers to give…I am here now and no worse for wear:) 

5 Days from today, I will no longer be an LMT…I am sad about this…it is because I know in my heart better things are ahead, I can let this go...I will miss it…the human body is an amazing thing…

Chris has a phone back…we have been working on the book 3 and I am finding it intriguing…to be able to Skype again…OMFG fecking YEA!!!!! Too happy am I and find it hard to contain myself…Chris has done some exceptional drawings for this book…he has said my writing is maturing- I am not sure if this is good or bad, but I do find myself lost in the story a lot:)
School has been going well…last week I finaled out in Finical Management and Competitive Strategy…neither class was easy and with the cardiac even happening at the start of the week- it was not easy…my professors were kind though and that did mean much

N. P. E. is an amazing place to work…we are getting ready to build the pool and a quarter size model…currently I am gathering resources for the build…am also working at putting the website together for this

The Sunshine Paddle was on hold this week due to my condition

The Circle of Boudica too has been on hold

On Saturday of last week, I had a cardiac event...on Sunday I was admitted to the hospital…Monday the event began to slow and I was taken for a cardiac catheterization…I am okay, just weak and tired from the procedures and tests…all I can do is rest…I went for my recheck with the cardiac doctor…it has to do with my battered women’s syndrome and not my heart- though the heat is where it all played out…

So yes, I have been quiet…I think you can understand

Blessed Be,


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dude Whaz Up

Hey Honey,

Merry Meet…Glad you stopped to see me…I have been so swamped…at points you have to put on the jacket with the big shoulders and be the one to step up…as of late, my shoulders are strong and my feet may be bare, but they know how to step when they need to…let me catch you up:

In massage, my business has been hammered- as have many around me…deep water horizon has denied my claim as they do not feel my business turned around as it should have and they will not take current legislation into account- so basically I am screwed…I have to admit I am impressed that Governor Scott took the time to help…it is up to the massage board now…I will keep you posted

School has been a challenge…there is always someone to say ‘you are in a master’s program, what did you expect?”…that does not make the challenge easier…it does however make me want to slap that person…lol…it is hard to believe that 4 more classes and I will be done…I love school

American Boudica has had such a fun summer…Chris will soon have a phone again…you can see us doing the happy dance…the book is moving along well…at times I get caught up in the story…it is so exciting…it will be so cool to see the graphics Chris comes up with for the Girly Pirate

Nature’s Power and Energy is moving forward…the current pool will be made at the end of the month…we have a clean design…I am still in awe of our crew and how hard everyone is working to make this happen…the county has stepped up and is moving to help us…we have cleared the first hurdle with the federal department of energy…exciting, but loads of paperwork…I can source everything from inside the USA

SunshinePaddle has been busy…we have gone through internet wide updates…paddling in the storms of summer has left me with no usable pictures…although I have gained quite a bit of useable information…for anyone who is able, we are looking for donations and volunteers….

We were able to hold a beautiful Lammas service…the Circle was lovely and many enjoyed the feast…a holiday dedicated to wheat and bread…life is good…lol…in asking my advice as of late, I have been asked how I got past the horrid things…my answer is easy- move forward…looking back will only put you in reverse and standing still is a neutral gear- you get nowhere…though this advice seems simple…it is not, it is however quite true

As the end of summer looms ever closer, do not forget it is time to compost the yard…it will give it a chance to break down before winter hits…Dad is home an working the lawn again…I am enjoying the break until it is time for him to go again…it has been kind of neat to see how much everything bloomed this year…Dad made a comment about the ground being wet, I laughed- it has only rained once since he has been home…lol

Well sweetie, I need to keep shuffling:)

Blessed Be,



Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Head is Funky



 Thank you for making time for me…my head has so much going on…it means much that you are willing to listen…

As always we will start with massage…I am working with deep water horizon to try and figure out my claim…they cannot compare me to those in my industry because I do not know of anyone in the state with my qualifications, so they are having a hard time trying to figure it out…I wrote a letter to Rick Scott, Adam Putnam and MQA outlining my resignation…Rick Scott had a young man reach out to me…He appreciates how dedicated I have been and requested I apply for a CEU waiver…as you all know I have been fighting this for a while…it is nice to know my Governor believes in me and what I do…I will do as he requested…film at 11

I love my school- Everglades University…I am currently enrolled in finical management and completive strategy…I still have a 4.0 average, but maintaining it takes much work…it tickles me that at 47 years old I am entered in a master’s program…I can see a whole group of people in heaven shaking their heads in disbelief…I feel blessed

Book 3 is so much fun…it really is amazing what a Girly Pirate can get into…Chris and I have managed a few phone calls…it is neat…in 8 years I have really come to depend on him and times likes this just shows how much…we will soon be opening a new website…I hope to have it up by the first of October…

Nature’s Power and Energy, LLC has been a dynamic place to work lately…to see the HydroQueen start to come to life is AMAZING…we will soon have her in pool trials- really freakin excited…Our new website for NPE will go up in December

The Circle of Boudica has had a very quiet summer…for Lammas (Aug 1) l have found an old soda bread recipe and have been searching out some lovely yellow candles…it has been difficult locating wheat bundles down here…I plan on a small bonfire and would love the company…

SunshinePaddle had a VERY hard month…one of our crew members got ill and passed away from residual effects of being battered- sadly she is free now…it has strengthened my resolve to work hard to make this happen…I was saddened that Hillsboro County has money for sports teams, but not for the women and children of their county to be safe…smh…it has rained every day for the last few weeks, so I have been doing office work …still in need of volunteers- I could even use someone to write letters or send e-mails…I have been working out on the Welso whenever I get a free moment…

The gardens are growing at 100mph due to the rain…I mow whenever I can get the ground to be dry enough to support the mower- about every 3 days…the lawn becomes a giant grass matt that sucks the water up… a few weeks ago Walt and I cleaned up…by the time Melissa came she could not tell…Melissa and her daughter have spent 2 days trying to help me get some air to the plants and get the base of the planters cleared and it just doesn’t look like we did anything at all…anytime the yard floods it is important to make sure you compost when the water goes down…this replenishes the soil…because my yard is a living eco system, many bugs (that are normally underground) can be seen everywhere at the moment…this has been bringing many interesting birds to the yard…some things are just so cool in such a very bizarre way…

Mom and I have had time together as Dad has been visiting Tris…Walter has been a tad cranky because every time he has a day off it rains…We plan to go swimming Tuesday with Mom…he has a vacation day coming up and I am planning to take him to the rock climbing gym…it will be so cool- shh it is a surprise…I have also found what I will buy him for Yule…

A friend sent me ‘Comfortiss’ to use on the dogs…it was a Godsend and has worked wonderfully…I could not use advantage due to skin issues from hartz shampoo…for the last 60 days they have been flea and tick free and I have washed them once a week…if you use this make sure you feed the animal first or they will get sick…
Several people have asked how I keep it all straight…lists, notes, a good sense of humor, the ability to accept my flaws and the ability to be a straight up Bitch when needed…I think above all- I am fair to all concerned or at least I try to be…so many have told me we need to lead by example…it is okay for me to stand up…my hand will reach back to grab yours to bring you with me:)
Thanks for letting me sort out my head...
Your Girly Pirate,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Holy Mackerel Batman

Merry Meet,

I have been cranking out the work…so glad you came to see me…grab an Aquafina- the bottles are good and cold……come… walk with me… life has so many changes, let me fill you in:

My clients know August 30th will be my last day of massage…as you know this has been a bittersweet situation for me…I will miss my clients, but cannot go into debt to keep my license- I did that for the last renewal…I have called the Dept of Health about this and they will not budge on CEUs or license renewal- even though they are aware the new laws have crippled this profession…they do not care…we do have a massage board in this state, but they do not represent the therapists- they are just there to judge and punish therapists…I did write a letter to the governor, consumer affairs and medical quality assurance- not that it will do me any good, but it made me feel better to say something…people have been trying to get in before I am done…it has created some tearful sessions

School has been WAY BUSY…I just finished Organizational Behavior and Global Business Ventures…so glad for both classes…I got As in both…now I am in Fiscal Management and Strategic Management…both seem really interesting so far…my school teaches using the most up to date information and I have been able to put it to practical use…Everglades University is AWESOME

Chris and I have been working on Book 3 and it is going okay…the book is good, but his phones and cable are still down and it is making it difficult…it is still my hope to have it out before my birthday- fingers crossed
Nature’s Power and Energy has been ever so busy…we now have the help of 3 very special engineers, each has brought wonderful new perspective to the current project…I have seen amazing engineered drawings of the HydroQueen…it is my feeling we will soon be building the prototype (maybe as soon as September)…I have been getting water readings…too freakin cool…I have also put through an unsolicited proposal to the National Energy Technology Labs which is part of the Dept. of Energy- this upload is approx. 8 ½ hours…

August 1 is Lammas…this is the celebration of the first harvest…this is yellow and green…it is an all vegetable meal…this is a time of reflection- what has been done/ what needs done…the planting of autumn crop is the next day…it is common to cover all mirrors in the house and garden…metal trash can lids should be filled with water and one should walk among them and pray…the water reflects the intention of the person praying…In the Circle of Boudica we will pray for Zac and Zeta as they need our energy to help them

The SunshinePaddle has been busy…practice has had swimming and endurance training…I have also been over to Weeki Wachee and to Hudson…I have made appearances at the Newport Richie Aquatic Center and The Grand Prix in Tampa…later this month I will attempt to get down to the Dolphin Research Center on Marathon Key…we have had many planning meetings and currently we are looking for ways to raise money…please message me with any ideas

Dad has been up playing with Tristan…Mom has been here an working on a new quilt…we have been getting a good deal of rain…listen…can you hear it…it is the sound of the grass growing…I have had to mow every 3 days…my cactus and plumeria started blooming a week ago and I feel will go the rest of summer

I am planning a trip to go tubing…if you have time message me, I would love for you to go with…your Tan looks good:)


Blessed be,


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain

Greetings my friend,

How are you doing…things here, as always, are busy…I am glad to have a break to sit and chat with you…have you been to the beach much this year…yes, it has become my home away from home…with so much going on it does tend to clear my head…

Massage is bittersweet at the moment as we get ready to close…it is another change on a page in the chapter of the book of my life…I know better things are ahead…I need to write a letter to the DOH…I will keep you posted

I am really happy and getting much from school right now…Organizational Behavior is an interesting class and teaching me a lot of balance in managing style…I do love my school…Global Business Ventures- I want to say it is new concepts, but they are ones you know and never paid real attention to…brought to the forefront it is a real gift to be in this class too

American Boudica Publishing is about to pick up the pace…Can I get a shout out for Rotherham for finally getting the roadwork done so Chris can have a phone…it has only taken over 5 months…OMFG REALLY…I so want to get Book 3 on the market…it will be nice to have the family back- I miss Chris, Rose and all the kids so much…I am looking for a good software person…inbox me:)

At the moment, I am trying to decide if I want to take the test to obtain my teaching certification…it would allow me to teach K-12 health…I have had 3 different school systems tell me no one is hiring and it would be a waste of money…I want to teach online and at the children’s jail…online is more focused learning and I would really enjoy that…the reason I want to teach at the jail is because it is because I feel that I can make a difference to those children…I have raised 32 children that were not my own or from my family and I am too old to take children in…the funny part is I have 2 colleges who want me to teach…how messed up is this…not good enough to teach children, but good enough to teach adults:/…BTW I do not need the certification to teach at the college…

Nature’s Power and Energy is moving right along…while I work on the terms with Germany, I will continue to move toward production…with the global economic uncertainty it is my thought to cover all bases…it us also my thinking that Florida would be the perfect place to develop this technology…I am interviewing engineers at the moment…
Many in the Circle were chuckling at my brain fart…I announced Litha a month early…no I am not right in the head- I thought we established that…lol…it is not due until June 21…I am excited to have something so fun to look forward to…maybe I will bar-b-que…we hope to have dad home by then…

Planning at the Sunshine Paddle continues…if you know of anyone who has time, I could really use the help…Pastor Scott has allowed me to use a room at the church the first and third Thursday of the month and the for Thursday at 1 in the afternoon…for those who cannot attend, but have time to work on the net- please inbox me…April 2014 is not as far off as one would think- we are now under 11 months…and the countdown continues...if you do not have time, maybe you could make a donation...

Yes…I am now up to 20 minutes and 5 miles on my Welso Bike…the very cute shorts I bought at the college bookstore during graduation now fit…I have used this any day I do not get to the water…I notice a difference in my stamina too

Keeping kid’s minds fresh over the summer can be easy and fun…Cribbage and Rummy work math skills…scrabble work their language arts and strategy skills…if you play the game of yahtzee using the whole game pad you teach them math and money planning…if the child wanted to write a letter to any one person in the world-help them craft and mail the letter, that is geography and language arts

A young woman spoke to me about a month ago about her money problems…meal planning is not only fun, but saves you money…meal time takes on special meaning and do not be surprised to find someone trying a fake accent…you do not order food as you have the stuff to make the meal- more family time creates more cohesion among the unit…she called last night to tell me how much she had saved in a month and how great things had been:)

 Well sweetie, it is that time…I need to get the dogs out and have another paper to work on for school…I would love for you to go to the beach with me…I am so happy you came to see me


Blessed Be,



Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghost Town Summer:)

Good Day to You,

I am so glad to see you...with the snow birds gone it is like a ghost town…it has been a warm winter, cool spring and I have a feeling, this summer will broil…thankfully I plan to spend most of it at the beach…you are more than welcome to come any time you want…

Massage is coming down to its final months and I am preparing a paper to submit to the state…anyone you know that may want a copy, please inbox me…since I do medical massage, it will carry a great deal of information…it will be a different life…as I have lived through many changes, this will be one more…

In school, I passed accounting and sales with an A in each…I am now in Global Business Ventures and Organizational Behavior…yes, they are just as in depth as what they sound…I needed a master’s degree, why exactly…oh, I’m psychotic…that’s right…fried brain has such a lovely smell…lol

American Boudica Publishing is still in motion…slow motion, but forward motion…Chris has been out around as an art Gallery in town has been using his pieces…we have been working on book 3 and it is really coming along well…Taylor has produced the video for the Sun Ray Paddle…he is meeting with local PBS on show production…I have to admit this was a much better film and he continues to impress me with how much he grows as an artist…I will keep you posted

Still no word on the Teachers Certification…they have the paperwork- now I just have to wait…they will not allow any of my continuing education or classes I took apart from the degree stand…dude this is so bogus, but good things come to those who wait…

N.P.E. now has provisional patent through the USPTO on the HydroQueen…really stoked about this…I am talking to Siemens in Germany…it is my hope to sell it to them in hopes to bring it to the world quicker…

The Circle held a very refreshing Beltane…we were due to have a bon fire, but it poured rain…I guess with so much nasty going on the Goddess felt the need to wash things…I went to the back yard and showered in the rain…cleaning all the old worn energy out to let the new energy in…Litha is next Tuesday and I will prepare a wonderful midsummer evening- feeling excited…

The Sunshine Paddle is going strong…we are looking for volunteers…we meet the first and third Thursdays of the month at Atonement Lutheran Church at 7pm and on the fourth Thursday of the month at 1pm…our mailing list gets the most information and gets it first- don’t forget to sign up…As I said above Taylor did a Video for the Sun Ray Paddle and I think he did well:)

Mom and Dad are visiting in MA…all here quiet…we need some rain…the gardens are quite dry…we found fish living in the pond…it was quite funny to see Dale Jump…he was a big guy too…Also keep in mind that Advanced Auto buys back used car batteries…I believe they pay $5 each…clean the garage and make money…win/win…Your tan looks good…ye, I am looking for a new car…any suggestions…well sweetie, it’s that time…


Blessed Be,