Sunday, December 1, 2013

Peace of Mind


Merry Meet,

            As we enter the Yule season, I feel so grateful and blessed so much has happened over the last year…I would like to talk about this…so much going on at present- my mouth needs to run about this…my dreams for the next year, I feel the need to share this with you too…get you a full glass and you might could want to grab you a Whoopi pie…

            My health has been scary this year…a heart event and a heart attack due to damage on the brain stem from being battered…this makes me angry…at myself for allowing it to happen to me…at my attacker (who never did a day in jail) for not being harmed when I am still paying for his bad temper…my doctors have been great…it is just not easy…one procedure had needles in my head…it has had me off water for about 3 months-every time they release me, they find something new and I get put on hold again…I have learned patients and I am strong so, it is my thought this will pass soon…

            The end of my medical massage business…I was blessed with many wonderful clients…a bad economy and horrid legislation ruined what was a decent business…a healthcare provider should not have to fight politics to survive and not be charged for representation they is not being supplied in an ethical manner…Thankful am I to Massage…it was a trade and I am freakin great at it…never doubt the power of trade school…Sanford Brown is awesome…it was here I learned to want more…it was my launch pad

            Everglades University…I have obtained my Bachelors and about to finish my Master’s Degree…OMG…I never thought this could happen for me…this school has been worth every moment…The classes are very focused and current…the faculty overall has been so great…the other students were creative and really made me think giving each class something extra…I will soon be enrolled in Keiser University for my doctorate while I am still used to studying…

            American BoudicaPublishing has had a rough year…British communication issues have caused Legend of the Girly Pirate to run behind…Keith has been waiting patiently…we hoped to have released the Delmar Chronicles but, have run into a few snags, this should be fixed soon…timing is everything…I expect to go to publication with Boudica in the next 2 weeks…we should release the game in January…I will keep you posted on the Delmar Series…really grateful that such talented people are working with me…

            Nature’s Power andEnergy has been a challenge…we are building the test facility…this sounds way easier than what it actually is…it will not be long before the tests are happening…it is my last step for full patent…so many are counting on this for many different reasons…I feel the weight of a thousand elephants on my shoulders…not to worry, I got this…working hard and feeling productive…I am thankful for this:)

            The Sunshine Paddle has had issues due to my health…shhh…I’ve been sneaking out to practice…a nice woman allows me to use a lake on her property and yes, there be gators…they mostly ignore me…I am still maintaining the menu and it is not easy during the holiday season…I have also been to a pool safety session- practice can save your life…I need to be ready for April

            The Circle of Boudica is a blessed congregation made of many faiths and it was a gift bestowed upon me…the love around the world shared has been amazing…last week, I turned over $200 in unwrapped toys to the Angels…I do not have much, but many have less…kindness is not just a word it is an action…have you showed someone you care today?

            Along with Thanksgiving, Walter and I celebrated 15 years…many ask how we do it…love, respect and honesty- even when you don’t want to…we still focus on keeping the other one happy…it also helps we like each other’s companionship

            I am planning my meal for Dec 21 at 7pm…let me know if you will be attending…it is my hope to have a bonfire barring any rain that day…I am asking everyone to bring a plate…pot luck is an awesome way to try different foods…may you be blessed and joyous this year- not in money, but with family and friends…I am humbled at the amount of love that has been shared with me…

Blessed Be,
D. Rooney
Your Favorite Girly Pirate



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  1. Here's to another great year, all the best to all over the pond and I will be in spirit with you all now and especially on the 21st