Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fancy a Game of Quidditch?

Merry Meet,

How is your day going? I am doing okay and working toward great…No, I have not lost my mind…I am aware of what is happening…our politicians have become so greedy they have courted a dangerous situation and can do nothing, but finger point…I see it this way- either we can stand around bitching about it or we can get off our respective asses and start working for solutions...

Massage has been slow…with money so tight, this is to be expected…the client calls started last week…I try to say ‘Happy Holidays’ to each client…it is nice to have time to listen to how their life is…Dale has been busy updating all the client files and is doing a good job:)

In school, I finished business management 1 with an A…from here I will double up classes…yet another accounting class and business management 2…YEA…so not lol…I love school and know I can do well...
American Boudica has been a busy place…Chris and I are hard at work on book 3 and it seems to be coming together swimmingly…Taylor and Chris’s granddaughters have been busy…I am inspired and feel fortunate to be a part of this…our first TV show will be submitted this week and if everything goes well it should air this spring

The Explorer’s Academy is still currently on hold until we get more cleared up…it is exciting to think home schooled children will be able to learn from teachers around the world…

Nature’s Power and Energy, LLC…we are now a real company…so much work is being done with this company, we are currently patent pending…I am working on the prototype and am looking for a good fabricator…if you know someone please have them call me
In the Circle, the celebration of Yule is afoot…we were able to take care of our congregation and 3 extra families…thank you all for being so generous…this is a holiday of love, kindness and generosity…do not allow people to change that energy or you give them power and people like that are not worth it…please burn a pink candle for the many lives lost…due to the HIGH amount of emotion, I will ask only green and white  candles be burned…red candles carry heavy emotion and should be put up until next year…thank you for understanding

The Sunshine Paddle is being booked…Debby and I are working the path…we have started Holiday Break until January 3, 2013…I was given a donation that was more than I could use…I took several cases to our local food pantry…if you have more than others, please share what you can

The Sun Ray Paddle is coming together…I am talking to many business owners to make sure the welcome packet is full of goodies…I am working with a hotel that has done a green rebuild- this is so cool and in our county- who knew? Mrs. Cooper will be mailing the packages Feb. 1, 2013…I have also been paddling the route in several directions to make it as safe for those with me as possible

Since most of my family and friends live around the world my Yule shopping is done early…so this time is not so stressful for me as it is for others…I tend to think more…I ask the dangerous question- ‘how can I make someone smile’…another crazy question- ‘how can I make someone else’s life better even when it does nothing for me’…I answer these questions several times a day…for answering, to me is given laughter and wisdom…this is something money cannot buy…then again, Bill Gates and I have never been stuck in the jungle for to me to show my skills…lol…laughter is one of the best tools we have…to listen is to attain wisdom…if I listen, I know what you know and I know- if not, I only know what I know…to be able to laugh and to be wise are priceless- they can’t be bought…you have to come by them through some effort on your part…so worth it, try it and get back to me…
I can not and will not attempt to make sense of stupid people…to do so would use my energy in a negative sense that would in fact be futile…I have had to bury a child, actually 4 total so far…it is not easy…you want to say what if- there is no what if…it has nothing to do with you as a parent…it hurts like hell…focus enough to get through and then honor the child by doing the most positive thing you can…I wish I could hug them an let them know tomorrow exists
May you blessings be many...

You’re Friend,