Saturday, July 18, 2015

Long Strange Trip to My Head

Merry Meet,

            How are you…grab a water and come chat with me…yes, I am aware everyone is upset with me for not being around…due to a family emergency, I am afraid it will be a while more…I am working on making progress with the situation and at work, it has been requiring my full attention…let me fill you in…

            The release of the new children’s book has been magical…a page fix had to be put in and the first 50 are now collector’s items and the new ones are now on the market…we have also released another academic paper…bringing big concepts to the public allows us to help the community to grow with us…we look forward to starting the next Boudica Chronicle and we have already begun our children’s book ‘Ayden the Scientist’…

            The Girly Pirate has been busy…a complete update on the website…our addition of jewelry in our Etsy Store…the update of our graphic files in Spread Shirt and Zazzle…we have also expanded into Hub Articles our first one was about kayaking and the second was making figures…the Ft. Lauderdale trip will be fun and we will be able to bring our stock for others to see…a new banner has been ordered for our events and to be placed outside the office…really kind of cool…

  Nature’sPower and Energy has been working for using the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway…we have been through DEP, SWFWMD and State Parks and Rec…now we are before Bureau of Natural and Cultural Resources…please keep sending positive energy and we will be in the water with data soon:)

            In the Circle we celebrate the bounty of work produced…on August first we will be hosting a pot luck bonfire…a celebration of life and summer…green purple and yellow candles…this is a day to bless others…so who have you blessed today???

            The Sunshine Paddle has been so busy…we made our 6th donation drop to Pasco County Parks and Rec. in the form of a video…our 7th donation drop was made to State of Florida Parks and Rec in the form of a data video…our 8th donation drop was to Sunrise of Pasco, they got a new crib and toys…we also worked hard to produce a video to be used as a survival and training tool…I am proud of everyone who worked on this…we would also like to say Good Luck to crew member Britney who is going on a River Trek:)

            In school it has been busy…I made it through Mixed Method…now I am in Strategic Management with Dr. Greg Parsons…I recommend him as an instructor…he is smart and funny but, he will bring out the best in you…Ansoff, Mintzberg and Porter are a challenge to the brain but, well worth learning and studying…next week will be residency…I am excited to see my friends and professors

            The grandson has been enjoying the pool…Dad has been working in the garden again this year…mom will soon be off to the Longaberger Bee in Ohio…Walter has been recovering after his hospital stay…I went for a simple exam and got rushed into surgery…due to insurance, I will not be able to get the other half of the surgery until the 31st…this has been keeping me quiet for the last few weeks…it is kind of painful but, I am okay

            I promise to take lots of pics in Fort Lauderdale…I hope to get to Gumbo Limbo while I am there, it would be nice to see the turtles…I hope I at least get to see the beach for 5 minutes this year…well honey, I need to go pack…come see me when I get back

Blessed Be,

D. Rooney

American Boudica the Girly Pirate