Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life is Good

Merry Meet,

How are you doing? I am feeling great…the energy around me is very positive…it is leaving me feeling charged with energy…

I have renewed my Massage License…any therapist in the state of Florida should be aware 8/31/11 is the last day for renewal…I know this is a difficult time, but if you can not afford to renew please do not practice without a license…a Massage License is a medical license and if we do not treat it with respect you can not expect anyone else to?

I have enjoyed my summer break from school, but look forward to starting my new class tomorrow…Introduction to Chiropractic…in other words Bone Cruncher 101…lol…I am sure it will be quite informative

American Boudica is still on hiatus as all hands are on deck for The Sunshine Paddle…yes, we will be writing a book on the experience when it is complete…Chris and I are keeping notes…I am dying to see his pics for this one…lol

In the Circle of Boudica, I am finding purple, yellow and brown candles for Mabon…9/22 is creeping up quickly…how cool is the Mabon feast…I am saving flower petals to take to the beach in harvest offering;)

I have been so into my Plumeria blooming…it has taken 3 years…it is Native to Hawaii and is the plant used in the making of the lei (flower necklace)…the blooms are spectacular and smell sweet

The Chihuahua Crew is attempting to run my house…it only works until Chole sits on one of them…it is more fun to watch them than TV;) is in NC taking care of Tris for a while…Dad is getting ready to run to MA to help Tory…Dansir is doing the school and work thing…it is nice when all is quiet on the home front…

The Sunshine Paddle is something I am glad I chose to be a part of…the energy for this even is so positive, it almost feels catching…my husband got a catalog bonus from work and used it to get the 2 way radios and digital compass…oh how I miss the kids and their innate ability to tell me how all this stuff works…

My friend Cathy Stewart is loaning me her small kayak as a trainer…this saves me a lot of money…she says if I can learn to make this track she has no fear of my being able to make the trip…I named her ‘Yum Yum’ for her bright yellow color and what it does to sharks…lol

I have spent 3 days on the phone working to get all the logistics set…it is not as easy as you might think…I am excited about the girl scouts and the opportunity that has been offered to them for a day at the park…The parks in every state so far being so open and welcoming was a refreshing sense of community…it is hard work, but I am so happy to be a part of it…I will be on the water with Yum Yum tomorrow…

May you share in this wonderful energy and feel the warmth of community,


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CANCER…there I screamed it and beat it;)

As many of you know…I am going to school for natural medicine…though I was always good about nutrition, I have learned a great deal…I not only talk the talk, I can and often do, walk the walk…I wrote myself an anti-cancer/inflammation menu and got on it over a year ago…I honestly feel that this was a big factor in my finally being able to quit cigarettes

When I quit, I used Chantix…I had an event in my chest…the doctor ordered me an ultrasound of the chest to view the heart…this was 3 months ago

On Wednesday of last week the doctor received the report from the radiologist finally…it said I had a cyst that was more than 1inch in diameter in my breast…as soon as his medical assistant saw this a rush was put on…

I have been topless so much in the last 48 hours, I feel as though I should be on a beach in Brazil…

I went for the bloodwork yesterday…freaking vampires need to leave me with some blood…then I went for the next ultrasound…the girl can not find the cyst…really…its gone???…boobs squished every which way…couldn’t they at least have a cute guy doing this, then it might be at least bearable…lol…the girl was very nice, but seemed a little rattled when the cyst was just gone…I went home happy…using food as medicine works

I was home this morning when the phone rang…would I come back and let doctor big wig examine me and do another ultrasound free of charge…cysts of this size do not just disappear…they had requested the films from my doctors office…I agreed and went back…the young lady gelled me up and looked again…she looked at me so worried and said ‘1inch is pretty big and you’re a massage therapist…Can’t you feel it?’…she went to get the doctor looking worried…the doctor explained it was very visible on the first one several months ago and he would find it…oh yea…more fucking gel…he looked so very stressed (I chuckled on the inside, conventional medicine practitioners miss out on what nature can heal)…I had used them for other issues…he checked several parts of my body against my old films and found my body to be in better condition than it was 10 years ago…YEA!!!!

All cysts, except the one in my foot are gone…my arthritis has been reduced…I sit here crying…I feel very happy…all the work is paying off…I do not have cancer, the relief makes you almost exhausted…it also shows you can be a big part of your own healing…it feels groovy to be healthy

The body is so cool and I am so impressed with the education…my doctor and this natural lifestyle thing work way better than the meds conventional medicine would have me on for my pathologies…and it is way cheaper

If I could wish for you any one thing, it would be good health…may you be blessed with the Awesome feeling of wellness…

Blessed Be,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Education is an Understatement

At times I wish I could jump into the kayak and go…wait let me think about that, don’t want to hit shark season (Fall)…not wanting to quote Buffet, but I feel fins all around me…

I have had to write to several companies and people asking for donations or time…I can not accept help from anyone I find questionable…this means I had to do a ton of research on every company or person…

Monique asked why I had not spoken to the governor’s wife…I had never thought about him being married…I am outspoken and found so much about him questionable during his campaign, that I never once thought he may be married…I sat down with my feelings for him…I have to admit, I like what he has done since he has been in office…we have needed someone who cares for the state and her people…he has taken NO pay check and done his job well…though I do not like some of his choices, they did need to be made and I would not have liked anyone who made them…OMG…he is not as bad as I had thought…I am glad he is our governor…I looked up his wife and have to admit, I am impressed…he is lucky to have such a woman and Florida is lucky to have her as first lady…so I sent the e-mail…I also sent one to Martha Stewart…I do not use a form letter (though it may have been easier), I have been writing each letter individually…there is a lot of office work to doing charity…Chris and Monique have been helping me with the letters...none of us were sure what proper was so, again we did our best...

I completed the website…Chris is doing some clean up, but until we get closer to launch it is done…to me the respect we have shown to each area is quite wonderful…I love the reviews...Marion has been great about proofing it for me...

I am quite excited…my friend Cathy is going to lend me a kayak that she feels will be good for training...yum yum yellow, so I will learn to paddle fast;)…I am happy not to have to pay rental fees anymore…it is so exciting…though renting has taught me what I am looking for in a kayak…my friends and family want to make sure I can handle the voyage and are looking out for my safety…very cool

At the end of the day, I have touched lives in a positive way and have learned quite a bit…that means a great deal to me…all in all, I think for armatures, we are doing a good job putting this together…I am quite thankful for the help I have been receiving…this journey would not be possible alone…

The Yak Crew

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT – Yak Captain – Florida

Walter Rooney- Trainer- Florida

Chris Bilton- Internet and Website, International Liaison- South Yorkshire, England

Monique Hicks – Secretary and Research, US Liaison- Massachusetts

Marion Ritz- Safety and Research- Massachusetts

Dave Benuska- Research and Acquisitions- Ohio

Dale Thrall- Receptionist- Florida

Paul Cooper- Driver- Florida

May you all be blessed,


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling a rant

Today I am feeling a rant…hold on here we go…

Lets start with TV…2 and a half men had jumped the shark before Charlie Sheen left the show…turns out, he was really not funny sober…who knew… and the kid grew up …I am not an Aston Kutcher fan…the fact the show is still on is just an FU to Charlie…so NO, I will not watch the new show and honestly do not want to speak of it anymore…it speaks to how stupid Hollywood thinks we are...

In massage this week, I had to choke down a tough one…one of my clients was working 3 jobs to make ends meet…he was driving home late one night, got in a wreck and is now paralyzed from the waist down…one of my cancer patients has died 18 days after being told…I had yet another client go through foreclosure (he will be moving out of state)…one of my snowbirds had to take back a piece of property, when this 60 something man got there it was trashed…deep breath and take minds off some of these horrors (even if it is only for a few minutes)…the massage was like a sad ballet and went over from 5-10 minutes…the new Eddy Vedder album maybe all ukulele, but it has been awesome to work to…

In class this week, I took my final and post test…Professor Fogerty’s class on ‘Nutrition and Aging’ was very cool…I ended with a high B…I am ashamed at our current government for the way our elderly are being treated…they are not pawns nor should they be treated with such disrespect…the people who are on the job are pretty fantastic, really sad there are just so few…

American Boudica/The British Connection…Chris has been most helpful with the Sunshine Paddle…Dale and Dave too have been helping with the Paddle…with book 3 in the can and book 4 almost complete…the draft of 5 to the side, My focus has been on the Paddle…it has given Chris time to work on his painting…Dave and Rose are soon to chat about card/animal creative paper thing;)…both are so creative, I am dying to see what they come up with…

The Circle is celebrating Trish’s Bday…she has requested a naked bon fire and we know, I love to acquiesce that request…I have wood since Mabon is coming so, bon fire at my house…tr la la la…lol…Happy Bday Trish;)

The gardens are growing out of control…with so much steady rain and heat…it is so neat to check out how many colors are in bloom…the hibiscus I planted on Shinara has been blooming with a beautiful purpley flower…

This is a special time of year…Aloe Water is the best…the health benefits are too many for me to list (mostly digestive and skin)…should be consumed once a week…I am not a doctor, but do use this myself…squish aloe out of leaf by pinching on leaf slightly and sliding down leaf

Aloe Water

8oz water

2oz Aloe

Mix – can be done hot, cold or warm…can be refrigerated up to 6 hours

I personally add the aloe to hot water and stir it until it dissolves into the water…place in fridge to chill for 30 minutes…I use rose hip ice cubes and pour the aloe water over it…yummy and good for me

Okay let’s talk about the Paddle…I am not crazy and of you think I am, please call Trish at Sunrise and make a pledge…the website is open, Chris is doing some final editing…Monique and Marion have been great help editing and beta testing pages…Walter has got us brand new 2 way radio and digital compass for the trip and Dave went yard sale shopping with his son, they found a pair of Binoculars…Marion has been researching safety equipment and classes that I will need…Walter has had me swimming against the rip current and work safety drills off Honeymoon Island…Dale and Chris have been helping make and keep lists…Cooper has been helping me with postage and running errands…I have also been getting youtube vids on great white sharks swimming the eastern seaboard in the e-mail…my brother compared me to Forest Gump…my daughter said ‘We have insurance on you, go do what you want’…can you feel the love…that said…the menu is going well and weight loss is continuing…though I do find myself stretching a lot more and instead of just thinking about food- I really think about what I want to eat, what the food will do for me and how I want to eat it…

I found out that I had a ‘nodule’ in my breast…they are words that every woman dreads hearing…they feel it is benign, but wish to run tests to be sure…I have no fear, I am a woman of faith…everything happens for a reason…I will keep you posted

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raise the Hand That Draws the Line

Good Morrow My Friend,

What a glad you had time to visit me in the wee hours of the morning…here the coffee is like me, hot and sweet…lol

With all of my knowledge, I am more than just a massage therapist…I have become an assistant to the body proper…I love my job….the clients love the results I am getting from their body…1 full session last 50-70 minutes and still only costs $30…hint…hint…hint…

In school I am in a class for nutrition for the elderly…amazing class…I have to admit I am watching frightening view of what could be my future…they can not afford food/ rent/ prescriptions…at this point even cat food is more than they can afford…if you are reading this and under 60…by a meal for someone who is over 60 please…when we were kids, they were there for us…now it is time to return the favor;)

The British Connection…lol…American Boudica is still working on the sunshine paddle…Chris has also been selling some of his artwork….I am lucky to have a famous painter as my co-author…Dave too has been pitching in until such time as the web site is at the complete point (until the trip)…just after we will be releasing the children’s book…if you get a chance to check out Chris’s work, it is simple and stunning…

Summer being in full swing almost to the point of the first harvest, Mabon is one of my happy holidays…I have not chosen what I will prepare yet…will you be joining us, there is always room at the table…I am looking for purple candles…I am also on the look out for a table cloth of purple and green…give me a shout…All babies in the Circle seem to be doing well;)…I can hear the goddess dancing, all is quiet and peaceful at the moment…

The gardens are slightly overgrown at the moment (dads’ are immaculate) and it will leave it that way until Sept. 1 (up north your first cold weekend)…this will give my rootballs protection…dad has time and energy to check his everyday…this is a busy season for me, everything is in bloom and the sun is HOT…if I do my cut the first of Sept. it will give me bright growth through most of fall;)

The dogs are well…Walter and I took Chole out to the ocean for his first swim lesson…he loves the water and did wonderful…I do have a few claw marks, but am no worse for wear;)

The Sunshine Paddle is a labor of love…NO ONE working on this project is getting paid…I am signing off hours as time does count as a contribution to helping a charity project…we here are all NEW and are trying our best…I have had to write several letters lately (this is not easy), thankfully Monique has been pitching in, Chris has been editing the website, Marion has been consulting and editing, Dale has been covering the phones and Fritz’s advice has been a great help…I do thankfully not stand alone, I have wonderfully supportive help…each good in their own area and giving of their own time…Sunrise Shelter and myself are both blessed with their help in achieving our goals…I continue my journey…work outs are going well…we took Chole to Honeymoon Island Pet Beach…he had a great time…training him in the water worked me through the ringer…at the beach were many tiny clear fish in the ebbing surf…the water was clear… the menu for dinner was fresh cod and carrots…I handled a client when we got home, before dinner, so after dinner I was just too tired for desert…Kayak shopping has begun…I am in search of my trusty steed…lol…Crossing my fingers and keeping both eyes and ears open…my vessel is out there, she and I have just not met yet…for those who think I am crazy, pledge 1 penny a mile with Trish or donate to the trip on the website…we are currently putting up Trip pages, if you would like to meet with us or wish to add to the page please e-mail me…we would love to hear from you

Medicinal Uses for Green Tea

Green tea contains very powerful antioxidants. These destroy the free radicals in your blood stream, preventing them from prematurely aging your skin and damaging your eyes.

In recent studies, it has been shown that chemicals in green tea can block molecules that play a key role in developing lung cancer. The antioxidant 'EGCG', found in green tea, can inhibit or dramatically slow the growth of tumor cells. Asian, green tea-drinking communities do actually tend to have low rates of cancer.

Green tea has powerful anti-bacterial properties, helping to control dental plaque, stimulate the immune system cells and help fight off infection.

Diabetics can use green tea to regulate high blood sugar, while it can also help with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels

It is 0520 and I need to stretch…may you all have a wonderful Sunday…share some time with someone you love…laugh for no reason…eat with balance;)

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot and Sunny in The Chapel

Hello My Friend,

How are you? I am happy to see you. The heat has started to climb already. Have you been keeping an eye on the fluids and air pressure in the tires in your car? During such high heat things tend to have holy break down batman…lol

The massage business has been picking up. My handouts seem to be working…YEA! I hand them to people I would not mind having for clients (for every 10 clients you might get 1 bad one= great return). I do not put them on cars or in mailboxes or in Laundromats…for every 1 good client on those flyers, you will go through 10 bad…hardly worth the effort. I have been so relaxed with life; My Billy Holiday CD is 120 minutes and the clients love to hear it when I push play because, every session has run over by 15-30 minutes (no I do not charge if I go over). My receptionist Dale has been having a flum trying to help with the Sunshine Paddle…it is great to have friends who have your back;)

School is going well…I really find this class interesting…how cool that so many people are over 70 that we need a class on the nutrient needs of it…how far we have come…how far we have yet to go

American Boudica has been working very diligently on The Sunshine Paddle…all art and text have been focused on preparation of the forthcoming trip…we feel blessed to have the opportunity as to help so many with this event…

The Circle of Boudica is a blessed place…I do not care what color you are…I do not have to believe everything you believe in, to believe in you…I do not care who you call God/Goddess as long as you take the time to make the call…I have been inspired at the love shown to all here…this week I will start to gather and create my herbal medications…the colors have been so strong…I am sure the tinctures and powders will be excellent…After a beautiful waterside offering, Walter made an excellent feast of fish for Lugnasadah…if I had not said it, I am thankful you choose to have me in your world;)

Okay…I hear ya…you want to hear about The Sunshine Paddle…as you all know many years ago I was beaten…in these troubled economic times peoples nerves are frazzled and more often it erupts in violence…cut to these programs can cost lives…at the end of the trip all moneys not used by for the trip will be given to the shelter…I am at a unique position in my life that allows me the ability to hazard such an undertaking…the kids are grown and the grandchildren are not quite here and hubby supports me…the side effect is education…I will have pictures, video and gps that can be followed…a good math teacher could get a term on time and distance alone…an English teacher may have the children contrast the website as opposed to the cartography of John Smith…science teachers will have plants and animals…since I belong to NO political party or major corporation, my unbiased eye will show the condition of the coast…when I am done, all equipment will be split between The Florida History Museum and The Smithsonian Museum…for future generations to learn from…

I lost 25 pounds and started working out at Honeymoon Island in the water, yoga and stretching at home…not to mention running after 4 dogs…lol…I have started sending our letters requesting sponsorship…though I am good at writing, I am not good at proposal writing…so many are reaching out to help and I want to take time to say Thank You…the love and support is VERY appreciated…several people have asked how they can help…we are currently looking for camping and kayaking equipment…if you have stuff you are not using or if you find someone who wants to donate, please contact me…if you live near one of our landing spots…you could meet us with food;) or paddle with us to raise money for your local shelter (I will sign paperwork for anyone who does this)…any donation is greatly appreciated and on the website we now have a cash donation button or maybe you know a smal business that would like to be a sponsor…Chris Bilton has Done some beautiful prints for the event…Bank of America set us up with an account…it just seems a never ending amount of work, that’s okay I feel up for the challenge;)

Yes my friend, I feel the love...May you all be so blessed...Much Love

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT