Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CANCER…there I screamed it and beat it;)

As many of you know…I am going to school for natural medicine…though I was always good about nutrition, I have learned a great deal…I not only talk the talk, I can and often do, walk the walk…I wrote myself an anti-cancer/inflammation menu and got on it over a year ago…I honestly feel that this was a big factor in my finally being able to quit cigarettes

When I quit, I used Chantix…I had an event in my chest…the doctor ordered me an ultrasound of the chest to view the heart…this was 3 months ago

On Wednesday of last week the doctor received the report from the radiologist finally…it said I had a cyst that was more than 1inch in diameter in my breast…as soon as his medical assistant saw this a rush was put on…

I have been topless so much in the last 48 hours, I feel as though I should be on a beach in Brazil…

I went for the bloodwork yesterday…freaking vampires need to leave me with some blood…then I went for the next ultrasound…the girl can not find the cyst…really…its gone???…boobs squished every which way…couldn’t they at least have a cute guy doing this, then it might be at least bearable…lol…the girl was very nice, but seemed a little rattled when the cyst was just gone…I went home happy…using food as medicine works

I was home this morning when the phone rang…would I come back and let doctor big wig examine me and do another ultrasound free of charge…cysts of this size do not just disappear…they had requested the films from my doctors office…I agreed and went back…the young lady gelled me up and looked again…she looked at me so worried and said ‘1inch is pretty big and you’re a massage therapist…Can’t you feel it?’…she went to get the doctor looking worried…the doctor explained it was very visible on the first one several months ago and he would find it…oh yea…more fucking gel…he looked so very stressed (I chuckled on the inside, conventional medicine practitioners miss out on what nature can heal)…I had used them for other issues…he checked several parts of my body against my old films and found my body to be in better condition than it was 10 years ago…YEA!!!!

All cysts, except the one in my foot are gone…my arthritis has been reduced…I sit here crying…I feel very happy…all the work is paying off…I do not have cancer, the relief makes you almost exhausted…it also shows you can be a big part of your own healing…it feels groovy to be healthy

The body is so cool and I am so impressed with the education…my doctor and this natural lifestyle thing work way better than the meds conventional medicine would have me on for my pathologies…and it is way cheaper

If I could wish for you any one thing, it would be good health…may you be blessed with the Awesome feeling of wellness…

Blessed Be,


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