Sunday, August 14, 2011

Raise the Hand That Draws the Line

Good Morrow My Friend,

What a glad you had time to visit me in the wee hours of the morning…here the coffee is like me, hot and sweet…lol

With all of my knowledge, I am more than just a massage therapist…I have become an assistant to the body proper…I love my job….the clients love the results I am getting from their body…1 full session last 50-70 minutes and still only costs $30…hint…hint…hint…

In school I am in a class for nutrition for the elderly…amazing class…I have to admit I am watching frightening view of what could be my future…they can not afford food/ rent/ prescriptions…at this point even cat food is more than they can afford…if you are reading this and under 60…by a meal for someone who is over 60 please…when we were kids, they were there for us…now it is time to return the favor;)

The British Connection…lol…American Boudica is still working on the sunshine paddle…Chris has also been selling some of his artwork….I am lucky to have a famous painter as my co-author…Dave too has been pitching in until such time as the web site is at the complete point (until the trip)…just after we will be releasing the children’s book…if you get a chance to check out Chris’s work, it is simple and stunning…

Summer being in full swing almost to the point of the first harvest, Mabon is one of my happy holidays…I have not chosen what I will prepare yet…will you be joining us, there is always room at the table…I am looking for purple candles…I am also on the look out for a table cloth of purple and green…give me a shout…All babies in the Circle seem to be doing well;)…I can hear the goddess dancing, all is quiet and peaceful at the moment…

The gardens are slightly overgrown at the moment (dads’ are immaculate) and it will leave it that way until Sept. 1 (up north your first cold weekend)…this will give my rootballs protection…dad has time and energy to check his everyday…this is a busy season for me, everything is in bloom and the sun is HOT…if I do my cut the first of Sept. it will give me bright growth through most of fall;)

The dogs are well…Walter and I took Chole out to the ocean for his first swim lesson…he loves the water and did wonderful…I do have a few claw marks, but am no worse for wear;)

The Sunshine Paddle is a labor of love…NO ONE working on this project is getting paid…I am signing off hours as time does count as a contribution to helping a charity project…we here are all NEW and are trying our best…I have had to write several letters lately (this is not easy), thankfully Monique has been pitching in, Chris has been editing the website, Marion has been consulting and editing, Dale has been covering the phones and Fritz’s advice has been a great help…I do thankfully not stand alone, I have wonderfully supportive help…each good in their own area and giving of their own time…Sunrise Shelter and myself are both blessed with their help in achieving our goals…I continue my journey…work outs are going well…we took Chole to Honeymoon Island Pet Beach…he had a great time…training him in the water worked me through the ringer…at the beach were many tiny clear fish in the ebbing surf…the water was clear… the menu for dinner was fresh cod and carrots…I handled a client when we got home, before dinner, so after dinner I was just too tired for desert…Kayak shopping has begun…I am in search of my trusty steed…lol…Crossing my fingers and keeping both eyes and ears open…my vessel is out there, she and I have just not met yet…for those who think I am crazy, pledge 1 penny a mile with Trish or donate to the trip on the website…we are currently putting up Trip pages, if you would like to meet with us or wish to add to the page please e-mail me…we would love to hear from you

Medicinal Uses for Green Tea

Green tea contains very powerful antioxidants. These destroy the free radicals in your blood stream, preventing them from prematurely aging your skin and damaging your eyes.

In recent studies, it has been shown that chemicals in green tea can block molecules that play a key role in developing lung cancer. The antioxidant 'EGCG', found in green tea, can inhibit or dramatically slow the growth of tumor cells. Asian, green tea-drinking communities do actually tend to have low rates of cancer.

Green tea has powerful anti-bacterial properties, helping to control dental plaque, stimulate the immune system cells and help fight off infection.

Diabetics can use green tea to regulate high blood sugar, while it can also help with high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels

It is 0520 and I need to stretch…may you all have a wonderful Sunday…share some time with someone you love…laugh for no reason…eat with balance;)

Blessed Be,


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