Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life is Good

Merry Meet,

How are you doing? I am feeling great…the energy around me is very positive…it is leaving me feeling charged with energy…

I have renewed my Massage License…any therapist in the state of Florida should be aware 8/31/11 is the last day for renewal…I know this is a difficult time, but if you can not afford to renew please do not practice without a license…a Massage License is a medical license and if we do not treat it with respect you can not expect anyone else to?

I have enjoyed my summer break from school, but look forward to starting my new class tomorrow…Introduction to Chiropractic…in other words Bone Cruncher 101…lol…I am sure it will be quite informative

American Boudica is still on hiatus as all hands are on deck for The Sunshine Paddle…yes, we will be writing a book on the experience when it is complete…Chris and I are keeping notes…I am dying to see his pics for this one…lol

In the Circle of Boudica, I am finding purple, yellow and brown candles for Mabon…9/22 is creeping up quickly…how cool is the Mabon feast…I am saving flower petals to take to the beach in harvest offering;)

I have been so into my Plumeria blooming…it has taken 3 years…it is Native to Hawaii and is the plant used in the making of the lei (flower necklace)…the blooms are spectacular and smell sweet

The Chihuahua Crew is attempting to run my house…it only works until Chole sits on one of them…it is more fun to watch them than TV;) is in NC taking care of Tris for a while…Dad is getting ready to run to MA to help Tory…Dansir is doing the school and work thing…it is nice when all is quiet on the home front…

The Sunshine Paddle is something I am glad I chose to be a part of…the energy for this even is so positive, it almost feels catching…my husband got a catalog bonus from work and used it to get the 2 way radios and digital compass…oh how I miss the kids and their innate ability to tell me how all this stuff works…

My friend Cathy Stewart is loaning me her small kayak as a trainer…this saves me a lot of money…she says if I can learn to make this track she has no fear of my being able to make the trip…I named her ‘Yum Yum’ for her bright yellow color and what it does to sharks…lol

I have spent 3 days on the phone working to get all the logistics set…it is not as easy as you might think…I am excited about the girl scouts and the opportunity that has been offered to them for a day at the park…The parks in every state so far being so open and welcoming was a refreshing sense of community…it is hard work, but I am so happy to be a part of it…I will be on the water with Yum Yum tomorrow…

May you share in this wonderful energy and feel the warmth of community,


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