Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Breathe…LOL

Intergalactic…Planetary…Planetary…Intergalactic…yes, you have come upon me listing to the Beastie Boys…for those who do not know me…I get lost in music when in deep thought…so far the week has been quite unusual…

I was brought a young man this week for massage…though I am quite educated in the ways of medicine, I am not a doctor…his parents did not have insurance and could not afford to pay upfront so, the ER basically turned him away…his leg was hurt…I started working…when I got to the hip, he and I were doing deep breathing together to aide his pain…I noted the ball out of the socket and called a local doctor…he would not come or let the child go to him without insurance, but did give me advice…this poor young (9 yrs old) man was going to end up with NO help…the mother begged me to help…being a mother, I could not say no…I had the boy lay down with his face in the cradle…I gave him a towel and told him it was okay to bite it if he was in pain…I worked the back until it was like jello…I grabbed the leg and treated it like I normally would (my massage is very rocking)…when I swung the ankle for range, a tear fell from my eye…the ball popped back in the socket…I could feel an energy connection from my shoulder to his and the pain…he was quiet…kind of thought he passed out…his head came up and he said thank you…the energy filled with relief flooded his body…I had not moved…I felt frozen…I worked his low back and glutes and things felt better…while his mother dressed him, I excused myself…I called the doctor back…man was I pissed off…needless to say, he saw the boy that afternoon for free…the mother called me yesterday…the boy has been admitted to children’s hospital…he has a severe bone disorder…the attending physician called me this morning to let me know I had done the right thing and to thank me…to me his color, who he called God, where he was born did not matter…my work was running the limit of my license and scope of practice…it is in me to do the right thing…the father called today, he got paid…I told him to use the money for his family…I am not a rich woman…again, it is the right thing to do…I have not talked to anyone about this all week…it is hard to mull through the emotion…I am happy the boy got help…to me that was and is the bottom line…thankfully, the rest of the week has been relaxation clients…phew

We are now on hold with book 2…the cover has to be adjusted…it will take 2 weeks…fingers crossed…we have had to obtain adobe acrobat…I will be soon taking a class in it…Rose has had a workshop installed in the back yard to make the 3D cards…very cool…I love my new work space and I am sure she is loving hers…poor Chris…we keep him in the attic…too funny…we have a new power point due out next Thursday…this too will be on herbal remedies…

In school I have started a new class ‘Relaxation and Stress Reduction Techniques’…the reading has been easy so far…I am even burning CDs for clients and friends who have been having problems getting into different techniques…I will let you know when they are available…

Mom came home…she brought Auntie with her…the Bobsey Twins in full effect…they are very cute…Dansir stopped by to say hi and pick up her mail…she is now working for The Olive Garden in Orlando so I do not get to see her much…Cooper is Still in MA

The grass has now gone to seed and the winter lawn is starting to pop up…cool thing…I have not had to mow for a few weeks…it seems like the garden is sighing for autumn…it has been dry for the last few weeks…I have actually had to water every 2 days…the butterflies have been migrating through the yard this year…the colors have been bright…a lot of yellow, red and orange…we have had a few with HUGE wings that seem to be shades of blue with a tinge of green and yellow…the birds too have started…we have had a few new and many of the old ones back…

I am getting ready for my trip to North Carolina…Tristan is even offering up her bed…I mailed everything so all I have is a carry on to take on the plane…Erin called to tell me the package arrived…I hate plane trips…thankfully I will be coming back by car

The gliders are really enjoying their new wheel…so am I…it is so quiet…the dogs have been really enjoying their time in the yard…they balk about having to go out in the morning though….they are real Floridian dogs…they hate it when it gets chilly (75-80f) in the morning…it gets real funny when winter sets in

The pond has been wonderful to watch…the fish have been quite playful…it is like the enjoy dancing on the water…I have been loathe to put the pool up as I am still playing in it…every time I think to take it down we get another heatwave…it has been a great place to play since last spring

I was happy to hear baby Zach was finally released from the hospital…thank you for all of the good energy sent to help his little body heal…It seems in the Circle many find comfort and healing…I am so happy that it is working so well

Need something for a cold?

Try equal parts Elder Flower, Yarrow and Mint steeped in 1C boiling water for 10 minutes

Strain, add 2T of local honey and drink ;)

May you all be blessed,


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweeping the Task List Clear for Fall

I am glad yo came for dinner…it has been a long week…here have a plate, the pot roast was just cut…have some potatoes and carrots…I buttered some garlic bread for you

Massage was slow this week…I enjoyed the few clients that came in…with the rest of the week packed, I was thankful for the break…I am now refreshed and ready for the new week

This week in school was difficult…in American Lit. the reading delt with tough social issues…a paper turned in and final taken…My next class is ‘Relaxation Techniques’…I am so ready to be back in the healthcare area of the school…the class sounds really cool and it is with an instructor that I have not had yet…I am so looking forward to it

On the publishing front…get ready…here it comes…The second book is in print…I have been watching Amazon everyday…’The Chronicles of an American Boudica, Love is Like an Onion’ is now a part of the literary world…you can go to your local Barnes and Nobel or Borders and ask for ISBN# 978-1-60743-951-6…it will release in Europe and the UK next week…Asia and South America the end of next week…this is so cool…Chris and I have worked so hard…the herbal remedy power point was great and I have gotten such great response…with the herb ppt and the remedy ppt, Chris’s talent and his wife’s garden for inspiration I thought they were amazing…now that the publishing is done, I am feeling the urge to write again…many children are in my life again…maybe we should try a children’s book…Another herbal remedy ppt will be out in about 2 weeks…if you want any ppt, please message Chris or myself and we will get you one as soon as possible…feel free to share them or print them out

During the heavy heat, I do not weed or fertilize the garden…Robin and I cleaned them out last week and fed them…I am getting ready to take clones…I have a beautiful ‘Knock Out’ rose, true red and fairy pink rose…I also have pink, lavender, red and white crape myrtle…I have a beautiful bleeding heart vine…I will be doing some jasmine and honeysuckle…give me a call if you want some (813)907-6279…

The fish have made more babies…the dogs have been running crazy all over the yard…I think Shinara is missing Coop…she keeps running to his car and on the porch looking for him…it is sweet…the gliders have been so rambunctious they broke their wheel…87f during the day and 65f at night have them feeling their oats

Walter has been gathering supplies…he is going to apply a membrane to the roof and paint the house while I am in North Carolina…Dale, Alex, Jazen and Don have Volunteered to help…fingers crossed that the house will still be standing upon my return…

I am very happy…a friend bought me 2 new games for the Wii…the Wii has been one of the best things I have ever bought…all of us love to play…I pulled a muscle in my arm and have not been able to play darts for a few weeks…hydrotherapy in the pool has helped with this…went to Target and got a new deck of Phase 10 cards as the old cards got too warped to use anymore…another really good investment in family fun…I need to replace my Yahtzee game too as the finish on the dice are wearing off

In the Circle of Boudica it has been ever so busy…I will ask you to keep baby Zack and his parents in your heart…a young man in NC has gone for an interview, his family needs him to get this job…please say a silent prayer for him…A young woman in England has found out she is with child…focus good energy for a healthy pregnancy…Samhain is drawing near…what are your plans...I have been clearing off my task list and done all my deep fall cleaning...getting the slate swept clear before the onset of winter…have you taken time to think of someone who has passed and the influence they made in your life…Chris has taken over the news letter…please e-mail him for the link...

For New Moms-

The herbs in Healing Sitz Bath recipe mix are:

• 2 oz. of rosemary and Aloe,

• 1 oz. each of Chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, land calendula, golden seal

• 2 oz. of sea salt

As I look at this list of herbs I see some that feel a bit astringent and powerful in their healing ability. These are herbs like yarrow, rosemary, and golden seal, and then there are the soothing, cooling herbs like chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, and calendula.

The soothing quality of the sitz bath is what I think of most – the relief and feeling of gentle herbal healing.

Prepare your sitz bath

To prepare your sitz bath...

• Pour boiling water over four ounces of your herbal sitz bath blend.

• Let it sit and steep for at least four hours.

• Strain it into a bowl and then sit with your vaginal area in the tea for about 15 minutes.

Not only are the herbs healing, but this little bit of time for you can be cherished as well.

So as you can see…it has been non stop…I am exhausted…it is a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of real pride…I gave my staff off till Monday…we have all been working quite hard and deserved it…I will be landing in Durham, NC on the 5th of November…call or e-mail me if you want to catch up while I am there or on my way back down to Florida…Life is good

May you all be blessed,


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Week

I am glad you are here…as you can tell it has been one of those weeks…

Election time is here again…here in Florida it is frightening…Rick Scott…this man pulled off the largest case of Medicare fraud in the nations history is running for governor…he should be in Jail, but as with every other problem this country is facing our, president does nothing…I mailed in my ballot, so I have already voted…I voted for Alex Sink…even if all the nasty stuff they say about her is true…she is not the reason our seniors are going without needed medication and medical treatment…she isn’t fixing social security by killing off the old…by the way, I am independent and belong to NO political party...I only know 4 politicians I would allow in my home (Jeb Bush, Barney Frank, Ginny Brown-Waite and John Mc Cain) or near my family…it is because these people have shown to me (personally) that they took their reasonability seriously…I also feel if you do not vote you have no right to complain…I vote for the person I feel will do the best job…at times it has been the lesser of 2 evils…

Massage has been busy…busy…did I say busy???

I am getting ready to come out with a power point on herbal remedies…if you would like a copy e-mail Chris…Tuesday I should be able to give you a date on the launch of book 2…it is so exciting…Chris has been cranking out the artwork for the power points…I have been loving it…the art is beautiful…I will be working on the website next week and hope to launch it late next week…life is awesome

School is going well…American Literature is a lot of work…well worth it…I am learning a lot…did you know there are many books or parts of books are read on Youtube…after I have done all the reading, I found them…timing is a bitch sometimes

I have spent time this week cleaning out the summer yuk from the plants…they have received their fall fertilizer (compost tea)…all the garden beds look so happy…the fish got new water and the pond area cleaned up…I gave all the plants a deep water (this is when you water each for 10 seconds, let the water soak in and repeat 3x)…I will do this once a week until spring…this will keep the roots deep so they do not freeze…I will not water for one week after a ground freeze…I do not remember the exact reason for this…I just remember it being one of grandma’s rules and know to follow it

Is anyone besides me sick of all this 2012 crap? If I hear one more thing I think I will puke…the world is not going to end…get over it…we are not at the end of days…get a grip…this is like the 4th or 5th time in my life they have predicted disaster…does anyone remember Y2K??? They have been predicting the end of time since the days of Jesus…we are still here…how about looking around and enjoying what is here…the world in front of us is not great…stand up and make it better…hiding in depression over such silly things isn’t helping anyone…on that night I will be looking at the stars…the only thing that has been called for by the Aztecs was for a cosmic event…not the end of the world…sadly, our media has twisted the words of the ancients to make them the most money

Sorry for being so tightly wound…I work, study and care for my home with a great deal of solitude…when I turn on the TV, I get assaulted with political commercials…I have had 3 people go off the wall about 2012…with so much solitude, you get to thinking…in my case it can be a dangerous thing…

I bought my ticket for North Carolina to go see Erin and Tristan in Nov…it will be nice to see them both…I have not seen North Carolina in 10 years…I will take the camera

Well the phone is ringing and the sugar gliders are calling for food…I am glad you stopped by

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The room stands quiet and calm

A body lay motionless

Air heavy with perfume of flowers

Muscles flow under the warm hands

Skin weathered and heavy with ache

Warm breath escapes across the back

Candle light flickers and dances around the room

Light touch inspires the body to motion

An act of caring and compliance

Fingers slowly move fibers asunder

The heart of benevolence beats with strength

Bankrupt of energy the muscle gives way

Restocked the soul regains health

The spirit soars beyond the clouds

Dorraine M Cooper- Rooney, LMT

Copywrite 10/10 American Boudica

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boom Boom Room

I need to vent…yes, me…I do get out of whack and my mind wanders to that little planet…at the moment we are purple, but the surface can turn red in a heartbeat

First, I am sick of politics…finger pointing whinebags…I say we make it a federal law that you have 90 days to make some improvement or we get to fire you…if you are fired you get no benefits AT ALL…this goes from the president down to the local police chief…this is what is expected from anyone in the private sector…any debate should include ALL candidates…not just those that the media wants to show us…the healthcare bill needs to be repealed…we need to respect our seniors, not kill them off…I can’t wait for the current regime to be gone and maybe we can get a real President….fingers are crossed

I love ‘Deadliest Catch’…I am upset with what is going on…The Hillstrands’ signed a contract with Discovery Channel…the brothers’ Hillstrand did not live up to the contract…Jonathan tried using Phil as an excuse, but anyone could see he was having problems before Phil died…this is why he was not on the boat when Phil stroked out…so to use Phil in such a way was lame and sad…when Discovery tried to give them another chance, the Hillstrands hired lawyers instead of manning up and getting the job done…real wankers…I do not blame Discovery for suing them…sadly it seems the Hillstrands have drug Captain Sig into it…It has now been announced that the Northwestern will not be back…I will miss Edgar, Sig and the boys…I will still watch the show though…I stand behind the Discovery Channel…

I had to read Emily Dickinson…I do not see what the fanfare where this woman is concerned is…I have found her writing quite immature and underdeveloped…this has caused a week long debate between the professor (who thinks she is great) and myself…I have cranked out many papers over the last few days and still have a 500 word count paper to go…I am trying to get all my work done so I have time to study for the final…my vocab is expanding, always a good thing…just wish I could better understanding what this professor wants

Just saying…

The pool water has been bloody cold…I went to clean the filter and the hose burst at a weak spot all over me…It would have made a good beer advert…then I got into the icy waters of my pool…I was so cold I think I saw the Lady of the Lake

Fall is not only when dogs shed…they molt too…Love is cleaning all the dead skin off your dogs ass…Love is cutting back on the cats food even when he shreds the souls of your shoes…Love is cutting food to keep the glider family quiet so I can type my blog

I have gotten to the point where I do not answer phone numbers (Unknown, 800, 888, 900, 000) that are nothing but trouble…I send them to voicemail or hang up on it…if you want to sell me something do not have a machine call my house…I can not afford to make donations…thank you for understanding

All my friends are headed to a party in Massachusetts and I am here working and doing a paper this weekend…bummer

The day has not been bad…just a little stressed…so here I sit on the outer limits of Krylon

I have done my research and will start my paper tomorrow…clients will help the day go by too…I am going to sit under the new moon release and recharge.

Earth to planet Krylon, come in Krylon…everyone has one of those days…reflection and perspective help…positive is always best…tomorrow will be a better day

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reaching for the Stars

Merry Meet,

You look well today…I am feeling a bit spunky…the ½ week has been quite active…sorry I have no goodies made, I do have cold sweet tea, let me get you a glass…come in, sit down, relax

Massage has kept me on the go…my youngest 2 clients (7months & 9 months) are in the hospital doing battle for their respective lives…I have turned over all info to the doctors and consult with the parents…I have a client who I had to pre op for knee replacement surgery…another is just returning after eye surgery…On Monday, I will be expanding my business…I will keep you up on that later in the week..My last client today was a 90 minute that needed his body stretched…I do love my job…

Okay…great news at school…I made the Deans List (because I made good grades, I am not in trouble)…Yea!!! Whoohoo!!!...I have done 3 papers in the last 4 days…I find American Lit quite interesting…the teacher is a hard read and it is a work intense class, but I feel what I am learning makes it worth it…

Chris and I have much new to post…I need to keep it under wraps for now…I will fill you in this weekend…*smile*

Next week is going to be the start of an ultra-busy few weeks…Walter is prepping the roof as we will be putting on a membrane…thanks to a friend that generously gave me some paint…we have also started cleaning the house to paint it…

I am cleaning out the pool and getting it ready to start putting on the cover…I have still been going out everyday, but the water has started getting cold…we have decided to leave it up for winter…I have also started to prep the pond for winter…I have taken advantage of the cooler weather to clean up the garden…the compost pile is getting big

I am so looking forward to Samhain…it is the time of year to feel the breath of the past on your shoulder…In the Circle of Boudica, I have been helping moms find fun way to celebrate those who have passed on with the kids…one of the families rents a farm with a grave site on the property…she took the kids out and cleaned it up…the kids decorated it…the kids have found candles they will burn…it has been a lot of fun…another young woman has been planning her meal with the kids…her mom just passed, so they will make the food grandma made…what a great way to remember someone…a young man, who recently lost his wife, is taking the kids to see grandma (mother’s mom)…I can feel the love…it is a great thing…what are you doing to bring in the season?

Rose Hip Syrup

• Gather rose hips after they have developed and turned red. Some herbalists recommend waiting until after the first frost for improved flavor. (These fruits are commonly found on bushes well into winter.)

• Rinse rose hips well, remove any stems or flower remnants

• Bring two cups of water to a boil and add four cups of rose hips. Simmer for 20 minutes or until the water has been reduced by half

• Allow to cool slightly and then strain through a jelly bag or cheese cloth

Stir in 2 cups of local grown honey.

This rose hip recipe keeps well in the fridge. It is a great immune booster with an antibacterial back up (great for cold, flu, sinus, sore throat). Rose hip syrup is especially good on pancakes or to sweeten teas.

I will start cooking next week and it will go thru until after Yule…get ready to eat…I am looking for a good pumpkin bread recipe…do you have one? Or maybe one for pumpkin cookies? I will be making chicken with butternut squash and mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow…if you are hungry, come get a plate…

Give me a hug…may you have much love and many blessings…I am here if you need me…listening to Van Morrison and doing homework or working on a client or working on the publishing business…I will sleep someday;)

Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance

With the stars up above in your eyes

A fantabulous night to make romance

'Neath the cover of October skies

And all the leaves on the trees are falling

To the sound of the breezes that blow

And I'm trying to please to the calling

Of your heart-strings that play soft and low

You know the night's magic

Seems to whisper and hush

And all the soft moonlight

Seems to shine in your blush...

-Van Morrison

Blessed Be,


Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Mother Nature Taken Over

Merry Meet,

Hail and good day to you…it has been a long week…you look tired…sit down and put your feet up…I am happy to hear you have been busy…I too have had much to do…

Massage has been steady…I am starting to reshape into a healthcare business…my certifications and credentials are starting to pile up…Walter will be making me a new sign…Dale and I have hauled all of my paperwork out of the storage room…this will help the clients know how I can help them…it will also allow me to have price changes for different services

School has been interesting…I am taking American Lit right now…I have already turned in 2 papers and started on my work for week 2…it is a lot of reading…quite intriguing pieces chosen for this class though…

American Boudica will be releasing a power point of herbs this week…it is free…please contact either Chris or myself and we will be sure to get you a copy…I had to send book 2 back to fix some errors I found…

The week was made interesting when for 3 days I had no voice…I had to laugh at myself…I sounded like a squeaky toy…I was fine and it really puzzled me why I had no voice…not even a sore throat

In the garden I will be fertilizing tomorrow…I only do this once every 3 months…compost tea and bat guano will make the beautiful garden grow…I have been cleaning out the plants all week and this will give them a good boost just before the weather gets cold…now that we are in hurricane season, the blooms have been coming big and strong on all the flowers…

Animals are the bizarre story this week…we have new sugar glider babies…I have only been able to peek at 1 and am not really sure how many there may be…I saw what I thought was a piece of burnt bread by the toaster…I went to pick it up…scared the crapp out of me…it was a bat…Walter let him go outside…I was a little freaked out….since the heat has broken, the fleas have been horrid…Advantage is a pet owners friend…

In the Circle of Boudica…it was a busy week…I released a holiday informational power point…I have counseled a few people…I hosted my open first prayer session…a wonderful young woman from Ireland got on Skype and sang to me an ancient chant…her voice was like an angel’s wing, strong and clear

Dad is getting ready to go to MA and has been busy around the house…Mom and Auntie will be home soon…Tristan got her new 4 wheel drive in time for the flood…she is now a Godmother…Dansir is enjoying her new job at the Olive Garden…Orlando seems to be agreeing with her…Erin has been working hard and getting ready for my visit…My grandaughter Lindsey is really enjoying the Ocean Wii game I sent her...I can not wait to take her to the beach...

The pool is getting colder…I am still rocking the white bikini…at my age it is important to take time for yourself each day…I use this time to meditate…to think…to review all I have taken in….at times even talk to myself…to work out those things people think you take so lightly…it has been an amazing summer…I am thankful for so much…the animals actually look forward to my time outside with them…the blooms and berries popping out have the birds fat and happy…there has been very few bugs in the pool…the water has been crystal clear…I feel very at peace…

Honey was widely used, a natural antibiotic and used to dress wounds and as a base for healing unguents, as was castor oil, coriander, beer and other foods.

Thank you for coming to visit…I made you a plate to take home…I will be holding a card game Wednesday…give me a call and let me know if your going to come…I would love to see you…may your day be short and the night be long and may the road you walk on be blessed and fruitful…

Blessed Be,

Lady Dorraine