Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Week

I am glad you are here…as you can tell it has been one of those weeks…

Election time is here again…here in Florida it is frightening…Rick Scott…this man pulled off the largest case of Medicare fraud in the nations history is running for governor…he should be in Jail, but as with every other problem this country is facing our, president does nothing…I mailed in my ballot, so I have already voted…I voted for Alex Sink…even if all the nasty stuff they say about her is true…she is not the reason our seniors are going without needed medication and medical treatment…she isn’t fixing social security by killing off the old…by the way, I am independent and belong to NO political party...I only know 4 politicians I would allow in my home (Jeb Bush, Barney Frank, Ginny Brown-Waite and John Mc Cain) or near my family…it is because these people have shown to me (personally) that they took their reasonability seriously…I also feel if you do not vote you have no right to complain…I vote for the person I feel will do the best job…at times it has been the lesser of 2 evils…

Massage has been busy…busy…did I say busy???

I am getting ready to come out with a power point on herbal remedies…if you would like a copy e-mail Chris…Tuesday I should be able to give you a date on the launch of book 2…it is so exciting…Chris has been cranking out the artwork for the power points…I have been loving it…the art is beautiful…I will be working on the website next week and hope to launch it late next week…life is awesome

School is going well…American Literature is a lot of work…well worth it…I am learning a lot…did you know there are many books or parts of books are read on Youtube…after I have done all the reading, I found them…timing is a bitch sometimes

I have spent time this week cleaning out the summer yuk from the plants…they have received their fall fertilizer (compost tea)…all the garden beds look so happy…the fish got new water and the pond area cleaned up…I gave all the plants a deep water (this is when you water each for 10 seconds, let the water soak in and repeat 3x)…I will do this once a week until spring…this will keep the roots deep so they do not freeze…I will not water for one week after a ground freeze…I do not remember the exact reason for this…I just remember it being one of grandma’s rules and know to follow it

Is anyone besides me sick of all this 2012 crap? If I hear one more thing I think I will puke…the world is not going to end…get over it…we are not at the end of days…get a grip…this is like the 4th or 5th time in my life they have predicted disaster…does anyone remember Y2K??? They have been predicting the end of time since the days of Jesus…we are still here…how about looking around and enjoying what is here…the world in front of us is not great…stand up and make it better…hiding in depression over such silly things isn’t helping anyone…on that night I will be looking at the stars…the only thing that has been called for by the Aztecs was for a cosmic event…not the end of the world…sadly, our media has twisted the words of the ancients to make them the most money

Sorry for being so tightly wound…I work, study and care for my home with a great deal of solitude…when I turn on the TV, I get assaulted with political commercials…I have had 3 people go off the wall about 2012…with so much solitude, you get to thinking…in my case it can be a dangerous thing…

I bought my ticket for North Carolina to go see Erin and Tristan in Nov…it will be nice to see them both…I have not seen North Carolina in 10 years…I will take the camera

Well the phone is ringing and the sugar gliders are calling for food…I am glad you stopped by

Blessed Be,



  1. Hi D :) I too am tired of the 2012. It's become a joke between my friends and I, we say- My husband is going on another mission on 2012... as long as the world doesn't end. Or, so-and-so is writing a new book and the publish date is 2012, well- looks like we're not going to read that one... From my research, it almost leads to the thought of a consciousness shift among humans. Perhaps something astonishing will happen, and those who have their heads in the right place will be able to accept it, and those who don't will have some major learning to do. But, who really knows- not I. I'm just living like you and enjoying the present :) Doing my fall planting, and learning every day!

    Love and Light!


  2. Well said Sara, here, we have folks walking the streets with banners and spouting :"The End is Nigh". Ha! Big deal. Enjoy the day like there is no tomorrow and you can't go wrong.
    Cheers everyone, and may your olives glow in the dark for ever more.

  3. The only thing I expect to happen that day is the planets to will be a great night sky