Sunday, July 22, 2012

Making it Look Easy

Merry Meet,

How are you this fine day? I have been hard at work…I am sorry you were not able to catch me earlier this week…it has been a little crazy

Massage is always the best place to start…I had a few clients in and out this week…they enjoyed quizzing me for the upcoming final…I am getting ready to put my own office here on the property outside of the home itself, as my practice is getting too big to be in the house anymore…Walt and I have started looking at outbuildings…I have been working on a neck massage technique- it looks so relaxing…

In school, I took my final in acupuncture…this means I now have a Bachelors of Science in Natural Medicine…YEA…Monday I start grad school…No, I am not really sure at my age what I am thinking…my first class will be fiscal accounting…hmmmm…maybe I have really gone crackers

American Boudica Publishing is in full swing…our next book will be available on Kindle soon…the new website will be more interactive and have new features…we are excited about this…we hope to launch the ringtone by the end of summer and the APP by Christmas…I have to say it is really neat

The Circle of Boudica is getting ready for the Lughnasadh 2012 and it looks to be special (Aug 1), I will having a feast and bon fire…candles are green, blue and yellow…incense is sandalwood…this is when we pray for a good harvest or for the things in life we have been working hard on to start to come together…on Aug 15 it will be time to pull out ball jars to clean and get ready for canning and time to pull out the winter gear in time to repair, replace or clean

It has been a very wet summer…the flowers are blooming with bright vibrant color…the lawn is being mowed twice a week- that is being conservative…Dad Has veggies growing everywhere…they do not like it when he is gone…at least it has rained everyday so I will not get yelled at about the watering…

The Sunshine Paddle is in practice and workout mode again…I have sat back and thought about all we have been able to accomplish- I have to admit I am impressed…I am the one with the paddle, but I have much love and support behind me…Tropical Storm Debby has dumped much water and just when we started to dry- we have been having much rain…many areas are flooded…in my paddles, I must share- flood currents are not stable…if you get caught in one- you could be hurt…

So as you can see, I have been a little swamped…thank you for making time to come and see me…Tuesday, I will be going to ‘Wet and Wild’ the water park in Orlando if you want to join me…

Everyday we make tough choices…some good- some bad…how we stand up to them is what makes us who we are…doing what’s right even when its not popular shows ethics…being honest…yes, I know I make it sound so easy- it is not really…you are not the first to point out that I make it look easy…think about it this way- I did it wrong so much so, right has been pounded into my brain…lol

Blessed Be,

D. Cooper- Rooney, LMT

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lookin Out My Front Door

Greetings and Good Day to You,

I am happy to see you…how fared your home in all the rain…we sprung a few leaks, but were able to handle it…my computer blew- his doctor has him up and running again now…Tropical Storm Debby kicked some coastal behind and is just starting to recede…

My clients have been steadily coming in…they really are amazing…I am so blessed to have such support…recently, 2 of my clients have passed…you see, I have clients for several years (usually until they move away or die) and it hurts to see them pass…I am lucky to have been part of their healthcare team…people leaving this planet need as much love as those coming in…the energy from these massages is very rewarding

In school I just passed Traditional Chinese Meds with an A…I am currently in Acupuncture…this is my last class and I will have a Bachelors’ of Science Degree…I am really excited…I will walk for graduation in March at the Boca Campus of Everglades- How freakin cool is this

With Chris having the helm of American Boudica Publishing, it has given me freedom to go back into production mode…we are getting ready to release the next book…we are psyked to announce we will soon release a ring tone at the end of August…a few other things are in the works, I will keep you posted as I can

The Circle has been busy…many children have been ill…so far they have all come to their respective homes and are out of the hospitals- always a good thing…we are making ready for Lughnasadh…I am looking for green and blue candles…if you find some cool ones please let me know

Due to Tropical Storm Debby, I had not got much time to paddle- other than in my front yard (lol)…needing to keep the work out going, my friend Steve suggested I try metal detecting…this was actually a good thing as it worked all the right muscles and I found a pair of Oakley Sunglasses…

The Sunshine Paddle helped send 2 women to MI for the reading of ‘The Vagina Monologues’…we have started putting together next years trip…I also went and paddled over on Hudson Beach as soon as the water receded enough…this was a difficult paddle…though there were no real waves, the current just under the surface was quite strong…my chest still feels ripped up…we have been going through the equipment- some of it is falling apart after almost 2 years in salt water…

Though the water has been deep, the gardens are doing well…Cooper is home and the flower beds are full and colorful…because he has continually cut the grass it has soaked up any standing water in the roots…the hues are quite bright and blooms are prolific

The dogs have not had it easy as the bugs are trying to ride on them…I have doused them with Advantage…though Quintus hates the bath, he does like if mommy dries him off…they all really just love any excuse to snuggle

Dandelion- The leaves of this plant are a powerful diuretic. The roots are a blood purifier which helps remove toxins from the liver and kidneys. Because it is high in vitamins and iron, this herb is useful for treating anemia.

Well luv…I am tired and there is still much to be done…I am glad we had this time to chat…oh…BTW…we are putting together a women holiday for next year…please inbox me if you want to go

Your Friend,