Friday, April 20, 2012

Do or Do Not- There is No Try

Merry Meet,

How glad I am to see you…please wade through all the packing supplies…so sorry to have not been around…it is crazy, we are down to 25 days and there is so much to be done…

I have spoken to all my patients and they are aware my massage office will be closed from May 10, 2012- Aug. 15, 2012…they know I will miss them, but they know this is something I must do and they stand behind me…I am blessed

American Boudica Publishing is under control of Chris Bilton until my return in August 15, 2012…you will soon be able to see his work at the Rotherham Art Festival

School is going well…Feng Shui has been quite interesting…Today is my final…then a whole week of spring break…my next class will be in Chinese Medicine while on the paddle…I am actually excited about this…a netbook was donated for me to use for my studies while on the road…we also got a printer donation…the school is aware I am on the paddle and is working with me…Blessings are abundant

The Circle of Boudica will close on May 2, 2012 until Aug. 15, 2012…if you are in need of Guidance, please contact my Bard Chris Bilton…Beltane is fast approaching and I am so excited…if you wish to join me let me know:)…I will have Pastor Scott from Atonement Church Bless the Blue Horizon on 4/29/2012

The gardens will be somewhat overgrown this summer…dad will be here to care for them until my return…I have been trying to catch everything up before I leave, but alas there are only so many hours in a day…my plants are strong enough to make it until I get home…I will joyfully clean it up when I get home…

Tristan will be married tomorrow…I am sad not to be there, but she has promised to send pictures and video…young Matt will be a nice addition to the family…his actions and reactions have me happy with him…I feel she has chosen well:)

The Vagina Monologues went wonderfully…we had a packed house at the Zephyrhills Lyons Club…great fun and great message…if you get the chance I highly recommend it

The Sunshine Paddle is only 25 days away…my nerves are on high…trying to make sure we have everything…painted and lettered the truck…packing, unpacking and packing again…begging for donations…checking in with every state and rechecking with the coast guard…prepare for the worst/hope for the best…I took the Florida’s Boaters test and passed…so much to do and so many gizmos to learn…getting them all registered and all paperwork turned in...I am excited about the blessing of the horizon...I am happy Pastor Scott agreed to help…Debby will be here on May the 10th…she too is making ready to get under way with me…

Life will be back to Normal in August…until then, feel loved…you can write the address on the site (they will know my mail stops on route) or call and leave messages for me on that phone as I will call home daily…

Many Blessings,