Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Feelin the Vibe


How are you??? I am working on fine tuning me…it has become time to let go of some things that are not working…finishing up different things…and really just learning and growing though many of life’s lessons…

The projects at American Boudica are moving slowly at the moment due to a hyper schedule of all of us as individuals…Chris has been handling our Art shows throughout South Yorkshire and I have been getting ready to open the showroom 3 days a week, Walter is currently constructing the space…Rose has been doing evermore intricate bead work…she really amazes me…we have 2 books in the works right now

Nature’s Power and Energy is still waiting on the patent…this is more than a little frustrating…after much thought, this company got put on hiatus until either we receive the patent or I wrap up things that, at the moment, take higher priority…

Rooney Detail has been having a good month…lots of RVs and boats getting ready for summer…thankfully we got the Meguire’s order got here late last month…we got a call to go to the coast to work on a 59 Rolls Royce…so very neat…the private driver work has proved helpful too…it is fun to watch the company grow

Rooney Media is still in the learning dynamic…with a pirate for a boss, it is not easy…camera angles and lighting…content…we should be ready to start rolling out the work soon…this seemed like it was going to be so easy, again those who do it correctly make it look much easier than it is…though I have been finding it enjoyable and it adds another feather to my cap:)

Girly Pirate has been busy working with media productions…the seminar went well but, many have requested video…to be ready when they are ready to shoot the video, I am working on putting together separate pieces of the seminar to make each video a section of the overall seminar…this is really fun and exciting

The 2017 Sunshine Paddle is complete…this year was plagued with problems and I ended up going alone…I was thankful that I had started a workout challenge several weeks before or I would have been in real trouble…with the amount of working out in the water and out, it took every spare second I had…I am glad to be able to help the community- it is a blessing…

The dissertation is working…the first 3 chapters are complete…I will soon need to defend them…I have submitted my IRB paperwork and am awaiting permission to implement my survey…OMG hurry up and wait- this has my nerves frazzled…this will be done soon and I will have my doctorate…I am excited about completing and it is driving me forward to graduation

In the Circle of Boudica, Beltaine is 4 days away and there will be NO fire this year due to burn bans…so, I will celebrate by swimming circles in the pool…I will pray for peace, in mind, in heart, and in habit…and I will pray for rain, my beautiful Florida is dry and needs the water…

Walter and I got the pool up…I cleared away all that was dead from the gardens, this was a good deal as we are dealing with drought conditions…Mom and Dad took a trip up North…they had a great time with my brother’s family…I am getting ready to take the CSCP credential exam…so much at one time can sometimes be overwhelming

Blessed Be,