Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sleep is for the Weak

Merry Meet,

          How are you doing…I have hit the ground running and have not had much time for anyone lately…please do not feel ignored…I promise to make time soon and we can spend the day together…it has been a while since we have had time to hang out…I will fill you in:)

          Nature’s Power and Energy is getting ready for controlled open water environmental testing…this involves FL DEP, FWS and OEE not to mention Federal DOE, FERC and Army Corp of Engineers- are you suffocating from the red tape yet…believe it or not Duke Energy stepped in to offer me help…some days are just cool…Pasco Parks has also be really helpful in build me alliance with Duke…I am so proud of our crew and their ability to innovate on the run…poor guys to have me for a boss…

          The first children’s book in series will be out before the 15th of April…it is neat…Along with that we have released 2 new academic papers…as you can tell as a publisher, American Boudica is rockin…we are still working Bilton in America so, please call your local gallery to find out if they are on our schedule…

          Our design shop has been in warp drive…cartoons, travel, art and so much more…Chris and I have been having fun with this…From T-shirts to towels to night lights- or product list just keeps growing…so far everything that has been ordered has been quality product…
          School is now a class on surveys and research…as you can imagine it is paper heavy with an uptight professor…I have my dissertation topic…it is a comfortable feeling to be able to start putting focus to it

          At the Sunshine Paddle, we have been so busy…Weeki Wachee with Walter was fun and to see how much control he has learned with the paddle stoke…the guys at Paddling Adventures are awesome…we have been playing tennis when we cannot get to the water, I feel this has helped…it teaches power and control through the shoulder muscles…I was able to escape twice this week and run to Anclote River Park…always a good thing when business takes you near the coast…We have also made our first donation drop for 2015 to Sunrise of Pasco... 

          In the Circle we will be celebrating Ostara on Friday with a good meal and a fire…spring has landed here in Florida and we will celebrate all that is new…I am looking forward to it…hope to see you there

          Dad has been making me crazy…he actually had me take video of him diving his mowers around…mom has been working on a new quilting project that is really pretty…I have taught my grandson that shopping is fun and given him his first soccer lesson…he and I have such fun

          Well honey, it is time for me to go…thank you for coming to hang out for a few, I do enjoy our time together…try stop by sooner this time…will you be going to the beach with me next week????

Blessed Be,

The Girly Pirate