Saturday, February 25, 2012


Merry Meet and Good Day to You,

How be you this fine day…I am well and verily busy…I am thankful you made time to catch up to me…I know my schedule has gotten crazy…

Massage has been a delight…I have had a few clients who have given me a real challenge…this has been difficult as some of the specialists in this area think all therapists are hookers…fighting those predisposed notions is a pain, but the clients are worth it…
School as of late has been awesome…sadly Political Science has now ended and I got an A…YEA…it was exciting and fun…it was a class based in history...I did a paper on Patrick Henry 'Give Me Libety or Give Me Death'…I had a blast, but I do not think the teacher will ever be the same :)

American Boudica has been working- albeit at a snail’s pace…Chris and his granddaughters have started the children’s book and doing a smashing job…I miss being able to write everyday…it has given Chris time to develop his painting…the paddle will soon be done and we can get back to pen and paper…I miss hearing the stories from across the pond too I have to admit:)

The Circle has a low rumble about Ostara (March 20)…I will be having a meal and the a Bon Fire…love can only grow when it is shared…for those who cannot attend, write on a slip of paper 5 things that make you happy- flip it over and write on the opposite side 5 things you do to make others happy and mail it to me- I will place them in the fire for you:)

The SunshinePaddle is now under the 90 mark…I am starting to put everything together…appearances and practice have me fairly wiped out…in a good way though…I am glad to finally have the truck and camper situation for the ground crew secured…now gas, food and lodging areas…my push for donations is on and it feels like I am fighting an uphill battle…one I feel needs fought…

My mom is now home and running around with her friends…I am sure she has tested the sewing machine to make sure I did not blow it up…lol…Dad has been up with Dansir and Tristan in North Carolina…sounds like they are having fun

With all the recent rain and warm weather, the yard is springing back to life…I try to get to as much as possible…I just have not had as much time as I need out there and Dad is not home…maybe soon

I have been channeling my inner Captain Phil…’you can sleep when you’re dead, now get back to work’…isn’t he also the one that said ‘I know why lions eat their young’…lol...another shot of Flodgers please…I can get through this

Reducing Hot Flashes (always ask your doctor)
2 teaspoons of cohosh root
1 teaspoon of don quai root
2 teaspoon of sarsaparilla
2 teaspoon of licorice root
1 teaspoon of chaste tree
2 teaspoon ginseng root

Low boil together in 3C water for 1 hour- 3T local/organic honey…remove from heat and steep for 1 hour…strain into colored glass bottle…add 1C Brandy and seal for 2 weeks in cool dry space…no more than 3 Tablespoons in 8 hours…

I am glad to see you well and ready for spring

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Point of View May Not Be Sane

Merry Meet,

How are you today? I am unwell, in a fun sense….lol…it has been an interesting week…I am so glad to sit and have time to hat with you…it has been so busy…here, have a Lifewater and take a seat

Massage has been going well…I see my clients making great strides in maintaining good health…writing notes to doctors, teaching patients about what would be best for them to eat for their situation- so that they might speak to their doctor about it and following up after the patient has seen the primary care…marketing in this business is a must, but should be done with care…look at the demographics for your area and find your target market…adjust to your market and set your parameters…it is good to update this knowledge at least every 6 months

I just finished a biology class and am now in political science...I love my school…it seems interesting so far…all about our government…the teacher has made it fun…I will keep you posted

AmericanBoudica has been on hold as I have been on the run and Chris has been sculpting… I love when he is flowing creatively…the art he brings to the table is amazing…I am blessed
The Circle is getting ready for Imbolc…white, blue, green and purple candles…I will be having a small bon fire…a joyous feast is a requirement of this holiday…I deep cleaned and did the shopping today so that all will be well for the morning…a time to celebrate the renewal of the year and of blessings yet to come…it is a time of hope and birth…reach out to an old friend, share a smile and a thought;)

The SunshinePaddle has kept me running…my endurance is going up as my waist goes down…making appearances, studying charts, office work and practice seem to consume my every free moment…I have so much work to do still and am in need of donations…at the moment it is a never ending labor of love…I am still looking for a pop up/ A liner…I am pushing for it as I need to start practicing on the other coast…I have faith…it will happen…I have been meeting many really cool people from a number of different states…I am thankful for so many from my own state standing behind me too…every day I see my dream…

My young niece Abbey has been born…8 pounds and 20 inches…my mom is in MA hanging out with her and her mother now…Dad will be going to see her soon…she looks like my grandma…she is the baby girly pirate- just too cute…Walter is refinishing the family cradle for her and dad found a doll cradle (it looks like a pirate chest…lol)…I found her sox with skull and crossbones:)..Walter found her a hoodie down in Siesta Key…

Walter will soon go for oral surgery…I do not handle dental issues really well…it is hard being supportive, though I am doing my best…I remember how hard it was when I had it done…I will keep you posted

I am needing help in the yard…the young lady who normally helps me has been have health issues and will not be back for sometime…we had a blithe hit the pond and all my fish died…I was crushed, most of them were 8-9 years old...if you know someone that could use the work please let me know

Alpha Lipoic Acid- Read about it- Talk to your doctor…it is the BIG DADDY of all the antioxidants…100mg 3 or 4 times a week will encourage good health

I will be making Chocolate lollys to help raise money for the trip…I have not made chocolates for a while…this promises to be fun…I have found some pirate pops and I am going to see how I can girly them up…if you want to help let me know…

Well honey, this Girly Pirate needs to study…

Blessed Be,