Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunshine Superwoman

Merry Meet,

It has been a while…the first try at the paddle was an epic fail and upon my return home I was quite ill…mentally, I was not in the greatest space either…just then, many people started contacting me…seems that sometimes one must wade through deep shit to get to the beautiful flowers…


The last few months have left me with a quite irregular schedule…my massage patients have followed the website…they continued to call and come in…they have had unfaltering belief in me…I wanted to be depressed, but they will not allow this and say just by trying I have done more than most…we will conquer it next year


In school this month, I tackled Chinese Meds…I did very well and considering I was on the road for most of the month- I was impressed…this subject is a natural common sense way of look at healthcare, but insurance and pharmaceutical companies would not make as much money- so it is a rare thing to see the approach used very often…lets face it…they do not make money if you remain healthy



Chris and I are getting Book 3 ready for release and book 4 is getting rewritten to accommodate the Girly Pirate…He has been quite good as the head of the publishing company…it is nice to feel things moving again…Marilyn has jumped onboard with us…she has the office head we have been needing…


In the Circle we have been running to hospitals…lungs, liver, digestive issues, cancer…I have been to hospitals in 7 states…I would not rate any above another- all had very caring staffs and were clean…it is not easy when we have people we love hurting…I have been at the passing of 3 friends in the last month…it is not mine to question, but to accept…yes, it hurts…a long time ago, I began to understand I am a small part of a very big picture…we had such a beautiful midsummer’s holiday- I would like to think they had a hand in it


The Sunshine Paddle first attempt did not go well…it ran into a few unforeseen issues…so it has been rescheduled for next year…I just got back from a road trip up the coast to meet with people and talk about domestic violence…I also got to paddle in every state on the coast…this was a needed trip to gain information to make sure of my safety next year…the amount of great people is heart warming



I think we should talk about failure…it is not a bad thing…it should be looked at as a point of growth, adaptation and change…this is a big lesson to learn…the first question one should ask in this situation is- can I salvage anything from this, if you say yes the start to salvage- if the answer is no, cut all ties and let go…neither way will be easy and both will take hard work… moving toward a positive goal takes some of the sting out of the as kicking you just took too…lol…you could always give up but, what fun would that be




The gardens are looking a tad bit wild…the cactus had over 100 buds this year…I also have deep purple gladiolas popping up…it has been raining quite a bit…the vibrant colors popping out everywhere…Cooper will soon be home and have the beasties tamed… the dogs have been very protective since I have been home…one has to be within a foot of me at all times…lol…they take shifts…I guess life is not the same when I am not home


People often try to understand why I paddle…I have been raised around the water…it has always come as second nature to me…a part of my being…it can be a very emotional place…since my body was broken several times, it became very difficult to be active…I was given a paddle and freedom returned to my soul…to paddle beside animals makes you heart soar…to feel the power of the wave is a rush…it is a peace my mind had not known for years…kind of like chocolate it goes deep


So, have another cup of coffee and fill me in with what you have been up to…it is summer…did you make plans????




Do not forget to plant a bucket of aloe for sunburns and one of mint for upset bellies...

Blessed Be,



Friday, June 1, 2012

Safe, but Not Sound

Hail and Good Gay to You,

 I am glad you came to see me…yes, I am back on my feet…sit down grab a Lifewater and relax…

I have been seeing clients this week while I am home…I really love my job…one of my clients told me he was glad I got sick, so I could come home and take care of him…lol

Chris is still handling American Boudica Publishing…we are excited and will soon be releasing a new book…

School has been going well even with my blow out…I got a 92% in my Capstone Class…I am now in Traditional Chinese Medicine…this is a happy class for me…only 1 class left and I will be a graduate with a Bachelors of Science…

In the Circle of Boudica, we have been speaking of how things happen for a reason…I was brought home due to being ill- my mother had heart issues and my friend had liver issues and both needed me here, neither would tell me while I was on the paddle because they did not want to worry me…I was very proud of Debby and how she held the line when I got ill…

I know you are wondering about the paddle…I was not in the best of health…when I left home I was dehydrated…even in such a state I paddled 22 miles before I had to put in…I ended up in a hypoglycemic situation…Debby decided to take me a doctor who felt it best I should be with my own doctor…I will continue to practice and launch again next year

I will be taking a coastal trip to obtain information for the paddle, to see family and to speak to battered women…Walter and the dogs will miss me, but understand I am trying to do good things…I am excited about paddling in Maine and Massachusetts with friends

Blessed Be,