Friday, June 1, 2012

Safe, but Not Sound

Hail and Good Gay to You,

 I am glad you came to see me…yes, I am back on my feet…sit down grab a Lifewater and relax…

I have been seeing clients this week while I am home…I really love my job…one of my clients told me he was glad I got sick, so I could come home and take care of him…lol

Chris is still handling American Boudica Publishing…we are excited and will soon be releasing a new book…

School has been going well even with my blow out…I got a 92% in my Capstone Class…I am now in Traditional Chinese Medicine…this is a happy class for me…only 1 class left and I will be a graduate with a Bachelors of Science…

In the Circle of Boudica, we have been speaking of how things happen for a reason…I was brought home due to being ill- my mother had heart issues and my friend had liver issues and both needed me here, neither would tell me while I was on the paddle because they did not want to worry me…I was very proud of Debby and how she held the line when I got ill…

I know you are wondering about the paddle…I was not in the best of health…when I left home I was dehydrated…even in such a state I paddled 22 miles before I had to put in…I ended up in a hypoglycemic situation…Debby decided to take me a doctor who felt it best I should be with my own doctor…I will continue to practice and launch again next year

I will be taking a coastal trip to obtain information for the paddle, to see family and to speak to battered women…Walter and the dogs will miss me, but understand I am trying to do good things…I am excited about paddling in Maine and Massachusetts with friends

Blessed Be,


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