Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rejoice and Good Day

Merry Meet,

We are getting ready for the holiday…glad you had time to visit…as the year ends, we stop to think about how much got done this year…it was such a very busy and productive year here at Dorraine Cooper-Rooney Limited…I feel exhausted just thinking about it…there is also so much to look forward to coming up…sit down, grab some mulled cider and we can chat

AmericanBoudica has been growing…this year we have accomplished several art and jewelry shows in the UK…a new children’s book…the opening of the Massachusetts office…not to mention the publishing of academic work on researchgate, Amazon and academia.edu…we have grown and had the new company of Rooney Media Productions break off on its own…We have also broken some alliances that were no longer working for us…we are now over 10 years old and will be celebrating with a tour of the Eastern Seaboard of the USA

D’s Detail has been great…now in its second year and the new construction went well…the outdoor stalls make it easy to keep the cars out of the sun…also we have been using top of the line products that are environmentally friendly…along with Motor Cycles, Cars, Trucks and Boats…we have now added RV exteriors…twitter has helped us connect with our customers…

Girly Pirate has been evolving and growing…at the website we get ready to carry our own inventory…all of the crew has started building up for the east coast tour….we continue to create the businesses that will branch off…the adventures, lunch box and vacations are being put together and should be ready next year…we are currently forming our global supply chain link too…being the heart of Dorraine Cooper-Rooney limited, Girly Pirate acts as an incubator for these other businesses – this prevents needing to borrow money, adds to tax breaks for the company and adds to the structure of both companies…

Nature’sPower and Energy has been frustrating…we are still waiting on the release of the patent for the HydroQueen…Project Phoenix has come very far but, I expected to be further along by now…innovation is not easy and we have had many hurdles…I am blessed to have so many very creative people to work with…I look forward to 2017 and hope for saleable product

Rooney Media Productions is a graphics and video company that was started this year…establishing a new voice in the media landscape…our focus will be on media that enriches the communities around us…the first taping has started and editing has begun…this is a fun business with a great deal of potential it will be exciting to watch it evolve…

The Hypathian Studio had a wonderful meeting, even if it was small…this will not be a company but, a private club…the reason for this is, not all members work for me and this way we can help each other without infringing on other obligations…a list of rules and regulations has been formatted…we will be passing them out along with a new member video at the start of the new year

The Circle of Boudica was a fun place this year…the fellowship globally was inspiring and really pushed me to be a better person and do more for my community…tomorrow being Yule, I will have a Bon Fire at 9:30 pm…all are welcome…it is a time to pray for the New Year

The SunshinePaddle has been an amazing place to be part of…there is a good deal of work done by a great many people to pull off what we do…it thrills me to see how many around the world have taken up the cause of ending violence and making better laws to protect those that have been hurt…I often feel humbled and blessed…charity work is not easy and you do not get paid, although it is very rewarding

So here we are at the end of 2016…I am thankful to have you with me and that I get to spend this time with you…my animals are well…the gardens are in winter bloom…Walter, the folks and the kids are doing well…I am looking forward to the blessings of the year to come…May you be blessed with joy and may the good times outweigh the bad…

Blessed Be,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney