Sunday, February 3, 2013

Using a Machete to cut through Red Tape


Merry Meet,

Juan Valdez did me right this morning…nothing better than a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning…I need the caffeine to get the blood pumping this morning…lately my days seem to never end…it is my true hope that it will soon pay off as I hate working for free

Though I love Massage, I may soon stop…in the last year after expenses, I made $500…to keep up the license in this state is going to be around $450…they will not allow any of my bachelors classes to stand for my continuing education credits…to be very honest, I am tired of fighting…it is something I really need to think on

My current class is all about building business strategy…I have to admit our text is quite amazing…the teacher for this class is not a great one, but the other students open your mind to many concepts and areas in which to range a business

American Boudica has been having technical difficulties…the phones between England and the USA have been having issues…this makes it hard on us- yes we do most of our work on the net, but there are some things that need a phone…Taylor has had issues with his day job and we are still waiting to hear back from him
At Nature’s Power and Energy we have been swamped…the second grant meeting went well…over the next 2 weeks, I will: put forth for patent, re-LLC and put in for phase 0 (the grant writing requisition)…I have been doing so much research- it is odd to see me without a computer, newspaper or book…Dave has had time to help me over the last week and we have been discussing the parameters- it is so cool to watch them become more well defined

Imbolc was celebrated at the gulf shore…hunting for shells…playing on the cannons…walking the shoreline…picnic on the beach…the start of spring is a special time of year…I am so hyper- I always try to see how much I can accomplish between now and Samhain…do not forget to compost all outdoor flower beds now…it is a blessed offering that will pay you back 100 fold
The SunshinePaddle has also been very busy…we switched from a charitable event to a charity…this brought on a ton of paperwork, but to accomplish our goals it is worth the headaches…lol…I made an appearance at the East Pasco Networking Group and spoke to the about the upcoming Sun Ray Paddle…it was held at the Village Inn in Zephyrhills- great service…training at De Soto is really a very interesting paddle…wildlife of all sorts and they are happy to share their area with you and show you all around…neat place to be
There comes a moment as you glide through the water…all else falls away…your arms and the paddle become one…plant, pull, follow through…plant, pull, follow through…the sound of a bird hitting the water- to see said bird break back to the air with a fish in his beak…to see schools of fish study you…the kayak has become one with your body…as you push, a burning feeling enters the lungs with the heavy smell of salt in the water…beside you soars a pelican…a feeling of freedom invades your being…this is but a taste of how I get to feel- I hope this helps you to understand how very lucky I am…it is a space of release and clear thought…it is an opportunity that I am ever so thankful for…may you all know the peace that moment brings me

May the wind be at your back and may the sun alight your face…

Blessed Be,

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT