Friday, March 8, 2013

Update City

Merry Meet,

I know I have been hella busy…so many things seem to be held in a sort of limbo…retrograde at its finest
After giving it much hard thought, I will be closing my massage business in August as it now costs more than I can make…new laws have made it so basically insurance no long has to pay massage therapy, I do medical massage- most of my clients were insurance based…several doctors have laid of many therapists in an already saturated market…I saw a sign on one lady’s car down to $20 per hour…though I love massage, my family needs to eat and this is no longer paying the bills…so if you want a shot at my table, you have until August…at this point, I need stable money with a more focused environment…

School has been a challenge…I am in an accounting class and sales management class also…yes, I have doubled up…I have faith…I passed my business management with an A…I will soon go for my cap and gown graduation to the Boca Campus for my Bachelors of Science…how freakin cool is that

Due to phone issues in the UK, American Boudica Publishing has been working at a snail’s pace…book 3 is still in the works…we will be marketing the TV show to The History Channel this week…still waiting on Taylor on the music for the ring tone…I feel there is a lesson I am supposed to learn here- maybe patience…
Nature’s Power and Energy has been swamped…our Dave has had to step down for health reasons…this has pushed me to much work harder- I have applied for a DUNS # (that makes us a woman owned company), I called Hoover Dam and had a long talk with a chief engineer- great guy loads of helpful info…spoke to a group from the Dept. of the Int. who is interested in me putting through an unsolicited proposal…working on the taxes…busy seems to be an understatement
Ostara is almost here…many soft colors and new life…the freshness of spring is not far as we see winter take its last breath…we ready our person for the dead run of summer thru to harvest…a time to feast...March 21 seems to be just around the corner...what will you do to celebrate the equinox...the new beginings will be many are working to make it happen...
The Sunshine Paddle is getting ready for the start of the Sun Ray Paddle of the Pasco Edge of the Gulf of Mexico…Putting together this type of paddle is not easy and is far different that my normal east coast paddle…I am getting really excited…cool entrance packages, bbq at the end, etc…with a whole group going this should be loads of fun- great way to enjoy sea paddling for the first time or if you are an old hand:)

I took Walter shopping…bought him 2 new outfits and new shoes…he was so cute in his excitment…I made him model the clothes…it was fun…he never gets himself anything and at the end of the day he felt spoiled…in any relationship there is give and take…this should be equal on both parts:)

Blessed Be,