Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mellow Mind

Massage is going well…we are getting into spring and people are more active…I have been seeing a lot of strained muscles…really had me working hard

I took my final in public speaking…very fun class…I had Professor Rossi, she brings a lot to the table…I got an A…next class up is ‘antioxidants’ and it sounds quite interesting…I will have Professor Ferrell...she is a great teacher…great week here

Chris and I have been working on characters for the children’s book…as we come into spring, both of us have been on the go…we hope to have book 3 out soon

The Circle of Boudica has been a fun place to be…babies and baby animals are expected…ultrasound photos have gotten much clearer then when I was pregnant…I am going to apply to be a notary…this way I can marry people;)

About 4 days ago I started to take ‘Chantix’ in hopes of quitting smoking…32 year habit…so far I am doing okay…my nerves are a little tense, but it seems to be working…my brain is kind of having a war…when I want to hit someone, I go to the pool and do aquarobics…I have also been spending a lot of time in Farmville and Treasure Island…I can cuss at the computer and not hurt its feelings…honestly, I am feeling quite the BITCH and have been trying to avoid people until I do not feel so nasty…I tried the patch and the gum…neither worked for me…hypnotherapy…I did the group and it did not work for me (I have seen this work for others)…I did private sessions and those did work, the doc almost had me off and then he had a heart attack and died…I have noticed I am starting to get short of breath and my endurance is low so I really feel it is time to quit…when I pass 30 days with no hit from any cigarette we can celebrate…until then it is an uphill battle…

The garden is starting to bloom out…doing the aquarobics from the pool, I feel very lucky…I can see the whole back yard…it is cool to see how much is in bloom…we really do need some rain…85f and breezy depletes water from the garden

Shinara has not been well over the last few weeks…she carries a genetic pathology that kills most dogs before they hit 2 years old…she is now 9 and it is starting to get to her…I am afraid a sad decision will need made soon…the other animals have all been caring for her…it has been bitter/ sweet to see…the nurse reminded me that all of the pups from her litter died before they were one…she is so sweet…I hope she pulls through

I am looking for a travel trailer or pop up camper…I do not care if it needs work…it just has to be able to travel to me…if anyone should know of one please let me know

I have learned to play ‘Go’ and now I am looking for someone who wants to play…I am also looking for someone to play ‘Chess’ with…both can be done via e-mail…I sent a word search book to my granddaughter…I filled one puzzle out and sent it to her…she is now filling out one and will mail it back…it is a great way to teach reading and spelling…Chris, Rose, Dale and myself are doing something similar…we are passing a word search book among the 4 of us as kind of a bonding exercise…

My guitar lessons are going well…my fingers are kind of still bumbling and feel slightly bruised…this is a good thing according to the lessons on You Tube…I like learning this way…it is more comfortable to go at my own pace

D’s advice for all sprains and strains (first 24 hours)-





-keep in mind a bad strain will be worse on the second day

-if pain or strain is severe seek medical attention

Well my beautiful friends…we have come to the end of another blog…May you all enjoy an amazing day…May all your dreams be mystical…life is good…take a deep breath and smile

Blessed Be,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Benefit of Integrative Medicine

Welcome and good day to you, my name is Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA44729) from Wesley Chapel, Florida with over 400 patients…I am a daughter of seniors and have raised 38 children…it seems like I have delt with some type of medicine since I was 18 years old…this child fell off the skateboard, that child got into a fight, mom’s blood sugar is up, dad needs teeth pulled, the other child broke a leg skiing…with all that is currently going on in healthcare, I have great concern with what I am currently seeing…I would like to show you the problems and some answers that would benefit us all…I would like to introduce you to and show you the benefit of Integrative Medicine…I can hear you in the audience groaning at yet another speech on medicine, I too am tired of hearing them…so let me show you how to fix the situation so we can move on

In medicine we fight many factors to help the patient. With the leading fight being between conventional medicine and alternative medicine, a secondary battle is on a governmental level and last (but, in now way least) how this has let big money run medicine instead of practitioners being able to work freely. Using a plan of integrative medicine would eliminate all of those battles and give, we, the patients the ability to make educated choices, the practitioners the freedom of treatment and make medicine affordable to all.

Like a prize fight in Vegas, I can almost hear the announcer…on this side, wearing the blue trunks, we have conventional medicine…can you hear the audience cheering…wearing the purple trunks, its alternative medicine…a cheer goes up from the opposite side of the arena. This has been a long drawn out battle. Neither side appears to be winning with the biggest loser being the patient.

Conventional medicine is what you now see in most hospitals…very scientific and based heavily in the use of surgery and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard trained physician and supporter of Integrative medicine is quoted stating ‘One of the great tragedies of conventional medicine is that the amount of time doctors spend with patients has come down drastically. In some countries like Japan, this is even worse where doctors now see 30 patients in an hour and are called 'two-minute doctors'.

Alternative or Natural medicine is based in the use of herbs and natural practices that have happened for thousands of years. Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic name a few modalities in this genera.

When you go to the hospital with the bag of supplements you are taking and the nurse or doctor looks at you like you have lost your mind…do not be surprised or amazed, it is how deeply this fight runs.

Being a student obtaining a bachelor of science in alternative medicine, who will be going to premed, let me give you a tid bit I observed…Did you know; currently there is no mandate for a premed student to take herbology or Botany? There is however one for them to take pharmacology. So a doctor does not have to know what is in the pill, just which ones to push.

I can hear you in the back…I did say Bachelor of Science in alternative medicine and going to be a Medical Doctor…how? Why? Would you choose such a path? I can see the integration of medicine happening…I want to be part of medicine to come…Integrative Medicine is taking the best of both worlds and providing it to the patient…giving we, the patient, the chance to make the best possible choices in our own healthcare. To quote Dr. Weil one more time, ‘Integrative medicine means a true marriage, a system that draws on the best aspects, ideas and practices of all systems of healing.’

Let us next go to our government on every level and how they are corrupting medicine…the accept money and or expensive gifts for votes from the AMA, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies…these people are not overly concerned with the health of patients, only how much money those patients can put into their pockets. We are talking about a 2+ trillion dollar a year industry (Answers). Funny thing is most of the people making these decisions for us do not have any type of medical degree. A good example of this would be Governor Rick Scott of Florida, whom according to MQA license look up on the Florida Department of Health website, has never held a medical license in the state, but has in fact run several healthcare facilities. Though he did much as a business, in the hospitals he ran the level of healthcare went down as people no longer had time to care about the patients they were charged with, this I have heard from several clients. When I asked an ER nurse about it, I was told about how much more paperwork and many more patients (she asked to remain anonymous).

My son is now 28. When I gave birth to him, my nurse (Julie) only had 3 other young mothers to look after, I felt like she was one of the family and with her help I got used to being a new mother and I was given 2-3 days in the hospital. My daughters are now 21 (twins) and when I gave birth to them, the nurse had 10 girls to care for…I can not even remember her name…from the point the babies popped out, they and I were on a countdown as to how many hours the insurance company would pay for me to stay. In the years since, the rooms got nicer, but the care got so limited…it is actually a much worse experience and we wonder why so many young girls are going through post partum depression? Really?

Another place you see care slipping, is the use of transportation to nursing homes for clients who do not show immediate recovery…according to the Insurance it is cheaper for them…that is because they do not concern themselves with what is actually best for the patient only the bottom line…young people in nursing homes recover much more slowly due to depression from their surroundings (Yahoo). I know I would want to get put in a room with a few 90 year olds to recover from knee surgery, would you?

Look around the room; can we count 2 people in this room that don’t take at least one pill a day? Think about that. When I was growing up, only people who were sick took pills…now it seems we all do. Pharmaceutical companies have worked to make us a pill centered society. Got a bump on your toe…got a pill for it…got a rash on your butt…got a pill for it…what about when the pills stop working?

In the end, it will be up to us as patients to stand up for the right to have and use Integrative Medicine. I wish to appeal to each and every one of you to speak to your health care provider about their knowledge of Integrative Medicine. I ask those of you who have insurance to request your provider have Integrative qualifications. Do not be afraid of your federal, state and local officials…stand up and talk to them for in the end they too would benefit from a better form of health care.

In conclusion, I find when Integrative Medicine used…I see much healthier patients, lower healthcare costs and the ability to provide better care to many. With the ‘type of’ healthcare fight that would no longer exist, practitioners could focus on education. Wouldn’t that be a better world for all of us?

Cleaner Place

I am here to talk to you today about medication, animals and the environment. Many of us do not think of what happens when we are done with our medicine or the impact it has on the world around us.

In our day to day life many of us take medicine…if the doctor gives us 10 pills and we only take 5, what happens to the other 5? Some people flush them down the toilet, some use the sink and the most others tend to throw them out…none of these are acceptable, let us discuss why-

When we use the sink or the toilet, we are adding those medications directly to the environment. If you are on a local sewer system, the medications leave with the sewerage water into a treatment plant. Please keep in mind, some medications work on a microbiotic level and will remain even after the water has been treated…thus if you test your tap water you may find some drug content. If you are on septic is can be even more dangerous…the meds leave the home and goes to the septic where it contaminates the soil and ground water.

Let me give you something to think about…the University of Florida did a study that showed the alligators in Lake Apopka were becoming feminized due to the amount of contamination. The University of California found that cases of Thallium (once used as medicine, but no more due to the fact it was a good rodent exterminator) is still being released at over 1000 tons a year. Scientific American tell us a 15 year study reports, the Beluga Whale of the St. Lawrence River is suffering from several pathologies (ex. recorded 179 deaths & autopsied 73 carcasses, many exhibited stomach ulcers, commonly observed lesions of thyroid & adrenal glands, some had small amounts of milk because of: infection, necrosis, or tumors in mammary glands- 40% (21) of the animals bore tumors.)

What we do today has a BIG impact on tomorrow….this is not just in the field of animals and plants. Have you seen the young ladies walking down the street lately? When I was growing up, young ladies did not develop breasts until between the ages of 14-16…now they start at 10. According to the American Cancer Society, the number of smokers over the last 20 years has significantly decreased, but the cancer rate has tripled.

Okay, have I got your attention yet? What happens when we throw those medications out in the trash? If the medicine falls off the garbage truck, it could be picked up by a child or animal. If it goes to a landfill it will be buried in the soil and contaminate all it comes into contact with. Either way…no happy ending.

Prescription pills currently seem to be an epidemic among young people in the United States. The CDC conducted a survey in early 2010 and stated one in five high school students had taken pills not prescribed to them.

So here we sit wondering what we can do to change things. Every community had a way to drop off unused drugs. It can be easily found by asking your pharmacist or checking the internet. You can talk to family and friends about how important this issue is and how with very little effort they too could take a more green approach that would in the end help them out.

In conclusion, I ask you, my friends, to help me make a cleaner place to live. With very little effort together we can change the world.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Running on Empty

Merry Meet,

So much to tell…I see you putting up the winter clothes…here pass me a basket and I will help you fold them for packing…I got my summer clothes out last week…

The twins were home most of the weekend…it was so nice…Tris looks great…she and her Cousin James went to the Strawberry Festival…Dansir was in her doololly mood…they had pics done for me…Jaz came by to visit…Walter made a steak dinner…we all had a good time

Massage has been flowing this week…I got to try a new natural/organic lotion on Wednesday and Thursday…I was quite impressed…usually the organic lotions have a heavy smell and this one was almost odorless and had a really good drag…I will be raising my prices to $50 per hour

In my Public Speaking class, there has been a lot of reading and papers…I have to record a 5 minute presentation…I get to speak with a job counselor next week…YEA

Things at the publishing house have been slow…Tris in town and Chris with the flu…well, I have been writing, but have not had a chance at much else…book 4 and the children’s book are looking good

The Circle of Boudica has been a place of healing…I hear many whales heaving a big sigh of relief…a feeling of peace has surrounded the house…Baby Zach had a small scare, but is doing much better…I have been counseling a few pregnant moms…has anyone noticed how cute the clothes have gotten…one came to ask me about breast feeding and I cold not believe how hip she was dressed

The sugar gliders have found a new home…I have been in touch with the woman who took them…her husband has built them a larger cage and she has 3 children to play with them….I was very sad to see them go, but feel this will be better for them….she also knows she can bring them back if for any reason she can no longer take care of them…I miss their nightly chatter

The dogs have been having fun in the sun…Chole has been learning commands well…Quintus has been quite nosy lately…it seems that he feels he is supposed to be at my feet at all times or at least he thinks so…Ramses has enjoyed having his mom home…he has pranced around all week long like he owns the place

The pool is cleaned and up…the 2 days after it was only 60f out…it hit 80 today which will warm up the water…I hope to get in it tomorrow…I started to learn guitar…it is something I have always wanted to learn…I have also been trying to learn strategy of go…I will be planting seedlings in the ground next week…I got a word search book to share with my granddaughter

Life is good…may you be so blessed


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Since the return from my stay on the moon…

Merry Meet,

I am happy to see you…I hear you had a busy week…so have I…sure, I will be glad to fill you in…there is so much I could use your thoughts on…

Massage is usually my favorite place to start…I had a terminal patient pass away…I was happy to be of his service, but sad to lose a friend…he was a good man who helped a lot of people and took excellent care of his family…he is no longer in pain…so, needless to say I was feeling sad and then, I had an 80 year old ask me for a hand job…I am a massage therapist…NOT a hooker...this is NOT Thailand or the orient…Any Licensed Massage Therapist giving happy endings does not respect the profession or themselves and does not need to hold a medical license…I know the body, I enjoy helping it to heal…I want my patients to have a long, pain free life and I am happy to help it happen…I am in deep study to give the best service possible…sorry, I just do not know of a hooker who has paid more than $50,000 for an education and almost another $10,000 in licensing…yes, I am a tiny bit irked…

In school, I have started my public speaking class…very cool teacher…I think the approach in this class is neat…it is built on not only speaking, but also the art of listening…should have been called a public communication class…this class is worth the money

Chris has been in a mood to paint…which is great…the cover for ‘Other Peoples Karma’ (book 3) will soon be done…I am so excited to see it…the children’s book has been a challenge…to think as a child would is not as easy as it sounds….Book 4 is still working itself out…the writer’s block has lifted and now too much wants to come out at once…I am trying to get ‘Love is Like an Onion’ on kindle…Amazon has made many changes and I am working on it…

How will you celebrate spring??? My seeds and bulbs have been planted…I am excited for Ostara…some of my older bulbs have started to bloom…it looks to be a wonderful spring…the crate myrtles are coming back wonderfully…lets you really feel the restorative value of the season…

Tristan will be graduating and the folks will be going to North Carolina to see her…then they will drive back as she will be on leave…YEA…Dansir will be coming home to spend the night…my heart going boom, boom, boom…my girls will be home for a day…I have missed them

The critters are doing well…Chole is growing by leaps and bounds…Quintus still lives up to his name…the change of season has brought out the frisky side of Shinara…the gliders have been very talkative lately…the seem to like to talk to Quintus and Chewy

I will be making compost tea tomorrow….stop by and pick some up if you want…since I will be changing out the pond water, I will be making a big batch…if you need to know how to make it, let me know…I am sure my yard will love the boost

Toothache Pain???

Use clove oil or grind up some cloves with a little and make paste

Apply to effected area for quick relief and get your butt to a dentist

Also Note- If you just had a tooth pulled and can not yet eat, may I suggest ‘Muscle Milk’…in my opinion, it has a less gritty aftertaste than the others, but make sure it is really cold (not frozen) and shake well

Well my friend…I am glad to see you smile…

May you be well and truly blessed,