Saturday, March 5, 2011

Since the return from my stay on the moon…

Merry Meet,

I am happy to see you…I hear you had a busy week…so have I…sure, I will be glad to fill you in…there is so much I could use your thoughts on…

Massage is usually my favorite place to start…I had a terminal patient pass away…I was happy to be of his service, but sad to lose a friend…he was a good man who helped a lot of people and took excellent care of his family…he is no longer in pain…so, needless to say I was feeling sad and then, I had an 80 year old ask me for a hand job…I am a massage therapist…NOT a hooker...this is NOT Thailand or the orient…Any Licensed Massage Therapist giving happy endings does not respect the profession or themselves and does not need to hold a medical license…I know the body, I enjoy helping it to heal…I want my patients to have a long, pain free life and I am happy to help it happen…I am in deep study to give the best service possible…sorry, I just do not know of a hooker who has paid more than $50,000 for an education and almost another $10,000 in licensing…yes, I am a tiny bit irked…

In school, I have started my public speaking class…very cool teacher…I think the approach in this class is neat…it is built on not only speaking, but also the art of listening…should have been called a public communication class…this class is worth the money

Chris has been in a mood to paint…which is great…the cover for ‘Other Peoples Karma’ (book 3) will soon be done…I am so excited to see it…the children’s book has been a challenge…to think as a child would is not as easy as it sounds….Book 4 is still working itself out…the writer’s block has lifted and now too much wants to come out at once…I am trying to get ‘Love is Like an Onion’ on kindle…Amazon has made many changes and I am working on it…

How will you celebrate spring??? My seeds and bulbs have been planted…I am excited for Ostara…some of my older bulbs have started to bloom…it looks to be a wonderful spring…the crate myrtles are coming back wonderfully…lets you really feel the restorative value of the season…

Tristan will be graduating and the folks will be going to North Carolina to see her…then they will drive back as she will be on leave…YEA…Dansir will be coming home to spend the night…my heart going boom, boom, boom…my girls will be home for a day…I have missed them

The critters are doing well…Chole is growing by leaps and bounds…Quintus still lives up to his name…the change of season has brought out the frisky side of Shinara…the gliders have been very talkative lately…the seem to like to talk to Quintus and Chewy

I will be making compost tea tomorrow….stop by and pick some up if you want…since I will be changing out the pond water, I will be making a big batch…if you need to know how to make it, let me know…I am sure my yard will love the boost

Toothache Pain???

Use clove oil or grind up some cloves with a little and make paste

Apply to effected area for quick relief and get your butt to a dentist

Also Note- If you just had a tooth pulled and can not yet eat, may I suggest ‘Muscle Milk’…in my opinion, it has a less gritty aftertaste than the others, but make sure it is really cold (not frozen) and shake well

Well my friend…I am glad to see you smile…

May you be well and truly blessed,


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  1. I love reading your blogs....they do make me smile!