Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mellow Mind

Massage is going well…we are getting into spring and people are more active…I have been seeing a lot of strained muscles…really had me working hard

I took my final in public speaking…very fun class…I had Professor Rossi, she brings a lot to the table…I got an A…next class up is ‘antioxidants’ and it sounds quite interesting…I will have Professor Ferrell...she is a great teacher…great week here

Chris and I have been working on characters for the children’s book…as we come into spring, both of us have been on the go…we hope to have book 3 out soon

The Circle of Boudica has been a fun place to be…babies and baby animals are expected…ultrasound photos have gotten much clearer then when I was pregnant…I am going to apply to be a notary…this way I can marry people;)

About 4 days ago I started to take ‘Chantix’ in hopes of quitting smoking…32 year habit…so far I am doing okay…my nerves are a little tense, but it seems to be working…my brain is kind of having a war…when I want to hit someone, I go to the pool and do aquarobics…I have also been spending a lot of time in Farmville and Treasure Island…I can cuss at the computer and not hurt its feelings…honestly, I am feeling quite the BITCH and have been trying to avoid people until I do not feel so nasty…I tried the patch and the gum…neither worked for me…hypnotherapy…I did the group and it did not work for me (I have seen this work for others)…I did private sessions and those did work, the doc almost had me off and then he had a heart attack and died…I have noticed I am starting to get short of breath and my endurance is low so I really feel it is time to quit…when I pass 30 days with no hit from any cigarette we can celebrate…until then it is an uphill battle…

The garden is starting to bloom out…doing the aquarobics from the pool, I feel very lucky…I can see the whole back yard…it is cool to see how much is in bloom…we really do need some rain…85f and breezy depletes water from the garden

Shinara has not been well over the last few weeks…she carries a genetic pathology that kills most dogs before they hit 2 years old…she is now 9 and it is starting to get to her…I am afraid a sad decision will need made soon…the other animals have all been caring for her…it has been bitter/ sweet to see…the nurse reminded me that all of the pups from her litter died before they were one…she is so sweet…I hope she pulls through

I am looking for a travel trailer or pop up camper…I do not care if it needs work…it just has to be able to travel to me…if anyone should know of one please let me know

I have learned to play ‘Go’ and now I am looking for someone who wants to play…I am also looking for someone to play ‘Chess’ with…both can be done via e-mail…I sent a word search book to my granddaughter…I filled one puzzle out and sent it to her…she is now filling out one and will mail it back…it is a great way to teach reading and spelling…Chris, Rose, Dale and myself are doing something similar…we are passing a word search book among the 4 of us as kind of a bonding exercise…

My guitar lessons are going well…my fingers are kind of still bumbling and feel slightly bruised…this is a good thing according to the lessons on You Tube…I like learning this way…it is more comfortable to go at my own pace

D’s advice for all sprains and strains (first 24 hours)-





-keep in mind a bad strain will be worse on the second day

-if pain or strain is severe seek medical attention

Well my beautiful friends…we have come to the end of another blog…May you all enjoy an amazing day…May all your dreams be mystical…life is good…take a deep breath and smile

Blessed Be,


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