Sunday, March 13, 2011

Running on Empty

Merry Meet,

So much to tell…I see you putting up the winter clothes…here pass me a basket and I will help you fold them for packing…I got my summer clothes out last week…

The twins were home most of the weekend…it was so nice…Tris looks great…she and her Cousin James went to the Strawberry Festival…Dansir was in her doololly mood…they had pics done for me…Jaz came by to visit…Walter made a steak dinner…we all had a good time

Massage has been flowing this week…I got to try a new natural/organic lotion on Wednesday and Thursday…I was quite impressed…usually the organic lotions have a heavy smell and this one was almost odorless and had a really good drag…I will be raising my prices to $50 per hour

In my Public Speaking class, there has been a lot of reading and papers…I have to record a 5 minute presentation…I get to speak with a job counselor next week…YEA

Things at the publishing house have been slow…Tris in town and Chris with the flu…well, I have been writing, but have not had a chance at much else…book 4 and the children’s book are looking good

The Circle of Boudica has been a place of healing…I hear many whales heaving a big sigh of relief…a feeling of peace has surrounded the house…Baby Zach had a small scare, but is doing much better…I have been counseling a few pregnant moms…has anyone noticed how cute the clothes have gotten…one came to ask me about breast feeding and I cold not believe how hip she was dressed

The sugar gliders have found a new home…I have been in touch with the woman who took them…her husband has built them a larger cage and she has 3 children to play with them….I was very sad to see them go, but feel this will be better for them….she also knows she can bring them back if for any reason she can no longer take care of them…I miss their nightly chatter

The dogs have been having fun in the sun…Chole has been learning commands well…Quintus has been quite nosy lately…it seems that he feels he is supposed to be at my feet at all times or at least he thinks so…Ramses has enjoyed having his mom home…he has pranced around all week long like he owns the place

The pool is cleaned and up…the 2 days after it was only 60f out…it hit 80 today which will warm up the water…I hope to get in it tomorrow…I started to learn guitar…it is something I have always wanted to learn…I have also been trying to learn strategy of go…I will be planting seedlings in the ground next week…I got a word search book to share with my granddaughter

Life is good…may you be so blessed


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