Monday, April 28, 2014

Running on Empty


Merry Meet,

How be things with you? We are almost to Beltane and I am exhausted…it has come to my attention that it has been quite difficult to reach me…let me catch you up on all the happenings…

AmericanBoudica has been so busy…I have been asked about a listing of the books- it is provided at the bottom of the blog…making appearances after the last release has been a joy…Chris and I have chosen to start with our fourth book in the Boudica series in May…Keith has been patiently waiting for me to wrap this up so we can work on his book and game…sounds like my summer will be hopping:)

I have an MBA from Everglades University…WOO HOO…I worked so hard…my friend Lawanda was able to go with me…we had an awesome time…I may have made her slightly crazy with the filet o fish jingle- I do not even like the sandwich, but the commercial was so funny…the hotel had great service…the Mayor of Boca spoke…really cool service…my Keiser University instructor was great…considering 2 weeks after graduation was The Sunshine Paddle…it was not easy, but I did get all my work in…though management is a dry subject, the instructor kept it interesting…

Life in the green technology business is not easy…NPE is still in testing…innovation seems to be all about hurry up and wait…I am not really good at waiting, but at times you have no choice…I have set up power point presentations every so often so I can measure progress…For a while I have been taking all of our cardboard to a recycling bin-the money made by that bin goes to a children's group...your trash can help others…I have had to fix several little details on our full patent, so when all of that was complete they notified me that we are being put through testing at the patent office at the moment...obtaining the provisional was kind of exciting, but the full patent is really an amazing feeling

In the Circle of Boudica we are almost ready for Beltane…I will be having a fire here at the house this year…it will be my first time to relax in the last 3 months…it will be a good time for Caipirinhas- I have picked up cachaca…so psyked...I am in process of making fire spinners:)

We just completed the Sunshine Paddle for 2014…what a month…first we made an appearance at Gumbo Limbo…I was sad to learn that USA has now become number 7 in the world for finning- so horrid…I also learned with very little effort we could help the turtles and the animals of the Everglades…Next I made an appearance at the Dolphin Research Center…I was VERY impressed on many levels here…then came the end of the month…the woman who was to paddle with me bailed at the last minute…I went anyway…the trip was amazing…I raised around $150 for the shelter and $150 for the food bank…Applebees donated gift certificates…an anonymous donor gave an expensive piece of baby equipment still in the box for the shelter- How cool is that???

Walking around the yard with the dogs has been really cool…flowers seem to pop from every corner…the first walk of the morning smells like the yard is covered in perfume…the buds have had deep colors…Dad is being picky about how much he cleans out from under the plants…

As Captain Phil once said ‘sleep is for the dead’…lol…it is my hope to see you at the Beltane fire…if not swing in soon…maybe if you have time we can go to the beach…


Blessed Be,

The American Boudica Poem's for Kids- This can be printed out for craft time with children
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