Saturday, July 31, 2010

Did anyone see my brain?

I am sorry to show up in tears…life has me quite frustrated…

Massage is going okay…we are getting ready to make the video on aqua-therapy…Tim comes thru in the clutch again…it is kind of cool…his love of gizmos is a great thing…Dale is having truck problems and has not been in, so if you call and do not get an answer…leave me a message and I will call you as soon as I can…

School is good…I am a little tweaked…I did a beautiful paper…the teacher asked for 7 herbs…I am so anal, I did 11…it took me 30 hours over 4 days…as you can tell, I am very proud of it…when I submitted it, he returned it and made me cut it to 7….I was horrified at having to cut up my work…he was correct…he did ask for 7…the final product was okay (not as totally awesome as the first was though)…I am not angry, but I have to admit, I feel a little disappointed…my being anal has bit me in the ass again

Chris and I have been working hard…American Boudica Publishing is going to come out with 6 new products in the next 3 months…the new website…at times I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I know it will pay off when we are done

I am still on hold with the government bidding…many of the companies are still trying to deal with the bonding issue…I think the best way we can cut costs and get things done is to remove some of the red tape from the federal and state government…Our choices here in Florida this year are brutal…for governor, we have this thief who is in the lead (the LARGEST Medicare FRAUD in HISTORY), he is the reason our seniors are paying way more for their benefits and why so many benefits have been cut…he says ‘I had no idea…it was my company’…speaking as a woman who has owned or ran 9 companies…for him to say he did not know means…either he is negligent at running his company or he is a liar…the #2 guy has been caught spending state money (or use of the state plane) on or for personal issues…though the people in his district seem to do well…also note he has not lied when asked about use of the state plane…I guess I will vote for the one I do not see on TV…this means they could not find any dirt on that person…

My friend Greg came out to visit…Dale, Greg and I played Yahtzee and had a good time…Don came up later in the week and went swimming…it was very cool…mostly, I babbled about everything that was stuck in my brain from so much studying…he is too polite to tell me to shut up…friends are what make life sweet.

Cooper has been out in the garden every morning…the heat has all the plants on hold, but not the weeds or the lawn…I have a hard time keeping fluids in him…it is like the plants knew he was coming home…48 hours after he lands all the flowers bloomed…too funny…even the tomato plant in the turvey thing that got ate by the caterpillar is coming back…Cooper’s magic wand strikes again…

I added air pumps to the pond…it does make a big difference…the fish seem much happier…the algae has not been bad either…speaking of fish…I refuse to speak about BP anymore…their credit sux as far as I am concerned and I will never shop at any of their stores again…the slick just didn’t disappear and now everything is just fine…how flipping stupid do they think we are???

My animals are like a family…today, the first 2 baby sugar gliders went to their new home today…I know they went to a good home…you see they stay with the parents for a year before they are ready to go…I got attached…I think chewy bitems thought he was the dad…he was in the middle of everything and now is letting me know he is upset…the rest are not happy either…I am kind of sad myself…thank god they went to a good home or I would be a real mess…I was never good at giving away puppies either…

The children have me slightly perturbed…I am a mom…they are my children…I want what is best for them…it is no longer my choice…it is theirs…this is far easier said than done…they want to be independent…it is the same pit in the stomach as the sugar gliders, but worse

Walter has been working hard…when he is done bottling the Aquafina he has had to do all of the errands as the road has been shut down…one person fighting traffic is plenty…he has also been helping dad around the yard…he was happy when our nephew Alex came for a visit

Along with healthcare, many of the conversations have been revolving around history…to bring forth what is new…it must be built on bedrock…to do so you must comprehend the past…so to speak on this is really interesting to me…

It a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor…would you be mine…could you be mine…the house next door is still empty…several people say they will rent it, but so far it is empty…

I do not have a remedy, but I do have a warning...The FDA has now banned the use of many herbs coming from China and India that come in paste form due to the HIGH amount of TOXINS that have been added to the paste...

Well you can see, I have had a busy week…thank you for listening to me whine…I hope your week was blessed and your weekend fun…

Blessed Be,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holding on by my fingernails...

I have really been getting into it this week...I think being a mom, student, wife, etc can really wear on you...this has been a week from hell...this reminds me of when the played 'Midnight Rider' by the Almond Brothers for David Crosby when he escaped rehab...the DJ came on and said 'smoke em if you got em'...

Massage has been a bit much to deal with. I only had 2 clients this week that were able to get to me due to road closures, I am already missing my fisherman and tourists due to BP. I filed a claim with BP for my business...they supposedly lost it twice and asked if I would file it a third time...I told them to fuck off...I came this far on my own (not to mention paying their bills as well as my own). I will never shop or get gas at a BP again. The aqua therapy is going well and I will soon be making a video on it...that has me very happy. I have also started working out plans on the new health care center that I plan on will take me about 2 years, but it will all be worth it. The massage room is cleaned and updated with new vibrant energy.

I passed 'Botany and Herbology' with an A...YEA!!!! Now, I have started a class called 'The Herbal Medicine Chest'. This will be another tough one. I looked at the class syllabus and noted 2 term papers due per week...many hours typing ahead. I have a good feeling is amazingly interesting.

Books are going well. Getting everything set on so many stages is killing me...I miss my web workers. I keep plugging away at it though. Chris is helping me set up the new website this week...this will hold all of the new Boudica updates and products. At times, I wonder if I will ever get sleep....its overrated anyway.

Well on the government liaison front it is slow at the moment. I keep banging on doors, knowing eventually I will wear someone down and get what we are seeking. I often find at times I will force a smile when I just want to scream. Yes, I am still fighting with the bonding issue...I am going to talk to my friend at the state house Monday to see if she has any suggestions.

Dad is home...not happy about how quick the grass is going. We are currently mowing 2-3 times a week. We do not water or fertilize the lawn. Mom had a great time at the Bee and is now in MA visiting Auntie. Dansir is getting ready to move to Orlando. Tristan is in New England deal with business. Walter has been working hard. Me...I hold down the homefront during the summer...not a bad thing really...kind of peaceful...I really enjoy it.

The garden is growing crazy. The crate myrtle clones are growing big and will be ready to plant in the ground next spring. I will be cleaning the plants this week (dead wooding, washing, weeding, etc...). I need to start making tinctures and much to I said before sleep is overrated ;)

Walter has been working on the house. He has been restructuring rooms through out the house. In September he is planning on doing the roof. My storage room is getting full of supplies. I really do love the office he made was kind of cool when he found some paint in the shed and did the office in it. He has been stressed about the girls...I have been teaching him to use it in a productive manner.

The animals have been quiet in the heat. Shinara get bit by something and spent 4 days very ill...she has started pulling out of it...I feel she will be just fine soon. I sat up with her 2 nights...again...sleep is overrated. It was sweet to see how worried every animal in the house became when she got ill.

All in all it was a busy week for me. At points I did not know what day it was.

Herbal Remedy

A Jasmine plant (that is well kept) in the bedroom will promote better sleep.

This comes from a paper done by psychologists at Wheeling Jesuit Univ. in WV(2010). It has been well known in India, China, Egypt, Greece, Israel for thousands of years...I wonder why is the USA we are acting like it is new information.

I am currently setting up for my not for profit...there is so much to do...I have had Dale getting all my paperwork set up...I have had to dig up all my certifications. I am very honored that the elders have chosen me for the post of High Priestess. I am trying to locate the right woods and herbs for the ceremony...I will have plenty of time to sleep when I am dead.

It is time again for me to head to the pool...maybe I will take Warren Zevon with me...he is in my mindset...I never take vacations either...ha ha ha

Blessed Be
D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What color is the sky in your world?

Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up. I am here now. Grab an iced tea and come sit with me…I feel like the world has had me on the run. How have you been? I have a lot to fill you in on…

Massage has been S-L-O-W…between the oil and the county tearing up the roads…I am almost shut down…it has given me time to update the massage room and make some changes…I always feel better after a room update…get rid of the old tired energy and let the new inspiring energy in…

School is going well. Botany and Herbology is a very cool subject and my classmates keep it very interesting. I feel very blessed to be getting such a good education. My final exam for this class is Thursday and I hope to do well.

Chris and I have been hard at work. Book 2 will be out in about 45 days…how cool is that…if you cannot tell, I am very excited. I never expected publishing to be so much fun. Walter will be handling our product line through Zazzle…I think he will be good at it and it will give him a chance to get creative with us. Rose and Chris would like to thank everyone for their support during the house remodel. It did turn out quite lovely.

Government bidding has been a very slow process. I honestly feel it is like taking one step forward and 2 back. I have been looking for a bonding solution…and so far no luck…I have tried to make several calls and yet no one seems to have answers.

Dad just got home from MA…Mom is off to the Longaberger Basket Bee in Ohio…Tristan is on maneuvers in the woods…Dansir is in NH helping a friend move…summertime in generally keeps the family on the move. Walter has been working out his honey do list and doing a great job. He painted my new office last weekend and up potted several of my plants...I am such a lucky woman.

The animals have been quiet in the heat. During the summer I do not feed the pond fish as often because they can get bugs…I do love to watch them in the evening…they have even jumped out of the water to catch a bug…very cool. 2 of the sugar gliders are getting ready to find a home. I will be sad to see them go.

The garden has been having it tough with the unrelenting heat. I had to go weed the roses this week as the weeds were choking off their oxygen. When weeding the banana trees, I pretend I am cutting my way through the jungle;)

I have recently been offered the position of High Priestess (I would be one of 13). This would mean my own Coven. It was much to think on and not something I would take lightly. I have accepted and on 9/23/20 I will be Ordained. My group is now accepting members, but will not begin until then.

As promised, an herbal remedy recipe…

Aloe, Hibiscus, Passion Flower and Kava Salve

¾ c sap/gel Aloe Vera

10 dried flowers of Hibiscus

5 leafs Passion Flower

3 rhizomes Kava

3 c Cocoa Butter

I have a hotplate that heats to 150.. I have an old beat up pot that I use for topical treatments, my trusty Pyrex measure and soap molds. First, I squish 6 aloe leafs to extract the sap/gel into the measure and then into the pot (this is so gooey and I always make a giant mess). To that I add the cocoa butter in the hot pan and let them start to combine. After about 15 minutes, I am ready to add the flowers, leafs and rhizomes of the other plants. I let it cook down for 2 hours. The hibiscus flowers usually tint the salve with a reddish hue. I strain it through cheese cloth back into the pan (what is in the cheese cloth will go into the compost pile- cocoa butter is water soluble). While it is still hot, I will pour it into a soap mold and let harden for 2 days in a dark cool place (under the kitchen sink).

When it is done, I will pop it out of the mold and wrap it in wax paper and place in a Ziploc in a dark cool place (closet) until ready to use. It should look like a bar of soap. When ready to use, I can rub directly on affected area. The heat from the patient’s skin will melt the cocoa butter base and deliver relief to the patient. I make 2-3 batches of this per year and have always gotten good results. I never use this on new, fresh sunburn. It is for use on burns that are over 48 hours old, bumps, bruises, scrapes and minor skin irritations. The house has a pleasant smell as it is cooking. I also use it on my dogs for their minor skin irritations. My friend who has horses swears by it to aide in healing all the small abrasions on her animals.

Blessed Be,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thoughts from my estranged mind...

When you sit and think about your life...where does your mid go?

Mine finds itself wandering to a special forest...

If you had a beautiful kitchen and dining room and could invite anyone to dinner...who would you invite (the person has to presently be alive)?

I would start my list with:
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Simcha Jacobvici, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Bilton, Warren Buffet, Martha Stewart, Alex Sink, Ginny name a few

I can picture an amazing 4 coarse meal...the conversation would sparkle with diversity

Yes, my mind is wandering through time again...okay, come back to this world...

I love the botany and herbology class I am currently in. I feel as though with all my Pagan training, I can excel here. I have enjoyed a lot of interaction with the other students. I have been encouraged to start speaking about such things. Here is one place where my priestess and healthcare training intersect. Many common herbs are around (and in my opinion should be used before pharmaceuticals)...I always think you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes in diet or supplements...I will however start posting some of the things I have tried and what I find it to work for...the gardener in me will give you those added notes also-

MINT- this is an easy plant to grow...those of you with a black thumb should do well with this as it is hard to kill...should ONLY be grown in a pot as it is highly invasive (across most of the country)...can be outside in summer/ sunny window in you pick leafs off for use (it will grow more and keep the plant healthy) keep in mind never to pick more than 1/3 the leafs from the plant in a week or it will die...this is a wonderful digestive aide and I have found it to work quite well for a sour or upset stomach or constipation...

For a really sour stomach...chew on 3-4 leafs

For Constipation...crush 2 leafs in coffee cup...pour hot water over leafs (add tea bag if you wish)...let stand 3-5 minutes...strain...

I have also made tictures for friends who do not have time to grow their own...for that- take a clean ball will need a wood dowel that fits inside and down to the bottom of the jar...put a few leafs at the bottom and crush them with the dowel...continue to add leafs and crush until the jar is 4/5 full...slowly add brandy until 3/4" from the top...put in a cool dark place and shake every few days for 3 weeks...strain and it is ready for use...will keep in a cool (not the fridge), dark place and should stay good for about 3 could use 1T every 4 hours for adults or 1t every 4 hours for children...this can be added to 2 ounces of warm water...usually works fairly quickly

I have bought new components for the computer and I am not sure how to make them all work...I got this new thing called a speaker lens, but if i plug it in all sound goes away...seems like I can only plug in the speaker or the lens...I am sure I will figure it out...I am just stumped at the moment. I need to hook my web cam up and will not be able to do it until tomorrow. I love my new HP. The set up was easy and I love their customer support. I watched the prices and got a great deal...I got the new puter and the Wii and had it delivered to the house for less than the computer would have cost at the store.

I rented 'Hasbro Family Games Night 2' for Wii from Bockbuster...I thought to rent it before I buy...the game sucked...can we say Blockbuster prices have gone through the would be cheaper to buy the games...Walt and I love the 'Hasbro Family Games Night 1'...I love being able to stream movies with Netflix and the Wii...for those who love the water 'Endless Ocean' is pretty cool...I am dying to try Monoply

The garden has been loving the overcast conditions and is overgrowing is too cool...I love this time of year...a rogue catipillar ate dad's topsy tomato thing...I hope it recovers...I can hardly believe all the damage 1 of those things can do. My ginger made a strong comback after this frozen winter as did the lilies.

My truck broke down last week...I bought a new altenator...went to the dump...when I get to the dump it stalls out and will not start...word today says its the fuel filter...I can not complain...she has over 230thousand miles on her...she has been a great vechicle to own...I think she has a few left in her;)

Time has come again for me to say I hope you all are blessed

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quiet in the Country

During my younger years I was quite wild. Life was lived at a fast pace and there always seemed to be a whole lot of drama. Now I am older and I find that I kind of like the quiet life. I see friends now and watch them run through life. I feel sad for them for they have no clue what they are missing. Every thing is more important than the last. Constantly in search of the BBD (bigger better deal) and missing out on what is really important. You see, some things are worth more than money. amount of money can replace someone you love. Most of my family thinks I am a bitch...and usually, they are right. I have never been one to blow sunshine up anyone's skirt. I am known for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time...blunt and honest...gets me into trouble often.

FRIENDS...a good one is hard to find and worth putting up with some shit to keep. Though I have traveled near and far, these are the people I cherish. Most of my friends  have been around for years...we may lose touch from time to time, but we are always able to be found when needed or wanted. I can not think of any amount of money that would be worth hurting a friend.

YOUR WORD...the major destroyer of this is the is sad because it causes people to lose faith in you if you take it so lightly. If you work hard and are honest with people, your word will do more than the best credit report. This is not obtained with is about who you are.

Those are but a few items that, in my opinion, should hold higher value. Okay, some one out there is asking "D, what the hell is the BBD"? If Jane wants you to go do laundry and you agree, then Mary calls and wants you to go to a concert...the concert is the can go to the concert, but your relationship with Jane will never be the same (no matter what you are told).

There I go thinking hour floating in the pool is a dangerous thing, it gives me time to mull things over in my head. The water was a bone chilling 75f. For many years I tried to drill this into the head of every child in my home. I could hear the words repeating and see the scenes from the many times I had this conversation while I floated.

I have been studying like crazy and have a test on herbs tomorrow. I love the subject and we have a great teacher this is hard work, but the education is well worth it.

It has been a busy start to the month in massage. I have added a few new clients to my roster. The aqua therapy was down due to rain for a few days, but has been up today. It is great to see clients improve and stay healthy.

I went out to the store today, SR54 is all ripped up down by me...makes traffic crazy. I need to up pot dad's tomatos. Mom will be in this weekend. I am sure Tristan has enjoyed playing with she and auntie. Dansir has turned into a bundle of nerves as she does before every vaction. Dad will be home in another week or so.

All is quiet and well out here in the 44, I know it will not last I will sit back with the Wii and enjoy it.

May you all be blessed...

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Welcome to my new blog home. It is raining here in The Chapel this afternoon. Many are complaining, not me...the heat of summer abates, it washes everything clean and I don't have to water the garden. Grab you a drink, sit down and let us chat about all that is going on...

Massage has been going well. The clients are doing well this summer. With so much time out of doors the aqua therapy has been working. I (and the clients who are doing it with me) am finding much more flexibility and my tone has really improved. I am still working my menu...I am now down 25 lbs, the clients have lost a combined total of 102lbs and we are all feeling great.

As a student, I am privileged...I have wonderful doctors and nurses to help me...I have clients who are willing to be test subjects...It helps that I am going to a great school. I feel very spoiled. At present, I am in herbology and botany. I really feel like the class expands the mind on how it all works. Week 1 was packed with work, herb table, herb paper and a quiz. I am now in week 2 and we need an herb recipe. Anyone got any ideas?

Chris and Rose are on vacation in The Isle of Man. We got the upload date from the printer and book 2 should be on the shelf by 8/15/10...YEA!!!! Many surprises come up in Boudica's life and now we will see them all play out.

I have been trying to work out all the ins and outs of government bidding. Right now the bonds are so high, I do not get how they think a small business can reach them. If anyone has bonding details they want to share, I am listening...

Mom has been in North Carolina visiting Tris. Dad is in Massachusetts visiting Tory. Dansir is getting ready to leave to New Hampshire helping a friend move. OMG...the property is quiet. The car and truck both broke down this week, but Harold saved the day. The 4th was quiet for us with everyone gone. Walter and I mowed the lawn, played Wii and enjoyed food. Dansir came by for dinner and we watched TV. When Dansir left we went to sleep, about 9p.m...About 3a.m. we woke up...Walter said "Want to put off those fireworks?", needless to say we were on the lawn at 3 in the morning putting off fireworks in our jammies...quite funny. He has been working all day putting my new office together. It is going to be so cool. I am quite excited.

The animals are doing well. I am looking for a home for 2 of the sugar gliders. It is time. Shinara is going through a phase where she thinks she is a little dog. She keeps trying to jump in my lap like Chewy Bitems. Walt bought the pond fish a new air pump. It was cool to see them flutter around the pond.

The garden is growing by leaps and bounds. I am getting ready to do a hard cut back. With dad being up north the weeds are growing faster than what I can pull them. When Happy gave me the crate myrtle, I made 10 clones from off shoots at its base. I am proud to say 6 are doing well and are ready to up pot. Dad's Topsy Turvy thing is still bearing fruit. It and the hanging baskets are loving all the rain. I am just not sure what to do with all these tomatoes.

May you all be Blessed,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT