Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thoughts from my estranged mind...

When you sit and think about your life...where does your mid go?

Mine finds itself wandering to a special forest...

If you had a beautiful kitchen and dining room and could invite anyone to dinner...who would you invite (the person has to presently be alive)?

I would start my list with:
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Simcha Jacobvici, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Bilton, Warren Buffet, Martha Stewart, Alex Sink, Ginny name a few

I can picture an amazing 4 coarse meal...the conversation would sparkle with diversity

Yes, my mind is wandering through time again...okay, come back to this world...

I love the botany and herbology class I am currently in. I feel as though with all my Pagan training, I can excel here. I have enjoyed a lot of interaction with the other students. I have been encouraged to start speaking about such things. Here is one place where my priestess and healthcare training intersect. Many common herbs are around (and in my opinion should be used before pharmaceuticals)...I always think you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes in diet or supplements...I will however start posting some of the things I have tried and what I find it to work for...the gardener in me will give you those added notes also-

MINT- this is an easy plant to grow...those of you with a black thumb should do well with this as it is hard to kill...should ONLY be grown in a pot as it is highly invasive (across most of the country)...can be outside in summer/ sunny window in you pick leafs off for use (it will grow more and keep the plant healthy) keep in mind never to pick more than 1/3 the leafs from the plant in a week or it will die...this is a wonderful digestive aide and I have found it to work quite well for a sour or upset stomach or constipation...

For a really sour stomach...chew on 3-4 leafs

For Constipation...crush 2 leafs in coffee cup...pour hot water over leafs (add tea bag if you wish)...let stand 3-5 minutes...strain...

I have also made tictures for friends who do not have time to grow their own...for that- take a clean ball will need a wood dowel that fits inside and down to the bottom of the jar...put a few leafs at the bottom and crush them with the dowel...continue to add leafs and crush until the jar is 4/5 full...slowly add brandy until 3/4" from the top...put in a cool dark place and shake every few days for 3 weeks...strain and it is ready for use...will keep in a cool (not the fridge), dark place and should stay good for about 3 could use 1T every 4 hours for adults or 1t every 4 hours for children...this can be added to 2 ounces of warm water...usually works fairly quickly

I have bought new components for the computer and I am not sure how to make them all work...I got this new thing called a speaker lens, but if i plug it in all sound goes away...seems like I can only plug in the speaker or the lens...I am sure I will figure it out...I am just stumped at the moment. I need to hook my web cam up and will not be able to do it until tomorrow. I love my new HP. The set up was easy and I love their customer support. I watched the prices and got a great deal...I got the new puter and the Wii and had it delivered to the house for less than the computer would have cost at the store.

I rented 'Hasbro Family Games Night 2' for Wii from Bockbuster...I thought to rent it before I buy...the game sucked...can we say Blockbuster prices have gone through the would be cheaper to buy the games...Walt and I love the 'Hasbro Family Games Night 1'...I love being able to stream movies with Netflix and the Wii...for those who love the water 'Endless Ocean' is pretty cool...I am dying to try Monoply

The garden has been loving the overcast conditions and is overgrowing is too cool...I love this time of year...a rogue catipillar ate dad's topsy tomato thing...I hope it recovers...I can hardly believe all the damage 1 of those things can do. My ginger made a strong comback after this frozen winter as did the lilies.

My truck broke down last week...I bought a new altenator...went to the dump...when I get to the dump it stalls out and will not start...word today says its the fuel filter...I can not complain...she has over 230thousand miles on her...she has been a great vechicle to own...I think she has a few left in her;)

Time has come again for me to say I hope you all are blessed


  1. to be mentioned in the same breath as Martha Stewart is indeed an honour, fabulous blog and excellent advice!!