Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holding on by my fingernails...

I have really been getting into it this week...I think being a mom, student, wife, etc can really wear on you...this has been a week from hell...this reminds me of when the played 'Midnight Rider' by the Almond Brothers for David Crosby when he escaped rehab...the DJ came on and said 'smoke em if you got em'...

Massage has been a bit much to deal with. I only had 2 clients this week that were able to get to me due to road closures, I am already missing my fisherman and tourists due to BP. I filed a claim with BP for my business...they supposedly lost it twice and asked if I would file it a third time...I told them to fuck off...I came this far on my own (not to mention paying their bills as well as my own). I will never shop or get gas at a BP again. The aqua therapy is going well and I will soon be making a video on it...that has me very happy. I have also started working out plans on the new health care center that I plan on will take me about 2 years, but it will all be worth it. The massage room is cleaned and updated with new vibrant energy.

I passed 'Botany and Herbology' with an A...YEA!!!! Now, I have started a class called 'The Herbal Medicine Chest'. This will be another tough one. I looked at the class syllabus and noted 2 term papers due per week...many hours typing ahead. I have a good feeling is amazingly interesting.

Books are going well. Getting everything set on so many stages is killing me...I miss my web workers. I keep plugging away at it though. Chris is helping me set up the new website this week...this will hold all of the new Boudica updates and products. At times, I wonder if I will ever get sleep....its overrated anyway.

Well on the government liaison front it is slow at the moment. I keep banging on doors, knowing eventually I will wear someone down and get what we are seeking. I often find at times I will force a smile when I just want to scream. Yes, I am still fighting with the bonding issue...I am going to talk to my friend at the state house Monday to see if she has any suggestions.

Dad is home...not happy about how quick the grass is going. We are currently mowing 2-3 times a week. We do not water or fertilize the lawn. Mom had a great time at the Bee and is now in MA visiting Auntie. Dansir is getting ready to move to Orlando. Tristan is in New England deal with business. Walter has been working hard. Me...I hold down the homefront during the summer...not a bad thing really...kind of peaceful...I really enjoy it.

The garden is growing crazy. The crate myrtle clones are growing big and will be ready to plant in the ground next spring. I will be cleaning the plants this week (dead wooding, washing, weeding, etc...). I need to start making tinctures and much to I said before sleep is overrated ;)

Walter has been working on the house. He has been restructuring rooms through out the house. In September he is planning on doing the roof. My storage room is getting full of supplies. I really do love the office he made was kind of cool when he found some paint in the shed and did the office in it. He has been stressed about the girls...I have been teaching him to use it in a productive manner.

The animals have been quiet in the heat. Shinara get bit by something and spent 4 days very ill...she has started pulling out of it...I feel she will be just fine soon. I sat up with her 2 nights...again...sleep is overrated. It was sweet to see how worried every animal in the house became when she got ill.

All in all it was a busy week for me. At points I did not know what day it was.

Herbal Remedy

A Jasmine plant (that is well kept) in the bedroom will promote better sleep.

This comes from a paper done by psychologists at Wheeling Jesuit Univ. in WV(2010). It has been well known in India, China, Egypt, Greece, Israel for thousands of years...I wonder why is the USA we are acting like it is new information.

I am currently setting up for my not for profit...there is so much to do...I have had Dale getting all my paperwork set up...I have had to dig up all my certifications. I am very honored that the elders have chosen me for the post of High Priestess. I am trying to locate the right woods and herbs for the ceremony...I will have plenty of time to sleep when I am dead.

It is time again for me to head to the pool...maybe I will take Warren Zevon with me...he is in my mindset...I never take vacations either...ha ha ha

Blessed Be
D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT


  1. Yea, I’m with Warren too, but we never did see no werewolf in London, much is the pity. The heath centre sounds a fabulous idea, do try and catch a snooze now and again though, we don’t want any burn-out before book 2 comes to fruition.
    Love to all