Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quiet in the Country

During my younger years I was quite wild. Life was lived at a fast pace and there always seemed to be a whole lot of drama. Now I am older and I find that I kind of like the quiet life. I see friends now and watch them run through life. I feel sad for them for they have no clue what they are missing. Every thing is more important than the last. Constantly in search of the BBD (bigger better deal) and missing out on what is really important. You see, some things are worth more than money. amount of money can replace someone you love. Most of my family thinks I am a bitch...and usually, they are right. I have never been one to blow sunshine up anyone's skirt. I am known for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time...blunt and honest...gets me into trouble often.

FRIENDS...a good one is hard to find and worth putting up with some shit to keep. Though I have traveled near and far, these are the people I cherish. Most of my friends  have been around for years...we may lose touch from time to time, but we are always able to be found when needed or wanted. I can not think of any amount of money that would be worth hurting a friend.

YOUR WORD...the major destroyer of this is the is sad because it causes people to lose faith in you if you take it so lightly. If you work hard and are honest with people, your word will do more than the best credit report. This is not obtained with is about who you are.

Those are but a few items that, in my opinion, should hold higher value. Okay, some one out there is asking "D, what the hell is the BBD"? If Jane wants you to go do laundry and you agree, then Mary calls and wants you to go to a concert...the concert is the can go to the concert, but your relationship with Jane will never be the same (no matter what you are told).

There I go thinking hour floating in the pool is a dangerous thing, it gives me time to mull things over in my head. The water was a bone chilling 75f. For many years I tried to drill this into the head of every child in my home. I could hear the words repeating and see the scenes from the many times I had this conversation while I floated.

I have been studying like crazy and have a test on herbs tomorrow. I love the subject and we have a great teacher this is hard work, but the education is well worth it.

It has been a busy start to the month in massage. I have added a few new clients to my roster. The aqua therapy was down due to rain for a few days, but has been up today. It is great to see clients improve and stay healthy.

I went out to the store today, SR54 is all ripped up down by me...makes traffic crazy. I need to up pot dad's tomatos. Mom will be in this weekend. I am sure Tristan has enjoyed playing with she and auntie. Dansir has turned into a bundle of nerves as she does before every vaction. Dad will be home in another week or so.

All is quiet and well out here in the 44, I know it will not last I will sit back with the Wii and enjoy it.

May you all be blessed...

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