Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What color is the sky in your world?

Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up. I am here now. Grab an iced tea and come sit with me…I feel like the world has had me on the run. How have you been? I have a lot to fill you in on…

Massage has been S-L-O-W…between the oil and the county tearing up the roads…I am almost shut down…it has given me time to update the massage room and make some changes…I always feel better after a room update…get rid of the old tired energy and let the new inspiring energy in…

School is going well. Botany and Herbology is a very cool subject and my classmates keep it very interesting. I feel very blessed to be getting such a good education. My final exam for this class is Thursday and I hope to do well.

Chris and I have been hard at work. Book 2 will be out in about 45 days…how cool is that…if you cannot tell, I am very excited. I never expected publishing to be so much fun. Walter will be handling our product line through Zazzle…I think he will be good at it and it will give him a chance to get creative with us. Rose and Chris would like to thank everyone for their support during the house remodel. It did turn out quite lovely.

Government bidding has been a very slow process. I honestly feel it is like taking one step forward and 2 back. I have been looking for a bonding solution…and so far no luck…I have tried to make several calls and yet no one seems to have answers.

Dad just got home from MA…Mom is off to the Longaberger Basket Bee in Ohio…Tristan is on maneuvers in the woods…Dansir is in NH helping a friend move…summertime in generally keeps the family on the move. Walter has been working out his honey do list and doing a great job. He painted my new office last weekend and up potted several of my plants...I am such a lucky woman.

The animals have been quiet in the heat. During the summer I do not feed the pond fish as often because they can get bugs…I do love to watch them in the evening…they have even jumped out of the water to catch a bug…very cool. 2 of the sugar gliders are getting ready to find a home. I will be sad to see them go.

The garden has been having it tough with the unrelenting heat. I had to go weed the roses this week as the weeds were choking off their oxygen. When weeding the banana trees, I pretend I am cutting my way through the jungle;)

I have recently been offered the position of High Priestess (I would be one of 13). This would mean my own Coven. It was much to think on and not something I would take lightly. I have accepted and on 9/23/20 I will be Ordained. My group is now accepting members, but will not begin until then.

As promised, an herbal remedy recipe…

Aloe, Hibiscus, Passion Flower and Kava Salve

¾ c sap/gel Aloe Vera

10 dried flowers of Hibiscus

5 leafs Passion Flower

3 rhizomes Kava

3 c Cocoa Butter

I have a hotplate that heats to 150.. I have an old beat up pot that I use for topical treatments, my trusty Pyrex measure and soap molds. First, I squish 6 aloe leafs to extract the sap/gel into the measure and then into the pot (this is so gooey and I always make a giant mess). To that I add the cocoa butter in the hot pan and let them start to combine. After about 15 minutes, I am ready to add the flowers, leafs and rhizomes of the other plants. I let it cook down for 2 hours. The hibiscus flowers usually tint the salve with a reddish hue. I strain it through cheese cloth back into the pan (what is in the cheese cloth will go into the compost pile- cocoa butter is water soluble). While it is still hot, I will pour it into a soap mold and let harden for 2 days in a dark cool place (under the kitchen sink).

When it is done, I will pop it out of the mold and wrap it in wax paper and place in a Ziploc in a dark cool place (closet) until ready to use. It should look like a bar of soap. When ready to use, I can rub directly on affected area. The heat from the patient’s skin will melt the cocoa butter base and deliver relief to the patient. I make 2-3 batches of this per year and have always gotten good results. I never use this on new, fresh sunburn. It is for use on burns that are over 48 hours old, bumps, bruises, scrapes and minor skin irritations. The house has a pleasant smell as it is cooking. I also use it on my dogs for their minor skin irritations. My friend who has horses swears by it to aide in healing all the small abrasions on her animals.

Blessed Be,


  1. Glad to hear the sugar gliders are set up with good homes, they are the cutest things I have ever seen. Congratulations on moving up to High Priestess, I'm sure will wear the cloak of responsibility wisely.

  2. They are very sweet. I will do my best.