Saturday, July 23, 2011

Muy Caliente

Merry Meet,

Pull up a chair over here by me…I have the fan on high…I am so happy you talked me into servicing the a/c this spring…I am going to hate my electric bill, but it is cool in here;)

In Massage this week, I have been swamped…Clients are great as always…medical massage is something you really have to have a passion for…I work with MS, MD, Cancer, Bone Degeneration, RA, Cardiac Care Therapy…I just took a 12 hour class given by RJM…it was a good class…reminded me why I do what I do…through massage I have the ability to give people a better quality of life…I also populated some new flyers and asked friends to help pass them out…because hookers like to hide in my profession, it makes marketing HELL…though you maybe happy when you leave my office…I DO NOT DO HAPPY ENDINGS…some asked why I do not do adverts on the net…for every 1 good client I get, there will be 15 who think my job is to jerk them off…someone else asked why not the local paper…from there, every one client I pull, I get 15 cops who try to get me to jerk them off, so they can take me to jail…either way it’s a freak show and all I want is clients so I am trying to ask friends to help

In school this week I finished Algebra…YEA…I honestly thought I was going to flunk…my lawyer said we all have to take algebra to be humble…this class was very hard and I worked very hard for a C…I am feeling quite proud…the teacher was AMAZING…I will be starting a class on nutrition for seniors tomorrow…should be quite cool…

At American Boudica Publishing we got the Sunshine Paddle website up…Chris did some great artwork for this…we have also started to put together book 4…Dave is working on chapter 2 of his book…I got a chuckle from him when he told me ‘this writing thing is not as easy as it looks’…No, really…you don’t say…lol

Cooper has the yard in hand again…mom is home…they are running to keep up with friends and get everything at home straight;)

The animals and gardens are quiet during this relentless heat…we have had rain daily for the gardens…due to bacteria from the heat, I change the dogs water every few hours…for the same reason, I sweep and mop 2x a day

Thank you for all the prayers for baby Zach…In the Circle of Boudica, I have seen my congregation give up so much healing energy…I feel very lucky and blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful loving people…Aug 2, we will be celebrating Lugnasadah…it is kind of a pre-harvest holiday…it is a time of family gathering…it is also the time for proposal…hmmm…I wonder who the wedding bells will ring for this year????

Sunshine Paddle is moving toward our goals…we are working up maps and stops…I have also been scanning and freecycle for the supplies we will need to make the trip…we will start ocean workouts next week as I have lost enough to start toning up…I was so excited to get the site up…Chris has been doing all of my editing…if you find any problems please e-mail him…


I have heard people say lately that lettuce and celery are not worth eating…HELLO, IS THIS THING ON (said while knocking on someone’s head)…both are really great for several reasons…celery actually gives you more nutrients when it is juiced…it also takes more calories to eat raw than you will intake…maybe it is not celebrated or sexy like a banana or an orange, but it has base nutrients that belong to it alone…even cooked it gives us nutrients…lettuce is made of mostly water…that is true…the nutrients from it you can get elsewhere…why should you eat it…in today’s world of oversized food it works not only as a filler to help keep us from over eating crapp, but also as a digestive aid…also note the nutrients from both are readily absorbed by the body…something to think on

I am glad you came to see me…I hate to go, but I must turn the a/c on in the massage room for my next client…yes, on days like today I miss my pool too…I will get one next year after my journey…

Blessed Be My Friend

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rivers lead to oceans...Kayaks lead to freedom

Merry Meet,

I am happy to see you…I see you got some color…summer seems to be going well for you…

Massage has been slow, but steady…I am working with several new pathologies and find the muscle structure quite interesting…

American Boudica Publishing is working in the background putting together the up coming trip…upon my return we will be releasing 3 books (Boudica, Children, Health)…at the moment, all energies are making sure we get the trip together and get me home safe;)

In the Circle of Boudica, I must ask for your prayers for baby Zach…he is back in the hospital and the doctors are having a hard time getting the feeding tube in...he will be going into surgery in the morning...he also has been diagnosed with pneumonia;(

The Menu…I have been having oatmeal or scrambled eggs or poached eggs or raisin bran or total with a banana and an orange…welcome to breakfast…lunch has been my large meal…chicken parm. or veal parm. or flounder or cod with 2 veggies (summer squash, zucchini, spinach, carrots, green beans, etc…), if I have a starch, this is when I have it…Supper…this is a light sandwich or salad or bowl of soup…I miss food, but have lost weight in a healthy way with NO pills or shots…really needed to cut back on soda so, I added 2 glasses of water and 2 of natural juice…before I allow myself a soda, I force myself to have the water and juice…I have lost weight and I do feel more energy…I just really want to eat food instead of what food eats;)…I will be ready to make the trip…

The gardens are a sea of color…we have been getting some much needed rain…flowers are popping up everywhere…mowing the yard is now up to twice a week...I am glad dad is home to work in the yard with me...

The dogs have been enjoying the increased amount of exercise…Chole has been enjoying the doggy pool….Quintus feel in the fish pond…he was so freaked out, it was cute…Chewy has been training them both, very sweet…

The website for the Sunshine Paddle is now up…training has been started…we have started gathering needed goods…plans for road and kayak being made…a lot of work;)

So as you see, I’ve been busy…

May you all be blessed,


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Sunshine Paddle

Merry Meet,

I fear in my last blog I may have dropped a bomb and I see you are back to talk to me…so lets talk

The trip is going to take me from Bulow Creek State Park in Ormond Beach, FL on May 15, 2012 to Old Orchid Beach, Maine…it will take between 30 and 60 days, depending on weather, as it will be done by kayak on the coast and thru the intercoastal water ways also…We have named this trip The Sunshine Paddle

My first goal is to raise money for Sunrise of Pasco Abused Women’s Shelter…donations directly to Sunrise will give you a tax break (P.O. Box 928, Dade City, Florida 33526/ Contact- Trish)…the money to help these people is needed…so many cuts in the state and federal have been made…women and children in danger could be left there and end up really hurt or dead…I was lucky, when I needed people to help me get away from the abuse, I was blessed with the ability to get the help I needed…the trip is approx 1450 miles…if everyone who thinks I am crazy pledges a penny a mile…My charity should do well;)…It will bring safety to families in need…

The side effect is education…due to the fact our business men (politicians) think they went to teaching college, our children are suffering for it…though my children are grown, I feel very strongly about education…I will take video, pictures and post blogs…with GPS, my progress will be able to be tracked…Chris and I are setting up the website with…I will also work with teachers from around the world as I can, so that they can set up class projects…since this trip will happen between May and July…I will take e-mail from now until March 29, 2012 then again 2 weeks after my return…I will work with any research facilities or colleges that may need samples, pictures and or video… we will have current eastern seaboard cartography

I have talked to people the whole way up and somebody has kayaked each part overlapping another…so why, is it crazy that one person does it all…I am working in training and diet at the moment…I need to build endurance and lose weight…When this started I weighed approx 200lbs and before I start the trip I will be down to 140lbs...I am blessed with 2 personal trainers, a good doctor (Dr. Casanas) and wonderful education in nutrition...I am not taking pills or getting shots...I am eating lots of veggies, eggs, fish, chicken and fruit...yes, I still have red meat (it is just really limited;/)...Uncle Ben's brown rice, Barilla protein pasta and veggie pasta if I have a starch...OMG...this is not food...its what food eats;) for supplements, I am a 45 yr old woman and take daily...1cc of sub-lingual B complex...1cc sub-lingual D complex...Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg...Acidophilus...COQ10 200mg...I also drink 8oz of fresh Pomegranate and Orange juice...this is a safe diet plan to lose weight...I am only allowed a light work out as I want to lose fat and not tone it...I will keep you I do not take a multi-V...with so many fruits and veggies it is not needed...I take fish oil 3 days a week...Vit. E only 1 day a week

This is also taking much planning, free hands are always welcome…we are currently looking for sponsors and are willing to accept gifts to help with the trip…I am willing to test products and write reviews for the company or the public...all hands on deck, please join the insanity

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer News

Merry Meet,

I am glad you stopped by tonight…I have so much news…I am so excited…life has turned again and in a good way

Massage has been inspiring…the clients have been great…everyone this week went over by at least 20 minutes…I do not charge extra when I get lost in the muscle and go over…so the clients were quite happy;)

In school, Algebra…well, it is my feeling God gave us algebra so we would learn to laugh at ourselves…I will be lucky to get a high C and will have worked very hard to earn it…I did a 5 page paper that was quite cute;)…I have inserted the abstract for your enjoyment…

‘Abstract- In this paper I intend to take the reader on a wandering trip through the ancient world and explore what we can clearly see today was the roots of math. It was done with a brain, no new age fancy instruments and yet angles, functions were done with such precision that they still stand today. Come climb aboard my magic leaf and we will explore it together…’

I am glad you are sitting down…I have spoke to the rest of the inner circle and now, we need to talk…on May 15, 2012 I will be starting a journey…I will travel from just north of Daytona Beach, FL and travel by kayak to Portland, Maine…it should take between 30-60 days…I have not lost my mind…I will have a gps and you will be able to track me…I have started to work with a trainer…she is excited and is thankfully not charging me…our goal is to raise money for Sunrise of Pasco Abused Women’s Shelter…yes, it is a bit to absorb...I would love to hear your thoughts...Chris and I have started planning...Rose and Walter have been keeping our feet on the ground;)…we will talk about it more in the next blog

Coop will be back on Sunday…Tris got a new dog…Maggie is a cocker spaniel…Walt is recovering well from his concussion…Dansir has been working quite a bit…it seems like everyone is on the move

With the recent amount of rain the gardens are looking beautiful…it does make me sad to walk out and see no pool…Walter has taken some beautiful cuttings for me…we are germinating date palms, pomegranates and the bird of paradise plants

The dogs have been sleeping in front of the fans in the heat;)…I heard from the woman who took the gliders, they just had babies again…the cat is shedding a ton

Well my friend it is time for me to go…I hope all is well in your world…I must go study for a test;)

May you be blessed,