Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer News

Merry Meet,

I am glad you stopped by tonight…I have so much news…I am so excited…life has turned again and in a good way

Massage has been inspiring…the clients have been great…everyone this week went over by at least 20 minutes…I do not charge extra when I get lost in the muscle and go over…so the clients were quite happy;)

In school, Algebra…well, it is my feeling God gave us algebra so we would learn to laugh at ourselves…I will be lucky to get a high C and will have worked very hard to earn it…I did a 5 page paper that was quite cute;)…I have inserted the abstract for your enjoyment…

‘Abstract- In this paper I intend to take the reader on a wandering trip through the ancient world and explore what we can clearly see today was the roots of math. It was done with a brain, no new age fancy instruments and yet angles, functions were done with such precision that they still stand today. Come climb aboard my magic leaf and we will explore it together…’

I am glad you are sitting down…I have spoke to the rest of the inner circle and now, we need to talk…on May 15, 2012 I will be starting a journey…I will travel from just north of Daytona Beach, FL and travel by kayak to Portland, Maine…it should take between 30-60 days…I have not lost my mind…I will have a gps and you will be able to track me…I have started to work with a trainer…she is excited and is thankfully not charging me…our goal is to raise money for Sunrise of Pasco Abused Women’s Shelter…yes, it is a bit to absorb...I would love to hear your thoughts...Chris and I have started planning...Rose and Walter have been keeping our feet on the ground;)…we will talk about it more in the next blog

Coop will be back on Sunday…Tris got a new dog…Maggie is a cocker spaniel…Walt is recovering well from his concussion…Dansir has been working quite a bit…it seems like everyone is on the move

With the recent amount of rain the gardens are looking beautiful…it does make me sad to walk out and see no pool…Walter has taken some beautiful cuttings for me…we are germinating date palms, pomegranates and the bird of paradise plants

The dogs have been sleeping in front of the fans in the heat;)…I heard from the woman who took the gliders, they just had babies again…the cat is shedding a ton

Well my friend it is time for me to go…I hope all is well in your world…I must go study for a test;)

May you be blessed,


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