Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Start to a Busy Year

Merry Meet,

How have you been…crazy does not fit my week…insane, maybe…it has been a great week to start a busy year…

Massage has been good…clients getting to learn boundaries of new found motion in their own body is fun to help with…I am impressed with how far many of my patients…whether or not I am your therapist…please keep in mind that a positive attitude will aide in your recovery more than any drug on the market:)

School has been difficult…science is not an easy subject, though I do enjoy it…the teacher is nice…it’s just a lot to take in…her main focus is global warming or if you need to be politically correct- Climate Change…this subject is mainly due to greed and vanity…I get very snarky on the issue…I try to be as green as possible and I try to be an example…I am not perfect, but I work on it every day…maybe if more people stopped to think, maybe we could cut green house gasses down…3 generations down the line of humans would be ever so thankful to us for that- you see that is how long it would take before we cleaned up enough to notice, as we are now that polluted…

Chris and I will soon be releasing a new children’s series…since we have so many animals on the paddle, the series will have the paddle from the animals point of view…we are excited and happy to have American Boudica working again…

Impending Imbolc has the Circle a twitter…I will be making a fresh chicken dinner and a small bon fire…this year it lands on February 1…I am feeling very in touch with nature…I have faith this will be a good year

The paddle has been busy…I have made several appearances …Walter was missing our friends at Siesta Key Bike and Kayak, so off we went…always great service…the water was about 65f and the air about 80f…it was a beautiful morning on the water, Walt and I felt like we had the whole place to ourselves as no one was in sight except many different species of birds…we went ‘Walt’s Fish and Chips’ in Sarasota for lunch…I spoke to the waitress about the paddle and she donated a Beautiful ‘Pirate Haven’ T-shirt:)…Monday, Janice and I will be on the way to Crystal River…a Manatee Paddle is always fun

My new niece is due at any time now…my parents are quite excited and mom will leave for MA next week…I found the baby some pirate sox and Walter bought her a zippered, tie dye hooded sweatshirt…too cute…mom is working on a quilt…I have been told it is a girl and that upon birth her name will be Abigail…I hope to meet the child when I am on my paddle…it is my hope the mother will bring her to out to see me

I am quite sad to tell you that during the last freeze, I lost 5 of my fish…I am now down to 2…I have had them around 8 years…they will now swim in the forever pond…the last 2 seem quite sad

Oranges, Lemons and Limes...People often think of sailors and scurvy when you say it is good for your health and other vitamin C issues…people do not think about it as an antidepressant…the many compounds in citrus are good for the brain and the immune system

Well sweetie…I am tired and need to pack for the morning

Blessed Be,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being the Positive Difference

Merry Meet,

How are you…I am wonderful and happy for the most part…I work hard for it though….every day I see my dreams and work for them…I will explain…let’s look around my life and you may get some ideas…

Massage has been wonderful…the season of paraffin is here….such a great treatment…this works with massage way better than the stones….I like using the stones for target treatment…the room is cleaned deep once a week- vacuumed, dusted and wiped down…I choose not to raise my prices- my skills have grown and I own the ability to do so, but my clients need me to hold steady…I will visit it again next year when the economy is more stable…this is patient centered care at its best

School is going well…I am in a really heavy science class…this teacher likes to assign work…we are going from the cell to the god particle to biofuel (corn based)…biofuel is not an answer, it is equal to or worse than fossil fuel….dude, I am school and need to explore every end of a subject to keep up….my GPA in this class is currently a 92…I can do better…working hard here will pay off later/kind of like buying a baby a bond…so if I have not called or seemed preoccupied please understand I am deep in study...

American Boudica mourned the loss of our computer Mona…she was 9 years old…I got the fb message from nurse Leggs…Dr. Dave and I will see about reincarnating her…Chris and I will be working on the children’s book and I hope to release it by St Paddy’s Day...I am working with Amazon to release it on the kindle…It feels good to move forward again…can’t make money standing still, I think this is a valuable lesson…I will now go out of my way to make sure all work is backed up

The Circle of Boudica has been a productive place…the Goddess has seen fit to teach lessons with the New Year…though I have had to face a few harsh realities, many of the lessons were not focused at me…I am glad however, that I have been able to help others step up and move forward…I feel sad for those who did not pay attention for they are doomed to repeat it

The Sunshine Paddle grows on a daily basis…the first paddle of the year was done solo and I had a great time…Scotty at Siesta Key Bike and Kayak, let me get a kayak so I could leave the Blue Horizon at home…this month will be used to sew up all loose ends…next month will start the Atlantic practice sessions…this Girly Pirate is pulling off what they said could not be done…paying it forward is not easy, but highly rewarding…it is still my blessing to be doing this…I am very proud of my community…I am wanting to make it a better place  and I am willing to work for it…are you??? I have been asked often about donations….you can do it through the PayPal ( ) or through the snail mail-

30131 Clearview Dr

Wesley Chapel, Fl 33545

The gardens took a hard hit with the brief cold snap…they look rather sad at the moment…Walt is thinking of building a training yard for the dogs in the back…that may actually be interesting…we also need to restring the clothes line…I do not think I will do that until the end of March…I need to clear off the dead and compost all the beds…this will give it time to break down by spring…

My brother’s first child is due soon…the poor girl is about to give birth to a Cooper…she has no clue of what she is in for…maybe it’s better that way…my parents will soon go to help when the baby is born…

Walter has started metal detecting…does anyone know about a town in Pasco County called ‘Mexico’…I can find it on antique maps, but cannot seem to get any other information…I am on a treasure hunt….lol

Beat Winter Blues

Learn to relax and meditate, as well as exercise out-of-doors.

Eat high fiber fresh local foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans.

This will aid the body in turning on its own immune defense and help turn on the happy chemicals of the body proper.

Okay…I hear ya…many have asked how I keep making lemonade out of lemons…it is not easy, but it is what is right…during this economy, I have done much for free…not because I devalue myself, but because I value others…I was raised in such a way that taught, me that all that was encompassed in my name (friends, family, animals, clients, water, land, etc…) was my responsibility and really, I do not wish to know another way…I enjoy being part of each…even though it is not easy at times, I am glad to be privileged to have that responsibility…I guess it’s a lesson you learn in the barn…everyone wants to ride the horse, but no one wants to shovel shit or clean the stall…I learned young that if I shoveled shit with a smile and a song that you are allowed to ride the best horses…the horses are usually happy with you and give you the best ride too…when you have respect for what is around you…it shines…
In my yard are plants that not only look pretty, but work to better the air and soil…my water is filtered- not just for family health reasons, but for sewage reasons too (and we have decent county water)…the animals- birdbaths, pond, dogs, cat- deserve clean water and it shows in their eyes/coats/colors respectively…

I love having my parents here…they can do or say anything they want and know I will love them…I really enjoy my adventures with Dad…shh I will never admit that to him…

I was once asked about cheating on my husband…I laughed and asked ‘Do you understand how long it took to find one to get it right? And I am going to screw that up for sex? Really?’…I was wiping away tears from laughing…cheating is for weak minded people of questionable ethics…I have now been married 13 years and looking over it, I am lucky…he is a good man on many levels and I was blessed the day my daughters picked him out…

The children…well, that is just the Goddess showing me she has a sense of humor or at least that I should have one…at times I think they are too smart for their own good…I think the top 3 phone calls of all time are-

1)    ‘Mom, Do you know how much milk costs or how much of it I drink?!!’

2)    ‘Mom, How am I supposed to pay this on what I make??!!’

3)    ‘Mom, My peppers don’t taste like yours!!!!”

The answers are- yes, carefully and slow down to learn….lol…the people above never heard the answer as I was usually hung up on after the statement above…lol…

Friends are cool as they are the family you get to choose…they are people who will be beside you forever…they are the person you can call at midnight or the one you would walk a mile to see happy

So I guess child, parent, spouse or friend…all take attention, patients and a good sense of humor….none of this is easy, but so worthwhile…all take work…the reward far outweighs anything money can buy:)

Blessed Be,