Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boom Boom Room

I need to vent…yes, me…I do get out of whack and my mind wanders to that little planet…at the moment we are purple, but the surface can turn red in a heartbeat

First, I am sick of politics…finger pointing whinebags…I say we make it a federal law that you have 90 days to make some improvement or we get to fire you…if you are fired you get no benefits AT ALL…this goes from the president down to the local police chief…this is what is expected from anyone in the private sector…any debate should include ALL candidates…not just those that the media wants to show us…the healthcare bill needs to be repealed…we need to respect our seniors, not kill them off…I can’t wait for the current regime to be gone and maybe we can get a real President….fingers are crossed

I love ‘Deadliest Catch’…I am upset with what is going on…The Hillstrands’ signed a contract with Discovery Channel…the brothers’ Hillstrand did not live up to the contract…Jonathan tried using Phil as an excuse, but anyone could see he was having problems before Phil died…this is why he was not on the boat when Phil stroked out…so to use Phil in such a way was lame and sad…when Discovery tried to give them another chance, the Hillstrands hired lawyers instead of manning up and getting the job done…real wankers…I do not blame Discovery for suing them…sadly it seems the Hillstrands have drug Captain Sig into it…It has now been announced that the Northwestern will not be back…I will miss Edgar, Sig and the boys…I will still watch the show though…I stand behind the Discovery Channel…

I had to read Emily Dickinson…I do not see what the fanfare where this woman is concerned is…I have found her writing quite immature and underdeveloped…this has caused a week long debate between the professor (who thinks she is great) and myself…I have cranked out many papers over the last few days and still have a 500 word count paper to go…I am trying to get all my work done so I have time to study for the final…my vocab is expanding, always a good thing…just wish I could better understanding what this professor wants

Just saying…

The pool water has been bloody cold…I went to clean the filter and the hose burst at a weak spot all over me…It would have made a good beer advert…then I got into the icy waters of my pool…I was so cold I think I saw the Lady of the Lake

Fall is not only when dogs shed…they molt too…Love is cleaning all the dead skin off your dogs ass…Love is cutting back on the cats food even when he shreds the souls of your shoes…Love is cutting food to keep the glider family quiet so I can type my blog

I have gotten to the point where I do not answer phone numbers (Unknown, 800, 888, 900, 000) that are nothing but trouble…I send them to voicemail or hang up on it…if you want to sell me something do not have a machine call my house…I can not afford to make donations…thank you for understanding

All my friends are headed to a party in Massachusetts and I am here working and doing a paper this weekend…bummer

The day has not been bad…just a little stressed…so here I sit on the outer limits of Krylon

I have done my research and will start my paper tomorrow…clients will help the day go by too…I am going to sit under the new moon release and recharge.

Earth to planet Krylon, come in Krylon…everyone has one of those days…reflection and perspective help…positive is always best…tomorrow will be a better day


  1. Hahaha, D, this just cracks me up. I think you're ideas on the 90 policy is AMAZING! And just what our country needs!

    I agree with you on Dickenson. I never got what the majesty of her really was... good luck on your papers!

    :) Sara

  2. Thank you...sometimes you just have to ride the