Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweeping the Task List Clear for Fall

I am glad yo came for dinner…it has been a long week…here have a plate, the pot roast was just cut…have some potatoes and carrots…I buttered some garlic bread for you

Massage was slow this week…I enjoyed the few clients that came in…with the rest of the week packed, I was thankful for the break…I am now refreshed and ready for the new week

This week in school was difficult…in American Lit. the reading delt with tough social issues…a paper turned in and final taken…My next class is ‘Relaxation Techniques’…I am so ready to be back in the healthcare area of the school…the class sounds really cool and it is with an instructor that I have not had yet…I am so looking forward to it

On the publishing front…get ready…here it comes…The second book is in print…I have been watching Amazon everyday…’The Chronicles of an American Boudica, Love is Like an Onion’ is now a part of the literary world…you can go to your local Barnes and Nobel or Borders and ask for ISBN# 978-1-60743-951-6…it will release in Europe and the UK next week…Asia and South America the end of next week…this is so cool…Chris and I have worked so hard…the herbal remedy power point was great and I have gotten such great response…with the herb ppt and the remedy ppt, Chris’s talent and his wife’s garden for inspiration I thought they were amazing…now that the publishing is done, I am feeling the urge to write again…many children are in my life again…maybe we should try a children’s book…Another herbal remedy ppt will be out in about 2 weeks…if you want any ppt, please message Chris or myself and we will get you one as soon as possible…feel free to share them or print them out

During the heavy heat, I do not weed or fertilize the garden…Robin and I cleaned them out last week and fed them…I am getting ready to take clones…I have a beautiful ‘Knock Out’ rose, true red and fairy pink rose…I also have pink, lavender, red and white crape myrtle…I have a beautiful bleeding heart vine…I will be doing some jasmine and honeysuckle…give me a call if you want some (813)907-6279…

The fish have made more babies…the dogs have been running crazy all over the yard…I think Shinara is missing Coop…she keeps running to his car and on the porch looking for him…it is sweet…the gliders have been so rambunctious they broke their wheel…87f during the day and 65f at night have them feeling their oats

Walter has been gathering supplies…he is going to apply a membrane to the roof and paint the house while I am in North Carolina…Dale, Alex, Jazen and Don have Volunteered to help…fingers crossed that the house will still be standing upon my return…

I am very happy…a friend bought me 2 new games for the Wii…the Wii has been one of the best things I have ever bought…all of us love to play…I pulled a muscle in my arm and have not been able to play darts for a few weeks…hydrotherapy in the pool has helped with this…went to Target and got a new deck of Phase 10 cards as the old cards got too warped to use anymore…another really good investment in family fun…I need to replace my Yahtzee game too as the finish on the dice are wearing off

In the Circle of Boudica it has been ever so busy…I will ask you to keep baby Zack and his parents in your heart…a young man in NC has gone for an interview, his family needs him to get this job…please say a silent prayer for him…A young woman in England has found out she is with child…focus good energy for a healthy pregnancy…Samhain is drawing near…what are your plans...I have been clearing off my task list and done all my deep fall cleaning...getting the slate swept clear before the onset of winter…have you taken time to think of someone who has passed and the influence they made in your life…Chris has taken over the news letter…please e-mail him for the link...

For New Moms-

The herbs in Healing Sitz Bath recipe mix are:

• 2 oz. of rosemary and Aloe,

• 1 oz. each of Chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, land calendula, golden seal

• 2 oz. of sea salt

As I look at this list of herbs I see some that feel a bit astringent and powerful in their healing ability. These are herbs like yarrow, rosemary, and golden seal, and then there are the soothing, cooling herbs like chamomile, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, and calendula.

The soothing quality of the sitz bath is what I think of most – the relief and feeling of gentle herbal healing.

Prepare your sitz bath

To prepare your sitz bath...

• Pour boiling water over four ounces of your herbal sitz bath blend.

• Let it sit and steep for at least four hours.

• Strain it into a bowl and then sit with your vaginal area in the tea for about 15 minutes.

Not only are the herbs healing, but this little bit of time for you can be cherished as well.

So as you can see…it has been non stop…I am exhausted…it is a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of real pride…I gave my staff off till Monday…we have all been working quite hard and deserved it…I will be landing in Durham, NC on the 5th of November…call or e-mail me if you want to catch up while I am there or on my way back down to Florida…Life is good

May you all be blessed,



  1. May our possets never curdle as Samhaine knocks at the door of good fortune and spills the seeds of success over our loins of expectation.
    Love and fruitfulness to you all.

  2. The recipe sounds good for all new moms out there, hey! I think I may know one, will pass it on with many thanks.