Monday, August 22, 2011

Education is an Understatement

At times I wish I could jump into the kayak and go…wait let me think about that, don’t want to hit shark season (Fall)…not wanting to quote Buffet, but I feel fins all around me…

I have had to write to several companies and people asking for donations or time…I can not accept help from anyone I find questionable…this means I had to do a ton of research on every company or person…

Monique asked why I had not spoken to the governor’s wife…I had never thought about him being married…I am outspoken and found so much about him questionable during his campaign, that I never once thought he may be married…I sat down with my feelings for him…I have to admit, I like what he has done since he has been in office…we have needed someone who cares for the state and her people…he has taken NO pay check and done his job well…though I do not like some of his choices, they did need to be made and I would not have liked anyone who made them…OMG…he is not as bad as I had thought…I am glad he is our governor…I looked up his wife and have to admit, I am impressed…he is lucky to have such a woman and Florida is lucky to have her as first lady…so I sent the e-mail…I also sent one to Martha Stewart…I do not use a form letter (though it may have been easier), I have been writing each letter individually…there is a lot of office work to doing charity…Chris and Monique have been helping me with the letters...none of us were sure what proper was so, again we did our best...

I completed the website…Chris is doing some clean up, but until we get closer to launch it is done…to me the respect we have shown to each area is quite wonderful…I love the reviews...Marion has been great about proofing it for me...

I am quite excited…my friend Cathy is going to lend me a kayak that she feels will be good for training...yum yum yellow, so I will learn to paddle fast;)…I am happy not to have to pay rental fees anymore…it is so exciting…though renting has taught me what I am looking for in a kayak…my friends and family want to make sure I can handle the voyage and are looking out for my safety…very cool

At the end of the day, I have touched lives in a positive way and have learned quite a bit…that means a great deal to me…all in all, I think for armatures, we are doing a good job putting this together…I am quite thankful for the help I have been receiving…this journey would not be possible alone…

The Yak Crew

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT – Yak Captain – Florida

Walter Rooney- Trainer- Florida

Chris Bilton- Internet and Website, International Liaison- South Yorkshire, England

Monique Hicks – Secretary and Research, US Liaison- Massachusetts

Marion Ritz- Safety and Research- Massachusetts

Dave Benuska- Research and Acquisitions- Ohio

Dale Thrall- Receptionist- Florida

Paul Cooper- Driver- Florida

May you all be blessed,


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