Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot and Sunny in The Chapel

Hello My Friend,

How are you? I am happy to see you. The heat has started to climb already. Have you been keeping an eye on the fluids and air pressure in the tires in your car? During such high heat things tend to have holy break down batman…lol

The massage business has been picking up. My handouts seem to be working…YEA! I hand them to people I would not mind having for clients (for every 10 clients you might get 1 bad one= great return). I do not put them on cars or in mailboxes or in Laundromats…for every 1 good client on those flyers, you will go through 10 bad…hardly worth the effort. I have been so relaxed with life; My Billy Holiday CD is 120 minutes and the clients love to hear it when I push play because, every session has run over by 15-30 minutes (no I do not charge if I go over). My receptionist Dale has been having a flum trying to help with the Sunshine Paddle…it is great to have friends who have your back;)

School is going well…I really find this class interesting…how cool that so many people are over 70 that we need a class on the nutrient needs of it…how far we have come…how far we have yet to go

American Boudica has been working very diligently on The Sunshine Paddle…all art and text have been focused on preparation of the forthcoming trip…we feel blessed to have the opportunity as to help so many with this event…

The Circle of Boudica is a blessed place…I do not care what color you are…I do not have to believe everything you believe in, to believe in you…I do not care who you call God/Goddess as long as you take the time to make the call…I have been inspired at the love shown to all here…this week I will start to gather and create my herbal medications…the colors have been so strong…I am sure the tinctures and powders will be excellent…After a beautiful waterside offering, Walter made an excellent feast of fish for Lugnasadah…if I had not said it, I am thankful you choose to have me in your world;)

Okay…I hear ya…you want to hear about The Sunshine Paddle…as you all know many years ago I was beaten…in these troubled economic times peoples nerves are frazzled and more often it erupts in violence…cut to these programs can cost lives…at the end of the trip all moneys not used by for the trip will be given to the shelter…I am at a unique position in my life that allows me the ability to hazard such an undertaking…the kids are grown and the grandchildren are not quite here and hubby supports me…the side effect is education…I will have pictures, video and gps that can be followed…a good math teacher could get a term on time and distance alone…an English teacher may have the children contrast the website as opposed to the cartography of John Smith…science teachers will have plants and animals…since I belong to NO political party or major corporation, my unbiased eye will show the condition of the coast…when I am done, all equipment will be split between The Florida History Museum and The Smithsonian Museum…for future generations to learn from…

I lost 25 pounds and started working out at Honeymoon Island in the water, yoga and stretching at home…not to mention running after 4 dogs…lol…I have started sending our letters requesting sponsorship…though I am good at writing, I am not good at proposal writing…so many are reaching out to help and I want to take time to say Thank You…the love and support is VERY appreciated…several people have asked how they can help…we are currently looking for camping and kayaking equipment…if you have stuff you are not using or if you find someone who wants to donate, please contact me…if you live near one of our landing spots…you could meet us with food;) or paddle with us to raise money for your local shelter (I will sign paperwork for anyone who does this)…any donation is greatly appreciated and on the website we now have a cash donation button or maybe you know a smal business that would like to be a sponsor…Chris Bilton has Done some beautiful prints for the event…Bank of America set us up with an account…it just seems a never ending amount of work, that’s okay I feel up for the challenge;)

Yes my friend, I feel the love...May you all be so blessed...Much Love

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT

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